It’s difficult to be an echo in the noise of 8 million people on Instagram. So, if you want to be heard in this large crowd, you must have the loudest voice. Hence, in the same way, to create your identity and make a mark in the Instagram business, you have to put the effort into the right strategies. By doing so, you will be able to achieve leap and bound success. 

Given below is a guide to creating a winning Instagram Marketing Strategy in 2021. 

7 Killer Instagram Marketing Strategies

Winning on Instagram is not like flipping a coin in the air and waiting to get the lucky charm. Instead, you have to sow deep to reap good results.

So, here are the killer strategies that can kick start your Instagram business and take it to the next level. 

Understand Instagram Algorithm 

Just like Google, Instagram has also set some rules and regulations for online marketing on this platform. Without knowing the algorithm of this Instagram, it would be difficult to proceed in the right direction. Hence, for a proper movement, there is a necessity for direction. 

You first have to find about the statistics of the past year and know the following things: 

  • How much people spend time 
  • Number of the active users 
  • How does Instagram rank the feeds? 
  • Where do you have to put more focus, on posts or stories? 

Set Goals and Objectives for your Business 

While embarking on a journey, you have to set some goals and objectives that can help you lead properly after getting initiative. In the same way on your Instagram business journey, you have to consider the following things: 

  • Decide the niche that can give high ROI 
  • Select the business name 
  • Create the slogan and make a brand logo 
  • Decide where you have to reach, get followers or want to build a large community 
  • Know the target audience and attract them
  • Decide the quality of the product and sell it 

Ignoring online marketing is like opening a business, but not telling anyone.” 

                                    KB Marketing Agency

These goals will help you make your way easier and faster. Also, you will be able to play a fair game without muddling up the whole with different scenarios in mind and in reality. 

Research your Target Audience 

Knowing the target audience is crucial as they are the only ones that are going to increase your followers and reach. But, here is a point worth considering; you cannot mix the audience of the other platforms with Instagram. 

Different social media platform catches different types of audiences, such as

  • Youtube is the place for high earning users, 
  • FB for ads and entertainment
  • Linkedin attracts professional users
  • Instagram attracts users for eye-catchy quality content. 

So, focusing on targeting the right audience is necessary. Then, focus on putting the content considering the age, gender, niche and likeness.

Know your Competition 

After knowing the audience, the other thing is to analyze your competition. Hence, knowing whom you have to compete with, is crucial to lead far. You have to discover the following things on your competitor’s page: 

  • What is their niche 
  • Know the quality of the product 
  • How much engaging their content is 
  • Their hashtag strategy 
  • How do they attract an audience 
  • Which strategy do they use to engage with the audience 

An Incredible Content Strategy 

Besides other ingredients for the recipe of setting the high-ranked Instagram business, content is considered as the basic element. Thus, with the simple thing, you cannot go so long or achieve your target. So, to lead, you have to offer something unique and incredible on the platform. This way you can attract your target audience, and distract them from the competitors by presenting them the eye-catching, pleasing and most wanted thing. 

You can do it by: 

  • Selecting a unique theme page
  • Designing and creating content aesthetically 
  • Stay engaged with the audience on stories, feeds and reels 

Furthermore, there is another strategy that can help you to make the followers stay on your page. You can do so by

  • Doing collaborations with partners 
  • Putting sales on your brands 
  • Giving shoutouts and giveaways
  • Carousel posts 

Focus on Advertising Strategy 

To get better in ranking, you also have to focus on advertising the content in different ways. The first and incredible way is through the ads strategy on Instagram. There are a number of ads: 

  • Photo Ads
  • Videos Ads 
  • Stories Ads 
  • Collection Ads 
  • Carousel Ads 

According to the Instagram algorithm, if you put an ad, the target audience will see it if you optimize it better. It is set in a way that Instagram automatically shows the content or puts it highest in the feed of the user which he likes or watches the most. 

Moreover, there is another way through using the most used hashtags. Hashtags are an amazing building and ranking strategy that will help you make your content stand out in the crowd without having many followers. Here, all you need is brainstorming. 

Keep an Eye on the Track 

Keeping an eye on the track means analyzing your progress. This is also called an optimization strategy just like Google optimization. It is far essential as this will help you to know the flaws and fix them. Moreover, you’ll also get to know about the progress in the detailed view as: 

  • Audience engagement
  • How many followers do you get
  • Number of likes per post 
  • Insights per post 
  • Do people like the content, etc. 
  • Which hashtags give high ranking 
  • How to compete with others 
  • Times of posting to get more reach 
  • Quality and quantity of the content

Thus, this will give you a final analysis to know in how much time you will be able to achieve the set target. 


Hence, all things considered, to bring in the conversions and high revenue, you have to first know the ins and outs of Instagram marketing campaigns. Then, you simply have to follow the above tips to make your business succeed in the crowd of billions of Instagram users and other businesses.