Instagram Provides New Tips to Help Improve Your Stories Efforts


Are you trying to give your Instagram stories a boost during the holiday season?

You’re lucky, because this week, Instagram has published a new series of story tips, covering a range of creative options, which are generally quite simple to implement and can help you put together visual effects and extraordinary additions.

You need to read the entire post from Instagram to get all the details, but here is an overview of some of the key suggestions.

First of all, Instagram starts with some notes on how and when brands can use stories in their daily process:

Instagram Stories tips

This could help you suggest your ideas for using Stories: Instagram takes it further with suggestions on creative elements, including changing the color of the text you use, the best alignment with your graphics and the presentation of the written elements .

These are very practical and very simple tips that, as you can see, can have a significant impact. Instagram also provides suggestions on color shades, use of stickers and GIFs, creating interactive stories and more.

Here is one that seems particularly useful:

Instagram Stories tips

As noted, there is a more in-depth explanation of each point in the complete Instagram post, and it’s definitely worth a look if you want to create better and more impact Instagram stories.

And with more people using stories every day, you’ll probably want to learn how to maximize your performance.

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