In a significant development, Facebook has successfully resolved a recent problem that hindered certain users in the United States from posting photos or responding to messages on both Facebook and Instagram during a crucial part of the Thanksgiving holiday. The issue, which occurred on Thursday, caused inconvenience and frustration among affected users. However, Facebook swiftly took action to rectify the situation and restore full functionality.

Identification and Resolution of the Problem

In an update provided just after 3 p.m. ET, a Facebook spokesperson confirmed that the problem has been completely resolved. Reassuringly, they stated, “We’ve returned 100% for everyone.” The company further elaborated that the underlying cause of the disruption lay in one of their core software systems. This software glitch had impeded numerous individuals’ access to the suite of Facebook applications. However, Facebook promptly initiated measures to rectify the problem and swiftly restore access to the affected services.

User Complaints and Impact

The issue sparked an influx of complaints, with thousands of reports pouring in through the Down Detector tracking site, starting at 10:30 a.m. ET. Users expressed their frustrations with various aspects of the disruption, such as sluggish news updates and difficulties in loading images on Instagram. The impact was particularly significant due to the timing coinciding with the Thanksgiving holiday, a time when people actively engage on social media platforms to share their festive experiences.

Recurring Interruptions and Implications

While occasional service disruptions are not uncommon for both Facebook and Instagram, the Thanksgiving incident took on heightened significance. This is primarily due to the fact that individuals eagerly utilize these platforms during holiday seasons, like Christmas. Notably, in July, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp experienced an extended period of inactivity lasting nearly a day. Such prolonged interruptions can prove vexing, particularly for advertisers who heavily invest in targeting potential customers across Facebook’s vast user base. With more than 2.3 billion users on its flagship social network and over one billion on Instagram, Facebook’s platforms offer immense marketing potential, making service reliability a crucial aspect.


Facebook’s swift response and successful resolution of the Thanksgiving photo and messaging issue deserve commendation. By quickly identifying the problem within their core software systems, the company effectively tackled the disruption, thus restoring normalcy for all users. As social media continues to play an increasingly integral role in people’s lives, ensuring consistent service availability becomes paramount for platforms like Facebook and Instagram. With their dedicated efforts, Facebook has demonstrated their commitment to delivering a seamless user experience and maintaining the trust of their vast user base.