Have you ever wondered what does it take to get thousands of followers? I can bet you have tried but were defeated. 

Instagram is one the biggest social media platforms to exist. Throughout the years, Instagram has grown its users. 

Remember how Instagram used to be an app on your phone where you would post random stuff? Well, that is not the case these days.

Instagram has outgrown its image of being just ‘an app for picture collage with fun filters’ over the years. Now if you open the app, you can see content of all sorts. Fashion, books, travel, and DIY hacks are now being posted in unique and creative ways.

Not just that, Instagram has allowed different brands to showcase their marketing skills. In addition, Instagram flourished hundreds of bloggers. 

You’re probably thinking how amazing it would be to have hundreds of followers like them.

 Let’s have a look at some Instagram followers hack that can help you gain a fandom and become famous!

Instagram Hacks to Get Tons of Followers


The outlook of your post gives your page life. In simple words, if you are not very good at creativity or research, you should focus on your post’s outlook. Carefully write a caption under your photo or video that is fun or meaningful. 

Apart from that, you can also put the location of the place you visited. This hack will help you pop up on the explore page of your local area. And if you are in luck, they might reach out for collaboration too.

Creative Hashtags

I’m sure you are all well aware of hashtags. To up your caption game, you can get creative with your hashtags. Instead of writing the same old boring hashtags, you can use your imagination. In other words, you can create witty and pun hashtags to stand out a bit. Remember not to overdo it. You should still be able to deliver the purpose of your hashtags.

Cross-promoting Hashtags

If you are running a brand page or a blog, this might help you gain followers. For this purpose, put yourself out there. In other words, promote your work or brand by using your official hashtag on your posts.

Moreover, if you print something or use bags for marketing then don’t forget to add your hashtag below. This will help people to recognize you and your work. 

Make use of your BIO

Always keep in your mind not to write your actual DETAILED bio-data in the bio section. You can make the most out of it by writing something that matches or represents your personality. 

For Instance, you can write ‘food lover’ or ‘an inspiring writer’. This can attract people with similar interests to your page. It might also pop up in the explore page section of other Instagrammers interested in your kind of stuff. Now, you will most certainly gain more Instagram followers in no time. 

Be yourself 

One small yet very important hack is to always be yourself for gaining Instagram followers. People often assume that they can stand out if they try to change their personality or post something they are not. It is very natural to adapt a behavior like that. However, no one likes seeing content that lacks credibility. 

Furthermore, you can still get Instagram followers even if you post authentic content. If you feel like you lack ideas for your content, then try to explore different things. Certainly, there is always room for improvement. 

Once you figure out your style as well as what you are good at, you can go ahead and post your content. This will guarantee you get Instagram followers. 

Engage with your netizens

Engaging with your fellow Instagrammers plays a massive role in blowing up your followers. For instance, when you comment, like, or repost someone’s content; people acknowledge it. In other words, individuals become curious about who this certain someone might be commenting on our favorite content creator. Subsequently, they will visit your page out of curiosity. 

Therefore, try commenting on other’s posts and participate in conversations that take place on a big platform. This simple hack for Instagram followers is a win-win for your social-media reputation.

Explore Instagram Features

Have you ever thought about how Instagrammers have so many followers with a limited activity? Well, to you it may seem like that. However, people like you who prefer hacks and little tactics are quite clever when it comes to creativity too. 

As we know, Instagram comes up with new features now and then. It has an amazing list of features. One of them is a highlight of the stories. A little hack for Instagram followers is to save your stories in highlights. Your page will look more interesting and attractive. This way, other Instagrammers can engage more with your page even when you are not active. 

Other than that, you can create fun boomerangs and tag your friends as well. Don’t forget to put the location of your favorite new restaurant in town! 

Reply to comments and DM’s

Now, this is something you don’t want to ignore. We often notice when someone blows up on the internet, they stop engaging with their followers. However, be polite to people who complement your outfits or hairstyle, etc. Take out a little time and respond to the comments. It shows them that you are approachable. Also, who doesn’t love attention from someone they admire?

Likewise, if a dude approaches you in your DM’s asking about your experience with a certain brand, don’t be shy. Make short yet helpful conservation with whoever reaches out to you. 

This hack always works in building a connection with your Instagram followers. 


Ideally, these hacks are for people who are comfortable with public accounts. However, it can also help you, private individuals, to get followers quickly. You can simply use these hacks for Instagram followers mentioned above. To sum up, we hope this article was helpful.