Metrics to Track if You’re Using Social Messaging for Customer Care

Metrics to Track if You’re Using Social Messaging for Customer Care

In our lives, social media has grown increasingly vital. When individuals get up, the first thing they do is check their Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter apps to see what has happened over the night. That is why, to provide an amazing client experience, a company’s customer service is critical. 

Identifying and assessing the right customer service metrics can help your company keep track of its customer service efforts and results.

Still, the question stands: What are the Metrics to Track if You’re Using Social Messaging for Customer Care?

Provide prompt replies

Response time refers to how long it takes your team to respond to a social media contact. Firstly, rapid response times can improve customer satisfaction and mood, making this a crucial support measure.

  • Secondly, the response rate displays the percentage of inbox items that your team has reacted to.
  • Moreover, If your team has set a goal of reacting to as much engagement as possible, this is a crucial metric to track. You may easily get the response rate for any period by dividing the number of answers by the number of reviewed items.

Resolve any issues, queries, or requests

Customer service that is of high quality is more than just having a quick response time. You must also address any problems, concerns, or inquiries from your customers that require comprehensive support.

  • Recognize which inbound messages require a response and which can be marked as “done” for effective inbox management.
  • When a client sends a communication regarding a product issue in quest of a solution, on the other hand. You should let him know how vital it is.

Boost client satisfaction

Customers who are happy with your products and services are more likely to come back and join your marketing and sales team.

Customer service and satisfaction are now among the most important organizational goals, thanks to the reach of social media and the power of word-of-mouth in this age of social media.

  • However, if you want to be a social media marketing professional, you should focus your KPIs and measurements on a few things. Engagement, interaction, impact, client happiness, and other criteria are among them.
  • Moreover, with social media, you now have more opportunities than ever to engage in a direct discussion and provide value. In this way, consumers become more loyal to the company.

Tags for Measuring

The terms, phrases, and keywords that customers use in their inquiries are tracked by customer support analytics.

These statistics aid in the examination of your customers’ most frequently requested questions and subjects.

  • You can keep track of the different types of questions that customers regularly ask. When you receive a lot of queries regarding a particular work, it suggests you should respond as soon as possible.
  • Keep track of the category and come up with a way to make it easier to find relevant content.

Rate of total resolution

When a customer has a question or a complaint, your goal is to close the loop and resolve the issue.

The client may be unwilling to do business with you again if you fail to respond or provide adequate support.

  • Rising resolution rates could indicate the efficiency of your customer support team, making this operational metric valuable.
  • Divide the total number of tickets by the total number of tickets solved to get the overall resolution rate statistic.

The number of customer ticket requests

Receiving an excessive amount of requests may indicate an issue when customers are contacting your company and you have an accessible ticketing system.

  • Keeping an eye on this operational metric could help you spot a problem before it becomes a serious one.
  • This is how you do it: Month after month, or week after week, compare the number of support tickets received.
  • If the number of tickets increases after the launch of a new product or service, pay close attention.

Engagement through Likes, comments, shares, and clicks 

The engagement rate is a common metric for determining how engaged your audience is with your content.

  • Customers that are engaged interact with businesses through actions like “likes,” “comments,” and “social sharing.”
  • The amount and frequency with which audience accounts interact with your account are what determines engagement.

Reach and awareness through impressions

Each social channel analyses brand awareness in a quite different way depending on the type of data offered. Your brand awareness score may include mentions, shares, or branded hashtags, depending on the media.

  • You may need to track each of these data points separately and manually calculate the total if you use native tools or other free social media measurement dashboards.
  • Moreover, this metric can help your team figure out how many clients you’ve met and how many people are aware of your business.

You may track the following KPIs to determine reach:

Fans or followers

In the absence of involvement, the total number of people that follow your business on social media indicates your reach. This is the total number of people who have expressed a desire to see your material.

First Impression

Impressions are the number of times your post was seen in someone’s news feed or timeline, either because they previously followed you or because someone they know liked or shared your content.

  • This does not mean that someone glanced at your article or even noticed it for each impression; it just means that they had the opportunity to do so. Despite the ambiguity, it is normally desirable to have a larger number.

