We are living in the world of technology. It makes our lives very easy and quick. It shorts the distances. We are connected with each other through social media apps. Facebook is the most popular social media app. technology converts the whole world into a global village. Millions of people use Facebook.

Facebook is a social networking service that allows users to connect with friends, coworkers, and strangers online by creating free profiles. Users can share photos, music, movies, and articles, as well as their own views and opinions, with as many people as they want.

It randomly introduces new features that attract the users toward it and its popularity is increasing day by day.

In this article, we will discuss Facebook posts and I will tell you How to edit a Facebook post on Facebook is the best way of sharing something. And if you edit a post on Facebook then it will look so beautiful and increase the likes and comments on your post. So if you want more likes and good comments on your post or you want that your post will look so attractive then you should edit your Facebook post.

Facebook posts

Public Facebook posts are public messages sent to the full Facebook audience of a user or a specific person’s profile. Businesses use posting to maintain a constant presence in front of their audience and possibly acquire new followers.

You can add more photos to your post when you edit it within Facebook’s Pages app. You can edit your post image by uploading a new photo, saving it, and then going back into editing mode and deleting the old image.

Edit a post on Facebook

Now you can make your pictures pretty, more attractive more beautiful, and get more likes and comments by editing your Facebook posts. Editing your posts is very interesting work. You can use filters of your choice add captions and many more.

If you like a drama or movie click so much you can edit that click and share on your Facebook it can attract people towards you. you can send pictures of nature. Editing makes your pictures beautiful.

  • To edit your Facebook post simply follow these given steps
  • Open your Facebook app on your mobile or go to facebook.com on your browser.
  • Go to that photo that you want to edit.
  • To the right of the post, select the “More” button, which looks like three horizontal dots. Choose “Edit Post” from the drop-down menu.
  • As well as editing your post, you will also be able to add photos and videos, GIFs, and feelings, as well as edit the tags and check-ins. You can also add captions. From the public-facing menu, you can adjust the edit settings that who can see your edit post. (it means if you want to sow your editing to selective pictures and hide from others then you can hide your edited pictures from others)
  • When you are done click save. Save all of your changes.
  • Each version of the post is saved by Facebook. Select the more option and then ‘’view edit history’’ to see a post history.
  • Repeat the same process to add captions to your story

Edit a boosted post on Facebook

You can boost a post you have created for your Page’s timeline for a specific audience by applying money towards it. A boosted post is Facebook’s most straightforward way to advertise.

  • Open your Facebook page and like it.
  • In the left-hand menu, select Ad center and then All Ads from the dropdown menu.
  • To edit a boosted post, find it and click on it. This will be the title of your boosted post, depending on the objective you picked.
  • You will be able to name your Ad video views if you click the get more videos views option.
  • Select Edit Ad from the dropdown menu and make the adjustments you want. You have the option to change the following:
  • For your ad, enter a URL, text, and a picture or video Ad creative.
  • Choose a suggested audience or create a new one based on specified characteristics.
  • Choose from one of the suggested time frames or enter a specific end date.
  • Check and make changes to your payment method.
  • Select edit Ad from the dropdown menu and make the adjustment you want. You have the option to change the following
  • To save changes click on done.


Facebook posts are the best way of sharing your feelings. You can share your pictures, nature-loving things, movies clips, and articles on your Facebook account. When people like and share your posts you get happy and want more likes and comments on your posts. If people like your posts then you want to make them more beautiful. You can make your posts more beautiful by editing. Editing is a process in which you can add captions, add filters, and many other things that make your post beautiful. You can also add privacy to your editing posts. I hope you will like this feature of Facebook. New features on the app attract people towards itself.


Is it possible to modify a Facebook post after it has been commented on?

Tap the comment-containing post. More can be tapped. Choose Edit. After you’ve made your adjustments, tap Update.

How can I make changes to a Facebook post without having to delete it?

To modify a post, pick ‘Edit Post’ from the three dots in the top right corner of the post window. After you’ve made the necessary changes, click ‘Save,’ and you’re done.

Is it possible for someone if you make changes to a Facebook post?

Except, it turns out, those minor tweaks and modifications aren’t that hidden after all. Anyone who has access to your post can see the whole history of edits. All they have to do is click the grey lettering that says ‘’edited’’ just to the left of the ‘’like’’ button at the bottom of your comment.