How to Upload Live Photo to Instagram 

How to Upload Live Photo to Instagram 

If you are willing to learn how to upload live photo to Instagram, then you are at the perfect spot.

You can take live images directly from your camera app if you have an iPhone 6s or later. The relatively new medium creates a “moving” image that allows you to provide viewers with a more visual context for your photographs by occupying the space between a still photo and a movie.

As we all are aware that Instagram was one of the last platforms to enable live images, but there is a way to add that function to your profile now thanks to updates and clever workarounds. 

Though, it is vital to remember that whether you wish to add a live photo to your story or your photo wall will affect how simple it is to do so.

Step by Step Guide 

Step#1: Select the desired live photo by launching the Photos app.

Step#2: Upward-swiping users should select “Save as video.”

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Step#3: Open the Instagram application.

Step#4: In the bottom menu of the app, select the + sign.

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Step#5: Choose the stored video from your photo collection.

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Step#6: On the upper right, click “Next.”

Step#7: Include a caption.

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Step#8: Press “Share.”

Hence, this is how you can easily find out how to upload live photos to Instagram using the step-by-step guide mentioned above.

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How to upload live photo to Instagram as a Story 

Step#1: Open Instagram.

Step#2: To reach the “Stories” area, tap the camera symbol in the top-left corner of the screen. 

Step#3: Scroll through your bottom menu on the narrative screen until “Boomerang” appears. Tap it.

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Step#4: When you see the boomerang icon, tap the white circle on the bottom menu to start taking your live snapshot.

Step#5: You may change or add text to your live photo any way you like.

Step#6: In the lower right corner, click “Send To.”

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Step#7: Choose the recipient for your live snapshot from options like “Your Story,” “Close Friends,” or a user you follow.

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Step#8: The activity can be stopped by selecting “Undo” or by clicking the blue “Done” link that displays at the bottom of the screen.

Step eight marks the end of the procedure to learn how to upload live photo to Instagram as a story.

Can You Create A Boomerang From A Live Photo?

To begin with, first, you have to understand that by changing your Live Photo into a Boomerang, you can cut your 1.5-second Live Photo in half and make it last for only one second, which is the duration of a Boomerang. Good news: Live Photos frequently turn into fantastic Boomerangs.

Instagram’s equivalent of brevity videos is boomerangs. You may use it to turn a Live Photo into a Boomerang and it uses the burst photo mode on your camera to capture a sequence of pictures that will produce a moving image.

Though, older versions can still be used with the procedure described below. If you have a new phone, go to the section after that for the choices that apply to it.

Make a Live Photo into an Instagram Boomerang on iPhone 5 or Older

Step#1: Activate “Instagram” and choose “camera.”

Credits: Business Insider

Step#2:  By pressing the circle in the top right corner and sliding up to choose your Live Photo, you may start a new narrative.

Credits: Business Insider

Step#3: Press and hold your finger on the screen after you have uploaded a Live Photo. The Boomerang is made with 3D Touch in this method.

Credits: Business Insider

Step#4: Post the Boomerang to your Story, then write the next paragraphs of your post as you choose.

Although it is not the most beautiful solution, it works as Instagram catches up to the times and starts collaborating with Live Photos and you can easily learn how to upload live photo to Instagram.

Convert Your Live Photos to Animated Gifs

You could always convert your Live Photos to GIFs and publish them on Instagram if the aforementioned technique does not work for you. 

While, giftr creates distinctive animated GIFs using videos, stock pictures, selfies, and live photographs in addition to videos and brand-new Live Photos, applications are limited.

As you are using Giftr for this topic to turn your Live Photos into animated GIFs that you can share on Instagram. Lively and other applications are useful, but Giftr does the job well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Samsung smartphones provide Live Photos?

You do have Motion Photos, Samsung’s response to Live Photos from Apple.

Despite the differences between them, both have the same objective—creating animated photographs. The same procedures as previously can be used to upload these. 

If you cannot save it as a video, upload it to Google Photos as a video.

Are stickers an option for live photos?

You may include stickers, the date, the time, and other elements just as you would with any other Instagram post.