Suggestions for Improving Customer Support Metrics

  • Establish a Brand Monitoring Strategy

To improve your brand’s customer service KPIs, create a monitoring plan. Establishing measurement benchmarks based on the goal you want to achieve is crucial. Keep in mind that little is more while developing a strategy. Select measures that are straightforward to quantify. 

  • Integrate Social Media Channels With CRM

Connect your social media platforms to your CRM. Every member of your team may see the history of client interactions in the helpdesk with a CRM social media link.

You can respond quickly to consumer inquiries, and well-resolved tickets help to improve CSAT. It also helps you to keep track of any negative comments or mentions on social media.

  • Recruit a Skilled Workforce

Your employees play a key role in improving customer service metrics. Hire a specialized team with extensive knowledge and the capacity to comprehend client questions.

Set aside cash for training programs and build a clear internal communication system so that the team can efficiently engage. Reinvest in the support team to instill customer-focused capabilities by giving two forms of training, soft skills and technical abilities.

  • Internal Communication Channels Should Be Used Correctly

In addition to assisting with the settlement of client issues and support metrics aid in the development of the brand image. Using your internal communication channels, establish a best practice for your support employees. These methods ensure that your customer care is friendly and helpful.

Moreover, establish explicit standards to avoid bias reactions, whether intended or unintentional and to ensure communication consistency. These are the metrics to track if you’re using Social Messaging for Customer Care

How to Use Snapchat Memories To Grow And Engage

How to Use Snapchat Memories To Grow And Engage

281 Million plus followers use this eye-catching and exciting app called Snapchat every day. In the 24 hours, these people open Snapchat almost every hour to send someone a snap, to chat, or to simply create a memory. 

But most people do not know how to use Snapchat memories to grow and engage. Read along. 

Snapchat Memories

Snapchat memories are the number of photos or videos that your Snapchat camera saves for you. You can choose to save Snaps and Stories to your Snap Memories rather than deleting them immediately. Moreover, whenever you wish, you can view, edit, send, or repost the saved contents in Memories.

Grow and Engage through Snapchat Memories

How do Flashback Memories work?

Your Snap Memories flashback like anniversaries. In other words, if you added a Featured Story on September 1, 20121, the app is going to show you every 1 September as a highlight in the memories section. 

Because they’re generated automatically, there is no need to do anything other than browsing your Memories to see if you have a Flashback for that day.

Keyword Searching

There is one more thing you need to know before we go any further with Snapchat Memories. The most remarkable aspect of Memories is something almost nobody talks about. Time, location, and keywords can all be used to search your memories.

Snapchat users will find the keyword search to be one of the most interesting features of the app, powered by object recognition software.

Imagine that you’ve saved Memories for almost a year now. There is a family reunion, and your cat is playing happily with everyone that you saved to Snap.

If you don’t remember when you took the Snap, you can type “cat” into the keyword search feature and all the Snaps that contain cats will be displayed.

It is also possible to narrow down things by searching for a specific location if you had enabled the location feature while taking the Snap. Therefore, if the object recognition has learned to recognize “tacos” by now, you can view every Snap you have ever taken in 2013.

Here’s how you can use Snapchat Memories:

  • Your account contains Snap Memories by default, which makes using the feature simple.
  • On the camera screen, swipe up to open Memories. 
  • Snaps saved by a single user will appear in rectangles, and Stories that have been saved in circles. 
  • Search for specific Snaps by scrolling through your saved posts or using the search feature.

You can narrow down what you’re looking for by selecting a location or category in the search bar. You can also use Snapchat’s smart search filter to find Snaps that include keywords such as “Moonlight” or “Music.”

Using old memories to create new stories

Now that Memories is available, curation will be easier. A way to do this is to use Snaps from all your Memories to construct new stories.

You can do this by following these steps:

  • Touch the upper-right corner box to access Memories.
  • You are put into the Select mode when you click that box.
  • You can create a Story from multiple Memories.
  • Once you’ve done that, tap the circle with the plus sign at the bottom of your screen.

