Many people wonder how to find drafts on Instagram. This feature is not yet available on desktop computers, so you need to use your mobile device to save your posts. This is not a difficult task. 

iPhones and Androids are both compatible with this feature, and you can easily find them using the menus at the bottom of your screen. Creating a draft is similar to preparing a post for immediate publication.

Unlike regular posts, drafts are saved under a draft header and are available for editing and sharing. In iOS, drafts will appear in your Library. On Android, they will appear in your Gallery. Using the drafts feature allows you to publish the same or different content multiple times without losing a draft. In the same way, you can delete your Instagram posts in case they are no longer interesting.

Find Drafts On Instagram

In order to view drafts on Instagram, 

  • You must first open the post you wish to edit. 
  • To do so, select the ‘+’ icon next to the post you’d like to delete.
  •  Then, select the ‘+’ icon to add another post. 
  • If you’ve saved more than one draft, you’ll see a new menu with that same name, and you can open them as if you were posting a new picture.

If you’ve accidentally deleted a draft, simply select it from the list. After you have finished editing, tap the “Preview” button and select it from the list. The preview window will show the photo you’ve currently selected. To discard a draft, click the delete button. The saved post will be removed from the page. It’s that simple! And, this is the easiest way to find drafts on Instagram.

Delete Instagram Post

If you’d rather not delete a draft, simply find the post you’ve already uploaded and tap the ‘drafts’ option to delete the post. There, you can add a caption or edit the text in your draft. If you don’t like the content of your image, you can choose to remove the entire post. In addition, you can remove a specific caption or location.

If you’ve created a draft reel on Instagram, you’ll be able to see it in your Drafts folder. This folder contains all of your previous drafts and will display them under the Drafts header. You can add text, stickers, or effects to your photo or video. To delete a draft reel on Instagram, click on the ‘Drafts’ tab and look for the folder you saved in the gallery.

Save your Instagram Drafts

In 2021, Facebook’s platform changed the way it looks and functions. You can’t save your Instagram drafts if you don’t have a business account. If you’re a public user, you can delete your drafts by following the steps in the ‘Public’ section. However, if you’re a business account, you’ll need to follow the same steps as a private one to be able to access your Drafts.

Once you have a draft reel, you can edit it to make it more appealing to your followers. You can add a caption, stickers, or text, and adjust the volume. You can also delete the original audio to replace it with new music. If you want to view your draft reels, you must click the ‘Drafts’ header. Then, you will see a link to your saved posts.

Once you’ve made a draft, you can choose to delete it and keep it for later. Unlike saved photos, drafts on Instagram can be deleted without losing their metadata, which is an important feature for any business. You can even delete your posts to make them more readable. This will help you organize your Instagram account and your posts. You can now find your drafts by clicking on the ‘+’ icon and selecting the ‘Drafts’ tab.


Once you’ve made a draft, you can save it on Instagram. If you need to find your drafts, you can go to the library and click on ‘Drafts’. You’ll notice that the library is located above other photos. In this way, you can find your drafts by searching for them. In addition to saving them, you can also access them later by tagging them.