Live Photos, which blend video and GIF pictures to produce something more engaging than a still image, are a terrific addition to current iPhone models. Live Photos breathe life into still images!

Furthermore, major social media sites like Twitter and Facebook started utilizing Live Photos after Apple introduced them as a feature. Instagram, which focuses on photos, stood out among the prominent social networking platforms.

Although, it took some time to figure out how to upload Live Photo to Instagram, especially given how long Instagram took to provide this function. At the very least, it is possible with a little tweaking.

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Lastly, we are glad that you chose us in order to learn the procedure and we hope that you had a wonderful experience learning it.

Can you spy on someone’s Facebook Messenger?

Can you spy on someone’s Facebook Messenger?

With around 999.8 million people using facebook messenger, there is a lot of curiosity among women to spy on their significant other or simply keep a check on their child’s chat buddies and we can’t blame them!

However, with every person having their own separate messenger account, it may be hard to spy on who they talk to. But, you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

In this article, I would be stating some pro tips and enlighten you with how you can spy on someone’s facebook messenger. So, stay in the loop.

How can I see someone’s message on messenger?

How can I see someone’s message on messenger?

In order to see someone’s message on messenger, you first need to ensure that you have the application downloaded on your phone. If not, then you can simply visit the app store or play store and get it installed.

The next step is to enter the login credentials. Once you enter them, all the messages sent to you on messenger will be visible.

Messenger has quite a lot of options that are categorized in form of spam messages and messages from people you might know but don’t have them added.

To access such messages, you need to tap on the profile picture icon at the top left corner of your facebook messenger, then choose the option for ‘message requests’ and all the messages will appear on your screen. Easy, isn’t it?

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Now, this is how you can check your own messages on messenger. Now, you might be curiously wondering how to see my boyfriend’s secret messages on messenger so let’s get started.

How do I see my boyfriend’s secret messages on messenger?

How do I see my boyfriend’s secret messages on messenger?

In order to see who texted your boyfriend through his own phone, you need to scroll through his applications and open his messenger which will probably be already logged in.

Keep in mind that the majority of users keep their phone’s apps logged in. Apps like Facebook Messenger keep you logged in, unlike webpages where you frequently have to log in and out. Yes, you can log out every time if you want to, but hardly anyone does.

Therefore, this tactic would definitely be super easy to get access of his messages. Make sure you scroll through all of his messages.

Your boyfriend might be smart but we are smarter as we know the secret place on messenger where they can hide their conversations from anyone trying to spy on their messenger. So, keep reading.

In order to access those hidden messages, tap on the profile picture icon at the top left corner of your messenger app, then under the heading for ‘Preferences’ chose “Archived Chats”.

Archived chats are the ones that are conversations hidden from your main messaging screen yet not deleted.

In addition to this, in order to know how can you spy on someone’s facebook messenger, another simple approach is to use their computer or laptop. Search for facebook on the search engine and login their credentials, or if the odds are in your favor, you’ll get immediate access to their Facebook profile if they haven’t checked out since their last session.

The next step is to simply tap on the messenger icon on the screen and you will have the entire access to their messages.


Now that you know how to spy on someone’s facebook messenger and know all the pro tips and tricks to see who is messaging your boyfriend on messenger, you need to immediately get all the assurance and avoid getting cheated. This guide is also highly useful if you have children as they might be involved in inappropriate conversations and by following our tips will help you to spy on their facebook messenger.

For any further queries, feel free to reach us out.



Instagram has emerged into one of the most downloaded applications with roughly one billion active users. Insta users have now made the app even more fun to use by introducing certain terminologies and one of them is “IB”.  Reading this term for the first time made a lot of people question “What does Ib mean on Instagram?

If you’re one of the many curious Instagrammers, then this article is definitely for you! So, read it till the very end!

What does IB mean on Instagram?

The term “Ib” is used in 554,786 posts up till now and still progressing amazingly!

IB is an abbreviation for “Inspired By”. The hype and curiosity for this word began when Instagram users started mentioning in their posts as hashtags.

This is specifically used to give credits for inspiration to someone. A lot of people mention IB as hashtags in order to increase or expand the reach of similar content!

What does IB mean on Tiktok?