Now that you have saved a Story, it is now one of your Memories.

Setting up Snapchat Memories

All Snapchat accounts can access Memories. However, there is one important setting you need to change when sharing content.

Snapchat stores Memories by default only within the app. However, it is advisable to change the setting so that both Memories and your camera roll are saved.

As a result, you’ll not only create an extra backup, but you will also save your Snaps and Stories on your device for easy sharing.

  1. The profile page is accessed by tapping the ghost icon on your camera screen.
  2. Open the settings screen by tapping the gear icon on the top right.
  3. Touch Memories at the bottom of the screen.
  4. You can choose Memories & Camera Roll from the Save To … section.

Snapchat Memories: How to store Snaps and Stories

What are your options for saving Snaps to Memories once you understand why you might want to make them more permanent? You only have to tap a few times.

When posting Snaps

  1. Take the snap.
  2. On the bottom left, tap the Save button.

To create Snaps from a Story

Regardless of whether you save your Snap at the time of posting, you can still access it from your Story within 24 hours.

  1. Select the Stories icon from the bottom right corner of the camera screen.
  2. To access the three-dot menu, tap the three dots.
  3. You can save Snaps by tapping them.
  4. At the bottom of the screen, there is a download button.

To save snap from Stories 

  1. Select the Stories icon from the bottom right corner of the camera screen.
  2. You can download it by tapping the download button.

Saving Snaps and Stories automatically to Memories

It is also possible to set up your account so that all your contents are automatically saved to Memories.

  • To access Memories, click Settings.
  • You can switch the default setting from “Don’t save my story posts” to “Memories” by clicking on My Story Posts.

Last but not least, Snapchat’s Memories will save your Snaps and Stories on Snap servers instead of on your device.

Are you wondering why it matters? Snaps and Stories from the past will be able to be shared forever within the Snapchat app. Furthermore, all of the content is available from other devices, too.

Snap has many other features out-of-the-box that can be useful for businesses in the use of Snapchat.

Last but not least, all features are optional. You can disable it by going to the Saving section in your Snapchat settings. Among the options, there are setting defaults such as saving to Camera Roll Only, as well as customizing the My Eyes Only area. There you have it.


At last, think about your older self looking at the good old days when you used to send Snapchat videos to all your old friends. Whether you laughed at your foolish antics or marveled that you were ever so young, you’d all remember them fondly. Follow our blog to use your Snapchat memories so that they stay fresh. 


How to Bulk Schedule Social Media posts and save time

How to Bulk Schedule Social Media posts and save time

When you schedule social media posts in bulk, you can spend your time on more important things, such as researching customers, implementing engagement strategies, and creating new memes to post on your office Slack channel.

It’s not that difficult to keep up with your content calendar through the use of a bulk scheduling tool. There is no question about the number of posts going out every day and when. You can schedule across a wide variety of social platforms with the best ones, saving you even more time.

Fortunately, there are plenty of great tools available to help you efficiently schedule social media bulk posts. 

Several tools are available to help you, though, if you are looking to batch schedule across multiple social platforms seamlessly and have an analytics dashboard included. In this detailed guide. You will discover how to bulk schedule social media posts and save time.

Using native social media apps for all of our social activities might be optimal for the social networks, but in the case of social media marketing, this is extremely time-consuming and difficult. 

Marketers cannot make posts whenever they feel compelled to do so because none of the apps have built-in scheduling capabilities.

You can manage your social media accounts efficiently when you use a social media scheduling tool. 

Creating and pushing content takes time, as well. Your audience will become accustomed to viewing your posts at specific times, and your social media scheduler will enable you to deliver the right content at the right time to boost engagement. 


In its own words, “Sendible is the #1 Social Media Management Tool for Agencies”. 

The $199 Medium Plan – “For Growing Agencies” is its most popular plan, but it also offers plans for solopreneurs, small businesses, and large organizations, including a $29 Micro plan and a $99 Small plan.

In addition to connecting to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, you can also post directly to your WordPress, Medium, Tumblr, and Blogger blog. 

Sendible’s geo-targeting features can help you target specific segments of your audience. YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook are all supported by Sendible.

