Instagram can be both a blessing and a curse. If you want to stop using your Instagram account for good, you should erase it. Because if you leave your Instagram account undeleted for an extended period regularly, it may be abused by hackers, putting your information at risk. Instagram, on the other hand, automatically deletes accounts that have been inactive for an extended length of time. However, it is more reasonable to remove it yourself to ensure the safety of your data.

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Does the question still stand about how to delete an Instagram account?

Keep in mind that you cannot revert the deletion of your account. All of your images and account history, including followers, likes, and comments, will be permanently deleted, and you will be unable to sign up for another account using the same username if you create another one. 

Steps to Delete Your Instagram Account

An Instagram account, like deactivating, can only be deleted via a web browser. Follow these simple steps to permanently erase your Instagram account:

  • Log in to your Instagram account via the website.
  • On Instagram, go to the ‘Delete Your Account’ section. From the drop-down option, select your reason for leaving.
  • Deleting Instagram Permanently – Deleting Your Account Page.
  • Enter your password and then click the ‘Permanently delete my account button.
  • Instagram Account Permanently Removed – Delete My Account.
  • your Instagram account has been deactivated. 

Instagram Account Deactivation

Instagram cannot be deactivated via the app; it must be done using a web browser on the Instagram website. If you wish to take a break from Instagram, follow these steps to deactivate your account:

  • Log in to your Instagram account and click on the person symbol to access your profile page.
  • Select ‘Edit Profile,’ then scroll to the bottom of the page and select ‘Temporarily disable my account.’
  • When asked, “Why are you disabling your account?” choose a reason from the drop-down option.
  • Enter your password again and click the ‘Temporarily disable account’ option.
  • Your account has been canceled, and it will remain hidden from other users until you log in again.

NOTE: You can only delete your Instagram account once per week, according to Instagram’s usage policy.

 How long will it be before Instagram deletes your account?

If you follow the steps indicated above, your Instagram account will be terminated instantly. Unlike Facebook, which disables your account for two weeks before queuing it for deletion, which can take up to 90 days, this method disables your account for two weeks before queuing it for deletion, which can take up to 90 days (104 days total). When it comes to deleting Instagram, you don’t have the same cushion, be certain of your decision.

The answer to the question of how long it takes Instagram to deactivate dormant accounts or accounts flagged for spam/botting is a little less certain.

Instagram deletes completely dormant accounts and accounts that are determined to be bots on a regular basis, albeit no one knows how frequently this occurs or what the criteria for deletion are.

Delete Your Instagram Account Permanently

Now, if you want to know how to delete your Instagram account quickly, simply follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Instagram’s official Delete Your Account page.
  • Select the reason for permanently deleting Instagram from the drop-down menu.
  • Retype your password and select the ‘Permanently delete my account button.

Keep in mind that by deleting your account, you are also permanently removing your profile, images, videos, likes, comments, and any followers you have.

How to Deactivate Your Instagram Account Temporarily

Instead of deleting your account, you may simply disable it for a set length of time to take a break from Instagram without losing any of your followers or posts. Once again, you can only utilize this option in a browser.

  • Log in to Instagram on your computer or smartphone using a browser.
  • To edit your profile, open it and then click or tap “Edit profile.
  • Continue to scroll down. Click “Temporarily disable my account” in the lower right corner.
  • You’ll be asked to select an answer to explain why you want to disable your account.
  • Following your selection of an answer, you will be given the option to cancel your account.
Having Issues Logging In?

If you have been hacked and want to protect your personal information, the actions outlined above may be easier said than done. Unfortunately, there is no way to deactivate or disable an account without first checking in. You also can’t ask Instagram to do it for you. If you can’t remember or find your password, or if it’s been changed by someone else, use these methods to recover it.

  • Launch the application.
  • Tap Under the Login button, you can get assistance with login in.
  • Choose one of the following if you have an Android device: ‘Use the username, email or phone, or ‘Login with Facebook.’

There’s no official way to retrieve your account back after you’ve permanently destroyed it, but some people swear by a workaround that we’ll go over here in case you’re in that situation.

Essentially, you must declare your account as hacked to Instagram, as we have done above:
  • First, enter your username or email address and select the ‘Get help signing in’ option on Instagram.
  • Select ‘Trouble logging in’ from this menu.
  • To proceed, follow the steps, such as selecting the sort of account you’d like to recover and clicking the ‘My account was hacked’ option.
  • Then click the ‘hear more about your experience’ button.
  • Fill out the forms, and Instagram will contact you within a few hours. For this to work, you will eventually need to offer some verification, such as photographs you’ve uploaded to that account, your username, email address, and verification code.

By permanently deleting and erasing your Instagram account, you can finally give yourself some personal time back, allowing you to escape and leave behind the never-ending drudgery of online culture. Of course, temporarily deleting your account is a smart choice if you need to get away for a bit, but erase it to protect your account and your sanity.


Instagram offers two alternatives for deactivation. You can either deactivate your account temporarily or delete your account to permanently erase your profile, images, videos, comments, likes, and follows. If you’ve decided to end your relationship, you should delete your account.