Similar to Instagram, the term IB or Inspired by has been widely used by Tiktokers!

By far, TikTok is the most popular online application in the world, used by a significant fraction of teenagers to relieve their fatigue. If you use tiktok, I am sure you came across this term and just like others, you wondered ‘what does IB mean on Tiktok’ and I don’t blame you.

Social applications are getting more innovative and interesting with time and each day it surprises us with something new.

IB on Tiktok is used as a hashtag in numerous videos. As the hashtag’s name suggests, people use it to indicate that they are making roughly the same kinds of TikTok videos.

The use of hashtags makes it easier to focus on the content you are actually looking for. Hashtags like Ib are used on social networking sites like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and others precisely for this particular reason

In addition to this, another answer to the question “what does IB mean on Tiktok and Instagram”  could be “I’m back”. Some users on Instagram and Tiktok add this term as a hashtag to let people know they are back on the application after a break.


In this modern web-based life, hashtags play a vital role in helping people reach their desired position.

The use of hashtags has grown swiftly along with every online networking trend and challenge. Ib is one such well-known hashtag that has just started to float. So, if you want to let your followers know that you’re back to the app, want to give inspiration credit to someone, simply want your post to be seen by a lot of people, you should definitely know what does IB mean on Instagram

For any further queries, feel free to reach us out.

How to find my comment on Instagram:-

How to find my comment on Instagram:-

We are discuss in this article How to find my comment on Instagram.

Did you mistakenly comment on a wrong post and now you want to delete your comment but you can’t find it because you forgot the username?

You must be tired of scrolling your Instagram for the comment and maybe that’s why you’re here! Don’t worry, you will not have to waste any more time for the comment hunt

In this article I would be answering your question “how to find my comment on Instagram”. So, stay in the loop while I reveal the step-by-step guide to help you get your answer quick!

Step #1: Open your Instagram Profile

(Credits: Dummies)

If you are wondering ‘can I find my comment on Instagram?’ Then, the answer is yes. The very first step of our guide is to enter your Instagram login credentials and click or tap on your Instagram profile tab.

Step #2: Click the hamburger icon

(Credits: My Basics)

The hamburger icon is basically the three horizontal lines tab at the top right corner of your Instagram Profile. Once you click on the tab, you will be displayed a variety of options.

Step #3: Click or tab on the option for “Your Activity”

The ‘your activity’ tab on Instagram has a lot of hidden features that eases your Instagram usage. Once you tap on this tab, you will be displayed a further few options.

Step #4: Click or tap on ‘Interactions’

(Credits: Techwiser)

When you click on the ‘your activity tab’, one of the options will be for ‘interactions’ where you may review your interaction with other people in form of comments, likes and story replies.

Step #5: Click on ‘comments’

(Credits: Techwiser)

When you click on comments, all of your comments till date will be displayed to you. The most recent ones will be viewed at top. To view older comments first, tap Sort & filter and select Oldest to newest under Sort by. To filter the comments, you can also enter start or end dates by selecting ‘Apply’

Step #6: Tap on the comment you want to view or delete

(Credits: Techwiser)

I hope this guide has answered your question ‘Can I find comments I made on Instagram’. A lot of people find it difficult to find such options on instagram. One of the most asked questions is also discussed below so keep reading further to avoid future hurdles and to be able to use the app more smoothly!

Why can’t I see my comments on Instagram?

If you are wondering ‘why cant I see my comments on Instagram’ then we might have a few possibilities and their solutions to help you out!

Firstly, in most of the cases, a poor internet connection is the most frequent cause of not being able to read the Instagram comment you wrote.

The likes and comments you share on your Instagram don’t always go through if your internet connection is poor or unstable frequently. Changing to a better wi-fi network or using mobile data may help you find your comment on Instagram.

Secondly, it’s possible that the account user has hidden offensive comments or restricted them or maybe turned off the commenting section for that particular post where you commented.

In addition to this, Instagram gives its users the ability to hide offensive remarks and allows the application to keep an eye on their comment section. Instagram will automatically hide any comments that it deems to be inappropriate. The “manual filter” works similarly, allowing you to select particular words that Instagram identifies in order to obscure the comment. So if you’re thinking why you cant see your comment on Instagram, there are high chances of these circumstances.