There are several integrated tools and dashboards within Sendible for publishing, collaboration, analytics, CRM, listening, and mobile.

The powerful composition box allows you to plan, schedule, and publish content simultaneously to multiple social networks.

Posts, photos, and videos for social media can be scheduled individually or in bulk as much in advance as you need. Keep your social media profiles active by setting your best-performing content on repeat in Sendible.

A shared publishing calendar gives you a visual representation of your content.

With integration with Canva, you can design visually appealing content that performs better.


Thousands of individuals, businesses, and agencies use ContentCal, a social media and content calendar, every day to plan and schedule their content. 

You can define user permissions, streamline user approvals, manage multiple accounts in one place, communicate with your team, and collaborate with them on upcoming content using this platform. In addition to keeping track of content performance.

ContentCal Analytics and Respond allow you to learn how to improve for the future.

This app helps schedule social media posts, automate keyword filtering, collaborate, analyze feedback, report, and manage projects. Using this application, content creators can modify a layout and add a header color and a logo to design visual content. 

Aside from creating and storing drafts, users can receive feedback from coworkers and preview posts before they are published.

Saving time, working with team members, and creating better social media posts are possible with this tool. Managing and participating in multiple social media accounts with this platform is perfect for agencies, distributed organizations, or anyone else who needs to do that. 

A team of varying abilities can easily take part, which makes it a great activity. It is unsurpassed that you can design your customized workflows and approvals to reflect your unique governance structure.

ContentCal is not only well priced but is also one of the most trusted schedulers for social media


An affordable tool for managing social media for teams and agencies, Agorapulse schedules and manages social media content.

Alternatively, you can purchase an Enterprise plan for $239, which includes four plans aimed at solos. 

There are differences between each option in terms of the number of social profiles and users supported, as well as differences in data retention and ad comment monitoring.

Your social networks can be published, engaged, listened to, reported, and collaborated with using Agorapulse. Besides Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, and Google Plus, it also supports YouTube.

All your social accounts can be posted centrally, with a queue or a scheduling feature making sure your content is posted at the right time. Evergreen posts can be rescheduled or re-queued. In addition, each post can be customized to maximize its impact on the different networks.


A social media tool that focuses on facilitating the listening, engaging, measuring, scheduling, and publishing of content that makes a difference. The Falcon plan consists of two parts. 

It includes advanced analytics, a content calendar, and community management tools for individual people and small teams. Large companies with teams and markets with the Full Suite are more suitable. 

Among all the tools you will work with, the Falcon content calendar is one of the most critical ones. It allows you to view the content that you have scheduled for multiple networks at the same time. 

A content calendar allows you to schedule, edit, and post directly from it. By using Campaign Planner, you can map, prepare a brief, launch, and collaborate on all social media campaigns.  

With Falcon, you can see images, videos, Instagram Stories, as well as carousels on Facebook. With Falcon’s Content Pool, you can store all your content in one place. If you have a team, Falcon offers roles, approval processes, and audit trails to help boost quality. 

Notifications by email and sharing notes can also be enabled. To make collaborative processes easier, Falcon connects you with agencies. It is possible to control access and set permissions.

Users can customize their inbox in Falcon. Several feeds can be included, labels can be added, and filters can be applied. Custom response templates can also be created for quicker replies and bulk operations

Publish, which manages all ads, can promote posts through Facebook and Instagram ads if you have the Full Suite. 

Cross-channel advertising, automated ROI tracking, saved target audiences, and customer duration ads are all features of the tool. It includes social listening as well. 

Through this, you will be able to track trends, monitor your brand, create custom queries, track sentiment, learn more about multiple languages, filter extensively, and manage campaigns.


Now you don’t have to worry about your time management as these tools will be taking care of your posting while you are out at the office or at a party. Technology is helping people in every way possible. 


Amazing ways to make your Instagram photos stand out

Amazing ways to make your Instagram photos stand out

With the rise of social media, every other person has become an influencer. Now, it is challenging to come up with a style that is not done by others. When you do not have anything new to offer, people will not be inspired and follow you. Therefore, it gets tricky for beginners to grow and create a cloud of like-minded people. 

