Instagram is a leading platform when it comes to influencer marketing. To influence people, you will have to have a large number of followers. If you try to increase your followers on your own, it will take a lot of time. Plus, there is no guarantee that the effort you are putting in will bear fruits for you. 

Many people will suggest you follow others to get more followers. However, this is not a sustainable and efficient strategy. Firstly, there is no guarantee that these people, who you will follow, will follow you back. Secondly, it is very time-consuming and hard to manage. In this regard, many influencers or even celebrities hack Instagram followers. 

The question still stands, how to hack Instagram followers without following?

Here are some apps and websites that will get your work done. 


Getinsta is a website that offers free Instagram followers and likes. In this regard, they have apps for android, iPhone, and PC. Their android application name is Getinsta and on IOS it is named Getinsup.  The company claims that you do not have to share passwords and fill out surveys. This is very important because sometimes these types of follower provider websites sell your personal information. 

On the same hand, it is also very simple to use. You will have to collect coins to get followers, likes, or whichever type of engagement you want. The coins can be earned by fulfilling small tasks every day. For example, opening the app daily or liking other people’s posts. There is a limit of thousand followers per day using those coins. However, there is also paid service available. By just spending nearly 1 dollar per day, you can get up to 50k followers and likes. 

It is very simple to download. Just go to getinsta website and download the app. Then log in and provide the username on which you want followers.

Followers + Followers Analytics

If you do not find Getinsta fulfilling your requirements, you should consider Followers+ followers analytics.  Here, you will get thousands of followers by just entering your ID. The app’s algorithm will analyze your profile and followers to give you exactly what you need. Furthermore, It will track your followers even when you do not follow them back. In addition, it also tells you when to post to attract maximum potential followers. 

The app gives your proper statistics which will lead the way to hack maximum followers. In this way, you will get organic followers who will be engaging. It will mean that there will be no chance of your ID getting blocked. Plus, you can show the engagement to the sponsors to get better deals.

Storm likes 

Everybody knows that there are no free lunches. Similarly, if you want high-quality real followers not just bots, you will have to pay. However, the prices at storm likes are very affordable and value to money. The price starts from 2 dollars and goes up to 300 dollars. This means that there is a package for every budget from low to high. The rates might fluctuate because based on discount offer and marketing campaign In this you will get followers at minimum 100 to 25000 maximum.  You will not have to provide any password and there will be call support available any time. 

Another great thing about this website is that there is no app that you will have to download. When it comes to apps, there is always a danger of that app accessing your personal information. On the contrary, you can order on their website directly.  It will only take them 10 minutes to execute your order. You will just have to order and make your profile public. Rest is on them.


Twicsy is just like storm likes when it comes to claims it makes. Which is that they will provide real people as followers without following them back. They operate through a website on which you can place your order. On the website, you will find three types of services. Which are likes, followers, and views. In this way, they make sure you have all kinds of engagement so that every need can be fulfilled. 

If we talk about their website, it is well maintained and well presented. Therefore, the ordering process becomes very easy. You will just have to choose a package, provide a username but not a password, and see your followers grow. The price starts from 2 dollars and ends at 50 dollars. You can get 100 followers to 5000 followers. In addition, there is a refund policy also in case you are not satisfied with the quality of followers. This policy is evidence that they are an authentic service provider that you can trust. 


Another social media marketing company is iDigic which provides premium services.  It is a well-reputed company with many positive reviews and satisfied customers. Here also you will get real people behind accounts whom you will not have to follow back. They will make sure you will get the relevant followers. Social Media Marketing Services For Your Business

This will give credibility to your business or profile. In addition, it will also help you get celebrity titles and access the verified sign. 

On the other hand, Their price is very reasonable and goes as low as less than 2 dollars. If you are skeptical that it works, you can order a free trial. At the same time, they also have a refund policy in case you find any trouble with the service. 


In a perfect world, growing on your own slowly and steadily without buying any followers is ideal. However,  we do not live in a perfect world. When you have these professional services available that can manipulate the algorithm to your advantage then why not use them. Keep in mind that followers attract followers. Using these hacks will get you more followers than you paid for. 

Lastly, there are many scam sites that you will find on the internet. Trying to save some bucks can get your profile blocked, hacked, or cause you financial losses.