Instagram is a great application with roughly one billion active users and a lot of people, especially the Gen Z enjoy using the app and explore its various features. However, Instagram has not made its interface very easy to explore and so queries like ‘why cant I see my comment on Instagram’  or ‘how to find my comment on Instagram’ are expected.

We can only expect Instagram to make its amazing features prominent to its users. Till the, we are here to guide you so you can enjoy scrolling your feed and leaving likes, comments and sharing stories to its fullest.

For any further queries, feel free to reach us out.


Why can’t I do Add Yours on Instagram?

Why can’t I do Add Yours on Instagram?

Instagram is still working on making story features more engaging, and the ‘Add Yours’ sticker is another notable addition. Your followers may add their stories to your narrative by using the ‘Add Yours’ sticker.

However, for certain users, the Add Yours sticker does not display in the app. And if you are on those questioning why can’t I do Add yours on Instagram then you are the perfect spot.

Meanwhile, if any of you are suffering to get lesser story views on Instagram. Then do not worry we have got a simple solution ready for you. As you can straightforwardly purchase Instagram story views and enjoy the perks.

Here is how to fix if your Add yours sticker Instagram not working. Give it a read.

Update Instagram Application

Instagram releases new versions on a regular basis to introduce new features and repair issues.

So the first thing you should do is go to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to see if there are any Instagram app upgrades available to download and install.

Then you have to open Instagram and make a story after you have updated the app. Check to check whether ‘Add Yours’ displays when you tap on a sticker at the top.

Logout and Re-login

After upgrading the app, the ‘Add Yours’ sticker may not show straight away. You can log out of your account and sign back in with the same username and password.

You have to simply follow the steps below:

Step#1: On your iPhone or Android device, open Instagram.

Step#2: At the bottom, select the Accounts tab.            


Credits: Guidingtech

Step#3: Go to Settings from the hamburger menu at the top.

Step#4: Log out of your current account by scrolling down.

Credits: Guidingtech

Check if the Add Yours sticker works by signing in with the same Instagram account details. And if you are still questioning why can’t I do add yours on Instagram then do read the other bugs you might be facing.

Convert Professional Account into Personal Account

For Instagram professional accounts, the ‘Add Yours’ sticker may not have gone live yet. You should try again after switching from your business account to your personal one. Here is how to do it.

Step#1: Open the Instagram app and go to the Accounts tab.

Step#2: Open Settings from the hamburger menu at the top.

Credits: Guidingtech

Step#3: Then you have to tap on Account.

Step#4:  Tap the switch to a personal account at the bottom of the page.   


Credits: Guidingtech

Temporarily use a VPN

When Instagram introduces a new feature, it only makes it available in a select locations. Instagram gathers input from early adopters before rolling out the update to the rest of the world.

It is possible that the ‘Add Yours’ sticker is not available in your area. You may temporarily change your IP address and connect to a server in another country by using a VPN service.

Moving on, to see if the ‘Add Yours’ sticker appears in the Instagram app, connect to one of the US servers. If not, you are out of luck and should move on to the next option to find out why Add yours sticker Instagram not working.

Reinstall Instagram

If the Add Yours sticker Instagram not working after you update the app, you will need to reinstall it.


Step#1: Remove the Instagram app by pressing and holding the symbol for a long time.

Step#2:  From the pop-up menu that appears, choose Delete App.

Credits: Guidingtech

Step#3: Download the Instagram app from the App Store.


Sign in with you are already saved account information and begin creating stories.


Step#1: Open the App Info menu by long-tapping the app icon.

Step#2: Uninstall will be selected, and you will be asked to confirm your decision. 


Credits: Guidingtech

Step#3: Re-download the Instagram app from the Google Play Store.

Try using another account

We understand that this is not the best option because your secondary account would not have the same number of followers. If you want to test out Instagram’s “Add Yours” sticker feature, it is still worth a shot.

Sign out of your current Instagram account and open Instagram. Log in with credentials from another account and check whether the problem has been resolved or still Add yours sticker Instagram not working.

