Imagine how much better your Instagram content will look when 10,000 people will agree with it.  We know everyone has this temptation to get more Instagram followers. There are a number of reasons behind it. 

To give you a better idea of how Instagram followers actually work, we’ve covered all the questions you might have here. Furthermore, we will tell you about the pros and cons. So that you can see what is good for your brand and what isn’t. 

At a price comparable to a small Starbucks latte, you’re getting a hundred thousand followers. However, if it were that cheap and so easy, everyone would be doing it. How does it work? Is it legal and safe for your business to purchase Instagram followers? What are the pros and cons of investing in it?

Instagram follows that aren’t real are mainly the reason buying them can be a wasted investment.

Buying Instagram followers

Many of the follower accounts that can be purchased are either bots or inactive accounts. What it looks like:

Fraudulent Follower Vendors

Nowadays, it is harder to buy fake Instagram followers than a few years ago. How come? The Instagram terms of service are enforcing crackdowns on accounts that violate them. It used to be pretty transparent, but now it is a mystery. You’ll need to know someone who can set you up with a vendor. Someone, who will actually deliver what they say. 

After you pay for your followers, what happens? Your followers should trickle in anywhere from a few minutes to a little while after choosing a vendor. Your followers will be rolled out over time so that Instagram won’t notice anything fishy about your account. Don’t expect much from your brand new automated followers once you have them. Your engagement metrics won’t improve much with these followers.

Instagram followers cost money, but you’re paying just for numbers. There is no guarantee of engagement, nor is it likely.


There are many Instagram bots out there – you’ve probably already seen some today. It’s possible to buy followers from companies. The ones that automated the process of creating bots so well that they sell them. Sometimes the bots may even use stolen images and names to assume the identity of a real person.

There is even the possibility that these dummy accounts look organic. Because they share and like content based on automation. It is even possible for some of them to produce content. They will have a following-to-follower ratio. This does not look organic since they are not real people. Therefore, any engagement they create will have little impact.

Users with inactive accounts

Not every fake follower is a bot, however. The companies that sell genuine followers include some that are based in other countries.

Sometimes, people make accounts just so they can provide others with these services of ‘follow for follow’. What happens this way, is that these people only use it to follow you once and that’s it. Even though these followers may show early signs of engagement, they will eventually drain away from your Instagram’s performance metrics.

A user who created an account only to fulfill sponsorship requests has no reason to spend time on their newsfeed, engage with the content, or purchase the goods and services they are promoting.

In the absence of that interaction, the number of followers is inflated without adding any value.

Furthermore, you can pay services to follow other accounts strategically on your behalf based on your preferences. (location, hashtags, account type, and gender). In addition to buying followers directly. The accounts you follow should then follow you back. In this case, there is a greater chance of your followers being real, though engagement is less likely. Investing in these accounts is risky just because no one can assure you they will return the favor.

People seldom follow back others. But for instance, if they do, they don’t like to interact or engage. 

You can damage your credibility

You can defame yourself with these fake followers. People can stop following you if they find out that you are buying inorganic followers. These followers are unlikely to like or comment on a post.

Users may notice your posts don’t have many interactions, which could discourage them from following you. People will quickly notice something is amiss if you have 10,000 followers but only four likes per post. What if most of the accounts in an account’s “loyal audience” are inactive, bots, or inactive accounts? Would you still follow them?

You can destroy your performance metrics 

When a high percentage of your target audience isn’t real, it’s nearly impossible to measure how well your brand is connecting with them. If inactive accounts and bots skew the results, how can you tell whether a post is performing well with your real audience?

It’s impossible to convert your Instagram followers into real customers. If you don’t know how well your posts are doing or what your real audience thinks. This is the point, isn’t it?

The truth is you don’t pay for quality, real-life Instagram followers if you buy Instagram followers. Blank numbers are what you pay for. Since Instagram’s algorithm deviates from following to engagement, buying followers won’t work long-term. 

Identification of fake followers and their removal  

According to Instagram’s terms of use, inauthentic accounts have been identified and removed from its platform. Apps that engage in artificial growth of followers, likes, or comments are being removed by Instagram. Instagram moderation might respond to your purchase of followers if you violate the community guidelines.

Real interactions and real accounts on Instagram are being protected as part of Instagram’s commitment to maintaining a genuine user experience. This mission is violated by fake or bought activity, so building your audience organically is a better option.