You can easily upload and share photos on Instagram, and some users are happy to do so. But there are more ways to increase your presence on the platform and attract more followers.

Engagement is still an important element of social networking and Instagram, and all types of users, including business owners who want to increase site participation, can be done using different strategies. This article will help you to Get More Engagement on Instagram.

Tag photo

If you tag a photo, you can get a good comment on Instagram with the photo-sharing app. This was confirmed by research by Dan Zarrella titled “The Science of Instagram”.

You can tag people with Instagram photos. In fact, users can tag up to 30 people in a single photo.

You can also specify tags in places other than people.

Tag people and photos will be published to more people. People who add the tag will see a notification message, and they ’re more likely to like or comment on the photo. Tag One friend and follower can also see photos, and people searching for a specific location can also see photos.

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Use words Like and comments

Another strategy that allows you to like and comment on photos more is to use the words “good” or “comment” in the caption. Instagram users can add captions to photos. This step is important to provide followers with ideas for photo content.

Add filter

Filters make Instagram photos more attractive. There are various types, including a format that brightens the image, adds saturation, a format that adds saturation, and a format that can create classic black-and-white photos.

However, according to research, the best filter to use is the “general filter” that allows you to post photos without special effects.

According to research results, images with general filters won the most good and comments. Other popular filters were willow, Valencia, and Sierra.

Photo theme

Photo themes are always an important factor in attracting Instagram users’ interest and getting their favorite opinions. It became clear that people with facial features were more popular than those who showed things, places, and landscapes.

Saddle or photos with multiple people received more attention. Compared to photos without a face, it was better and increased to 35.

Now that you know this procedure, you need to practice every time you log in to your Instagram account.