Joining Instagram Beta

Joining the Instagram beta program allows you to try out the ‘Add Yours’ sticker and get a sneak peek at all of the platform’s planned new features.

On Android, go to the Google Play Store’s Instagram page and hit the Join button under the ‘Join the beta’ banner.

Credits: Guidingtech

Hence this how you can get solution to your query of why can’t I do Add yours on Instagram by thoroughly following the bugs and their fixes mentioned above.


When you try to add a sticker to an Instagram story, you will see a new ‘Add Yours’ option in the sticker gallery.

In addition, this new sticker allows your followers to contribute their own stories to the one you have already written. The sticker’s purpose is to create a narrative chain on top of your Instagram story.

Furthermore, for anybody trying to increase interaction on their Instagram account, the ‘Add Yours’ sticker is a must-have tool.

And apart from this if you want gain some serious amount of followers and likes on your Instagram handle. You can simply also purchase cheap Instagram likes and cheap Instagram Followers.

If still add yours Instagram not working, then you will have to wait for Instagram to unlock the feature for your account

In this article we have tried our level best to e xplain the best possible reasons to your question of why can’t I do Add yours on Instagram. So please do not forget to share your valuable experience you had while reading our article.

How to unarchive a post on Instagram

How to unarchive a post on Instagram

When Instagram first announced the archive, it was met with little excitement, and many users remained forgotten. Here’s everything you need to know if you missed it.

Rather than fully removing the post, you may now archive it to hide it from the public sight. You may still see the post in private mode to use later, but no one else can see it.

But after archiving the many questions arise in the minds of Instagram users. Like how to unarchive a post on Instagram or can you bring back archived posts on Instagram.

So for your ease we have elaborated some simple steps you need to follow in order to learn how to unarchive a post on Instagram. Keep reading!

Step by Step Guide 

If you wish to pull a post out of hibernation and back into your profile, it is a simple procedure. You must go into your Instagram archive and choose the option to appear on your profile once more.

Or else you can follow the steps below for better understanding of how to unarchive a post on Instagram.

Step#1: On your “profile page,” go to “Instagram.” In the upper right area, select the “hamburger icon” menu (three horizontal lines).

On your "profile page," go to "Instagram." In the upper right area, select the "hamburger icon" menu (three horizontal lines).

Credits: Alphr

Step#2: Then Choose “Archive.”

Then Choose “Archive.

Credits: Alphr

Step#3: Select “Posts Archive” from the “downward arrowhead” next to “Stories Archive.”

Select "Posts Archive" from the "downward arrowhead" next to "Stories Archive."

Credits: Alphr

Step#4: Choose the post you want to un-archive and select the “horizontal ellipsis” (three horizontal dots) menu icon.

Choose the post you want to un-archive and select the “horizontal ellipsis” (three horizontal dots) menu icon.


Credits: Alphr

Step#5: Select “Show on Profile.” from the drop-down menu.

Select "Show on Profile." from the drop-down menu.

Credits: Alphr

The post reverts to “live” status and may now be seen by the whole public.

You have the option of deleting your old post rather than making it public. Instead of “Show on Profile,” choose “Delete.” Your post is permanently removed and cannot be recovered. That’s not always a bad thing!

Hence this is how you can easily find out how to unarchive a post on Instagram.

Recommendations When Hiding and Unarchiving a Post

Your Instagram account’s visual style and aesthetics, as well as overall messaging, will have to adapt over time to keep up with ever-changing trends and audience preferences, especially for companies.

To regularly accomplish great outcomes, like as raising your follower numbers and improving your engagement rates, you will need to learn how to swiftly adjust to these changes.

To evaluate which posts are still relevant and/or compatible with your account’s aesthetics, identity, and messaging, you should plan a frequent check of all your uploaded material, as well as your statistics.

As the amount of postings you will have to read through grows over time, doing this on a regular basis, much like a routine maintenance inspection, will help you complete the work more quickly.

Giving your account’s timeline a facelift every now and then will help it stay new and fascinating. When archiving and/or unarchiving posts, keep these tips in mind.

