With the ever-growing popularity of video blogging culture, it’s no wonder that tech-savvy millennials and young adults are drawn to the idea of starting their own YouTube channel. It’s an enjoyable and interactive hobby that has the potential to transform you into an online sensation, while also offering the opportunity to connect with new people, receive free products for review, and, of course, earn a substantial income.

However, simply being a member on YouTube is not enough if you want to steadily increase your followers or create content that garners a significant number of views and likes. To make the most of your vlogging and content creation venture, consider the following valuable tips.

Woman recording a makeup video for her YouTube channel

Here are some tips to enhance your YouTube channel’s success:

1. Strategize your content

Before launching your YouTube channel, it’s likely that you’ve already determined the type of video content you wish to produce. To maximize your views and attract followers, it’s crucial to maintain captivating and engaging content. The more viewers can connect with your content, the more likely they are to click on your videos and watch them till the end.

By incorporating these tips, you can lay a solid foundation for your YouTube channel and increase its chances of thriving.

Woman thinking of ideas for her YouTube channel

2. Maintain a Consistent Theme

Having a consistent theme for your YouTube channel can greatly contribute to your success. Many accomplished YouTubers have dedicated their channels to specific topics like travel, tutoring, or documenting their daily lives. Audiences often indulge in living vicariously through the content creators they follow. Therefore, it’s important to inform them about the content they can expect and ensure that you deliver captivating material they can thoroughly enjoy.

3. Equip Yourself Appropriately

While recording videos with your smartphone is acceptable, investing in the right equipment can significantly enhance the viewing experience for your audience. Most YouTubers utilize DSLRs or mirrorless cameras, along with essential videography accessories like tripods, lenses, and studio lighting. For those who frequently film while on the go, having a mirrorless camera or action camera paired with a reliable monopod or handheld gimbal stabilizer are essential gear choices.

Flatlay image of essential gear for videography

However, remember that a good vlog camera is not everything. If you neglect other things like sound quality and lighting, your viewers may still lose interest in your videos after the first few seconds and will not subscribe to you at all.

Invest in a good microphone that you can mount on your camera. At the same time, think about the recording conditions and make it a habit to check if your sound is clear enough for your viewers to understand. For best results, use a shotgun microphone that is designed to produce sound primarily so that noise from the sides and behind the microphone can be interrupted. Some vloggers even go as far as investing in multiple microphones for different recording situations – you may need a lavalier microphone (small microphones that can be attached to your shirt) to play fitness video or any other type of video that requires you to be long away from the camera, or a good condenser microphone (or whichever microphone is usually used for podcasting) that allows you to make clear voice summaries.

4. Look for inspiration

As you continue, it may be more challenging to come up with new, new content that matches the hype of your first videos. But don’t worry – even established YouTube artists go through the same thing every now and then. The secret is to look for inspiration everywhere – even when you’re out and taking a break from recording. List your ideas. Check out other videos and build on their ideas to make them your own.

Woman watching a travel vlog on a tablet

Avoid comparing yourself to others and focus on your own channel. As long as you like and enjoy the concepts you come up with, your viewers will feel your sincerity and love for your craft, and this will help draw attention to their interest. While you are at it, take every opportunity to improve and develop in other areas. Explore other camera film techniques, editing styles and methods for your presentation.

5. Make every second count

It is equally important that you produce quality video content and remove everything that you think cannot help make your videos better. This means that you must be selective with the clips that you include in the final cut. Just choose your best images (and cut out dead-air moments) to keep your viewers interested and engaged throughout the video.

Man filming a laptop review video for his YouTube channel

Once you have collected a larger following you may have a little more freedom to include some of the artistic (or nonsensical) images, but always remember to think like a viewer and create what you want to see.

6. Start with simple editing software

Just because you create videos does not mean you need advanced software (like Final Cut Pro) to edit your content. These programs do not necessarily improve your content, especially if you will struggle with it a lot during the first few weeks.

Woman editing a video for her YouTube channel on a laptop

If you are new to video editing you would do much better with simple programs like Windows Movie Maker or Apple iMovie. These are much more user friendly and are easy to download (free) if you do not already have them on your computer.

7. Optimize your videos

Another secret to giving your videos more visibility is to optimize your content so that it ranks on YouTube. As soon as you upload your first video, give it a good, descriptive title that viewers are likely to type in the search field – and make sure you include your main keyword or key phrase. For example, the title “Hawaii Birthday Travel Vlog 2018” is much better than “Hawaii Here We Go!”

laptop with picture of a woman and beauty related graphics

Also, make sure to use relevant tags to help you place your video in several related categories. If in doubt, you can compete for the contest and see which tags other similar videos use. Finally, write a good description with at least 200 words and include your keywords, synonyms and key variations with a long tail. This not only helps viewers find out exactly what your video is about, but will also help your video rankings on the search engine results pages.

8. Build your network

Two women filming a video for YouTube

While not necessarily categorized as a social networking site, YouTube is all about connecting, sharing and collaborating with other users. To succeed, you must therefore make an effort to build your network. This is especially critical in the YouTube community, as collaborations between creators have proven effective in helping a channel grow and gain new subscribers, as it helps both partners partner with the other subscriber base.

Talk to other creators, make friends, and don’t be afraid to contact major YouTubers to ask about a possible collaboration. It can be really scary, but you won’t get anywhere unless you try!

9. Connect with your viewers

Over time, you will slowly gain followers and get more comments from fans on your videos, and eventually you will get messages on your personal social media accounts – you may even get a little fucked up if you decide to share your P.O. box. Get in touch with your viewers as much as possible. Remember, your social media accounts are an extension of your YouTube channel, so try sharing small things in your life on popular social platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. It is also important that you try to read and respond to all tweets, comments and any other messages you receive (as much as you can).

Man smiling while chatting on his laptop

Such interactions are important because they help your subscribers learn more about you, plus it can help you foster a sense of community and online friendship among your own little community. It is not enough that they like your content – they have to like you and their overall experience with your channel as well.

Interacting with your viewers can also help you gain inspiration for new content ideas. And at least it will keep you inspired to continue despite the difficulties of growing and maintaining your channel.

10. Ignore all negative comments

Woman reading hate comments on her phone

No matter how big or how small your channel is, there will always be negative comments. After all, YouTube is a legacy for ruthless people who conveniently hide behind their empty avatars. No matter how good your content is and how hard you work on your channel, there will always be people who will make hateful comments and try to get you down.

Instead of letting them influence you, take it as a simple reminder that you cannot please everyone and do not forget those who appreciate you and what you do. Seek strength from these people to get past the negativity and continue to produce content for them.

11. Upload videos regularly

Woman recording a fashion haul video for her YouTube channel

Consistency is key when it comes to uploading content, whether it’s on YouTube or in podcasting. Even if you believe your content is straightforward, it’s crucial to maintain a regular upload schedule to keep your videos or podcasts visible.

Some YouTube channel owners opt to publish videos once or twice a week and inform their viewers about this schedule, often mentioning it at the end of each video. This helps viewers know when to expect new content, resulting in a more consistent viewership, especially when the channel has a considerable number of active subscribers. Once you find a suitable schedule that works for you, make a commitment to stick to it. You’ll soon notice improvements and gain more attention in no time!