Facebook allows individual users to connect with friends in a quick and easy way, sharing their views, news, and multimedia assets. Facebook allows users to connect with a large number of their friends at once by sending outposts to a specific group of people, it also helps them to keep up with their friends’ lives.

Facebook groups

Facebook groups are an excellent way of sharing posts, photographs, and videos with other people who share your interests. Facebook users can join groups based on their location, career interests, and other factors.

Accessing so many groups can cause people to become overwhelmed by a barrage of irrelevant alerts. Thankfully, Facebook makes it simple to leave groups. But many of you don’t even know ‘’how to leave a Facebook group’’. This article will help you to leave a Facebook group.

Many Facebook groups become piles of rubles over time, or the user loses interest in the topic. Users can also unintentionally join the Facebook groups they don’t wish to be a part of.

Friends may add individuals to arbitrary groups, including those that disseminate disinformation or offensive language, depending on their privacy settings. A person can easily leave any group they are a part of regardless of the type of group they are a part of.

Leave a Facebook group on the mobile app

  • On your mobile device, open the Facebook app and log in. at the upper right, select the three-line menu symbol.
  • Select the group to block by scrolling down this screen.
  • You will be taken to a page that lists all of the group alerts you have received. You will notice a list of your groups as huge icons at the top. You can search these by swiping right or left and selecting the group you want to leave.
  • This will enable you to open the group. To open the group tools, select the three-dots icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Select the icon for leaving groups.
  • A confirmation notice will appear, asking if you are sure you wish to quit the group. To finish the process, select a leaving group.
  • You can turn off notifications rather than leave the group entirely if you choose more options. You may disable the bothersome group alerts while still visiting the group this way.
  • You will receive a confirmation message once you have permanently left the group. If you have left a group because of something illegal, damaging, or any other reason you may be able to report it to Facebook

On desktop

  • Visit the Facebook website. In your selected browser log into your Facebook account. If you are already connected to Facebook, this will bring u your news feed.
  • Before continuing, enter your email address and password if you have not previously done so.
  •  Go to the group’s tab. On the left side of your news feed page, you will find this tab.
  • Select the groups to option from the drop-down menu. It is at the top-left corner of the website, to the left of the discover option.
  • To leave a group, go to its settings. To leave a group, locate it and click the gear-shaped symbol to the right of the group’s name. there will be a drop-down menu.
  • Leave the group by clicking the button. In the drop-down menu, it’s an option. A pop-up menu appears as a result of this.
  • Prevent other members of the group from adding you back. Check the prevent other members from adding you back to this group box before continuing if you don’t want other members to be able to add you back to the group.
  • This is a completely optional step. You can skip it.

Things to know before leaving a Facebook group

  • Before you, quite a Facebook group, keep in mind that just because you have left does not mean you have left all of your interactions with the group behind. All of your posts, likes, and comments will be saved.
  • If the Facebook group is set to private, you will lose access to these posts if you leave the group. After you leave, you won’t be able to modify or remove them, and you will have to rejoin the group to make changes to any past posts or comments.


Facebook provides you with a huge platform. You can share pictures and videos with your beloved ones. You can join groups for entertainment. Facebook groups are a fantastic resource. They allow you to be a member of a like-minded group without having to meet anyone in person.

When a user leaves a group, they are removed from the group’s member list, and the group is removed from the user list of groups. For the record, no one in a group is told when another member exits the group. The individuals who have left the group will no longer receive notifications or see postings from it in their new feed.


Is it possible for folks to see if I leave a group?

Removing oneself from a Facebook group should be just as simple and the good news is that no one else will be told that you have done so. Instead, you will no longer appear as a group member and will no longer receive group notifications.

Do your posts get erased when you leave a Facebook group?

No, your posts in that group have not been removed. Until you erased them yourself before leaving the group, or any administrator or admin did so for some reason, they will remain there. In addition, if a moderator or administrator removes you from a group, they have the option of deleting all of your pending posts, comments, and other content.


How can I unfollow a Facebook group without actually quitting it?

It is possible to prevent it from appearing on your feed without quitting totally. Instead of leaving, you can simply unfollow the group. Do the same thing you’d do if you were leaving a group. Only select the unfollow group when the dropdown under the triple dotted icon appears.