  • Archived postings are usually superior to deleted ones. When you merely archive a post, the interaction metrics remain intact, and you may refer to it or restore it to your news feed at any moment.
  • All of your old posts will be hidden from your followers and other Instagram users, and will be maintained in a private section that only you can view.
  • Your older posts are organized by date.
  • When you unarchive a post, it returns to its previous location on your timeline. When you unarchive a post from New Year’s Eve 2019, for example, it will be returned to the same date on your timeline.
  • To keep your account current, schedule a frequent examination of your material stream.

Furthermore, if you are desperate and cannot wait for thee tricks to work out as they are for long terms results. We would suggest you to buy cheap Instagram likes and cheap Instagram followers and enjoy the perks.

In conclusion it makes it clear that you have to be aware of all these facts and figures while learning the process of how to unarchive a post on Instagram.

Making Use of Instagram’s Archive

“Stories,” “Live” broadcasts, and “Posts” all have their own area in the Instagram archive. The “Stories” and “Live” streams are kept automatically, however “Posts” is an opt-in function that must be used manually. Unlike other systems, Instagram does not automatically archive “Older” postings.

To archive a post on Instagram, follow these steps:

Step#1: Choose a post that you would want to archive.

Choose a post that you would want to archive.

Credits: Alphr

Step#2: At the top of the page, tap the “horizontal ellipsis” (three horizontal dots).

At the top of the page, tap the "horizontal ellipsis" (three horizontal dots).

Credits: Alphr

Step#3: Choose “Archive” from the drop-down menu.

Choose "Archive" from the drop-down menu.

Credits: Alphr

Rather than fully removing the post, you may now archive it to hide it from the public sight. You may still see the post in private mode to use later, but no one else can see it.

And in case if you want to unarchive your archived post so simply follow the step by step guide we have mentioned above about how to unarchive a post on Instagram.

Furthermore, to clear your concept we have answered some frequently asked questions too. Kindly give it a read below.

  1. Is it possible for followers to access archived posts?

No, your archived content will be invisible to your Instagram followers and other users.

  1. Do archived posts reappear after a certain amount of time?

No. You have complete control over when an archived post is restored. Posts can be archived forever.

  1. How can I archive Instagram live broadcasts?

All Instagram Live broadcasts are automatically preserved in your Live Archive. This functionality may be disabled in your Story settings. Keep in mind that after 30 days, archived live broadcasts are erased.

What is the procedure for removing a story from my Stories Archive?

Step#1: On your profile page’s upper right corner, tap the menu.

Step#2: The clock icon should be tapped.

Step#3: Select the story you wish to remove by tapping on it.

Step#4: The three dots should be tapped.

Step#5: To confirm, hit Delete and then delete again.

Note that deleting a story from your archive may also remove it from other places on Instagram where you have shared it, such as your Highlights section.

  1. What is the best way to share a story from my Stories Archive?

You can send a direct message or add an archived story to your Stories.

Step#1: On your profile page’s upper right corner, tap the menu.

Step#2: The clock icon should be tapped.

Step#3: Select the tale you would want to share by tapping on it.

Step#4: At the bottom of the screen, tap Share.

Step#5: Choose a person to send it to through direct messaging by tapping on Your Story.

On the other hand if you wish to have serious amount of views on your Instagram story. Do not worry we have got you covered as you can achieve this desired target of yours by simply Instagram story views.


Finally, whether for personal or professional usage, the Instagram archive function is a clever idea that offers you control over what others view. And this makes many users to find out how unarchive a post on Instagram.

While we acclimate to the transient nature of online life, certain things are worth preserving in the long run. If you cannot keep those memories near to your heart, at the very least you can keep them alive on Instagram through this amazing feature of archive.

And apart from this, it is a technique for social media savvy businesses to reuse posts and media for seasonal deals that occur annually or on a regular basis. Why develop a Christmas deal every year when you can save it, change it, and then relaunch it?

In terms of personal usage, the Instagram archive tool allows you to save posts or photographs that you may wish to reuse later, save for future reference, or even edit.

So for you best interest we have explained the detailed procedure of how to unarchive a post on Instagram with the best of our knowledge. Do not forget to share your valuable experience with us.