Buying Instagram followers is generally frowned upon by the Instagram community. Many choose to get free followers. If, however, you’ve decided you want to buy Instagram followers, you can do so from a number of online sites. You’ll want to make sure you have a secure PayPal account set up beforehand.

Type “buy Instagram followers” into a search engine.

This will give you a general idea of the most popular results (e.g., what other people are using). The most popular results are not the ones labeled as advertising. Better to see the several options from organic search.

Review your search results.

Popular Instagram follower outlets vary, so you’ll want to look for a couple of consistent factors and discard any outliers:

  • Follower packages that average less than $0.20/follower
  • PayPal is an accepted method of payment
  • A privacy guarantee

Read your selected service’s terms of use.

Sometimes paid follower sites to sneak items such as disappearing followers or the right to spam your existing followers into the fine print. If you see an item you disagree with, don’t pay for the service.

Look up your selected service.

If the service has been around for long enough–as most reputable ones have been–you’ll probably be able to find reviews for it.

  • If you find an overwhelmingly negative series of reviews for your selected service, look for a different service.

Decide on the number of followers.

  • Most sites offer various packages with different numbers of followers. Both the number of your posts and the length of time you’ve been on Instagram will factor into this decision.
  • For example, if you’ve only been on Instagram for a day and you have one post, it doesn’t make much sense for you to have more than 50 or so followers.
  • You should also take your current number of followers into account when doing this. If you double your follower intake overnight without changing your content, people may get suspicious.

Make sure you have a secure payment method.

Before buying followers, you’ll want to make sure your financial security isn’t in danger. PayPal is your best bet since it is free and it hides your sensitive credentials.

Even though PayPal is a secure intermediary, you shouldn’t risk paying for followers over an insecure connection (or data).

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