That being said, the question remains, What are the amazing ways to make your Instagram photos stand out?

Here are some of the ways that will help you stand out.

Use a quality camera

I am sure many of you already know that a camera can make or break a photo. You do not need high-definition DSLRs to get a good shot. An iPhone or any other flagship phone can do the job.

Nobody will stop scrolling for you if your Instagram photos are blurry, dull, or low resolution. In addition, if you have a flagship phone, then many other options can upgrade your photos. Options such as panoramic, wide-angle, and professional mode give you the flexibility to be creative. 

Develop your Aesthetic

develop ahtetic skills

You cannot be able to stand out if you just upload random photos. This randomness means that you do not have an individual identity. Before starting, you should think about a theme that relates to you the most. For example, some people relate to darkness and gives a sad or serious vibe. On the other hand, there are people you relate to with more cheerful vibes or bold colors. 

Once you have decided on a theme, stick to it and be consistent. Before uploading the next photo, always consider what you have uploaded before or will upload after this. All your images should be on the same concept and feel like an extension of the previous photo. Over time, you will develop your style, and people will like you for being unique. 

Have an objective

To get people’s attention, having an objective is essential. Nobody will follow you if you do not have a direction. Even if you get a Twitter follower, it will be challenging to retain them. 

By having an objective of your posting, you will target a segment of the audience. For example, you can upload photos related to food or traveling. Another example can be designer clothes or makeup tutorials. In this way, your followers will always wait for your next post.

In addition, you can tag related hashtags along with your Instagram photos. You will get the attention of new potential tiktok followers when they search that hashtag. Plus, you will create a cloud of like-minded that will help you to improve in your field. 

Edit your photos

You might not believe it, but every famous influencer edits their photos. Some of them even photoshop their photos. However, I will not recommend you do that. 

Nobody likes a heavily edited and filtered photo. Therefore, you should edit a photo like it is not edited. The images should be edited to lighten up, and the colors should be highlighted. Another thing you can do is tune your face structure and improve expression. 

Know your audience

As you have noticed, I am constantly emphasizing the audience. This is because the audience is your key to success. In this regard, You can use the feature of insights on Instagram.  There you will get all the information about your audience. This feature will help you tailor your content or photos according to the audience base. It will also help you get more potential customers because you would know which type of people will like your content. 

Give details 

This part is crucial. People follow you not because they just want to support you. Instead, they follow you because they want to learn. Whatever you do, always show behind the scenes or the steps you followed. For example, if you made an art piece, tell them where you get the inspiration and how you made it. Another example is if you show your makeup skills, then tell them the products you use. Doing this will retain your existing followers and will attract more who search how-to queries. 

Interact with the audience 

Whoever follows you should know that there is a human behind the account. Nobody likes to follow people with who they do not feel connected. When you interact with them more, an emotional attachment develops. They become so involved in your life that they do not want to miss your post. 

This interaction can be done in many ways. Firstly, you should always reply to the comments as much as you can. This gesture encourages more people to comment, which in turn will increase the reach of your post. In addition, you can come live often to directly talk with the followers. You can ask them what photos they want to see next in the live chat and listen to their opinions. This way, they will feel that they are valued, which will make them stay. 

Know your angles

Last but not least, always remember you are not ugly. The angle is wrong. Experiment with your angles by having a photo clicked at all the possible angles. The next thing will be to sit down and judge yourself. You can also take help from your friends.  Everybody has certain angles that make them look best. Indeed, you will also find one. Work on the angle that you find and perfect that by practicing. 

The angles do not come alone.  With them, you also need good lighting. Find a place where there is enough light that will make your photo lighten up. When somebody sees a well-lighted picture with perfect angles, they will surely wait for a moment to see. 


Following the tips given above will definitely help you for the perfect Instagram Photos. However, if you want to be more efficient, then you must be confident. Confidence is not only just to look confident but also to feel it. You should be comfortable in your skin. You should believe that the outfit you are wearing or the pose you are giving is the best of the best.  Doing this will make you stand out because you will look original.