A lot of people use whatsapp, all of us scroll through instagram news feeds. We will receive updates from family,friends and from business. The Instagram stories may be much larger than another person.It’s good luck for all instagram users that it has a muted option. How to mute and unmute someone on instagram of a person which you don’t like you.in this way you will be safe from unwanted stories on your instagram.it saves your time from watching unwanted stories.

Instagram stories are quite different from other apps, They are posted on the right side at the top of mobile screen.They are very unique.they stay you up to date with your contents. But some time some users are over rushing the stories and sometimes you have to follow a lot of accounts,may be you are handling a business through instagram  account ,you are so busy that you have no time to see instagram stories. Then it is a great opportunity for you to mute your instagram stories.

When you follow someone and they post very frequently it will be very irritating for you. There is an option that you can block them or unfollow, but if you don’t want to do this there is another option that you can mute them.

Mute An Instagram Story

If you are not sure how to mute an Instagram story then at the top of your app there are your friends profile icon. By scrolling them right you will find many more friends stories that they had shared with you.

Long press on icon

  • When you tap on a story it will start but if you long-press the story it will give you the option mute or view profile.
  • If you tap mute then you will not receive their contents. By doing this you will be saved from unwanted content and over-rushing stories.
  • If you want to mute both stories and posts then that is the following button near the profile.
  • In the second step appears the mute button.
  • Now tap on posts and stories. Now you can’t receive the posts and stories. If you only want to mute the stories then tap on stories only.
  • But if you want to mute a person only when you come across his story then you have to tap the three menu buttons near the image.
  • Then tape the mute from stories.
  • Here you can see the mute option from the menu tap the mute button.

When you mute someone it is best then blocking because it does not depress others that they are ignored. By using this feature you can never hurt anybody. This is a very good feature to take a break from stories without hurting others. It is one of the best features of Instagram.

Unmute instagram stories

Sometimes you want to unmute your stories but it seems very difficult. You think that you can’t do it but it is quite simple as you mute a story in the same way you can un-mute the story. Sometimes accidentally you mute your friend but know you want to un-mute his story. There are three steps to unmute the Instagram story

By Quick And Simple Method

A long time ago you had muted a story and now you don’t remember the username. It is also possible that you don’t remember whether you mute a story or not. Then this is the simple method;

  • Scroll out towards the right at the top of your application you will find greyed profiles. Tap one of them.
  • Tap long press on the profile picture.
  • Tap on unmute button. Now you can see your friend’s story on your feed.

Going To Their profile

  • Open the instagram you want to unmute the stories.
  • Click on following button
  • From the menu click on Mute
  • Toggle the switches from blue to grey
  • Now your stories are un muted

From Instagram Settings

Instagram has introduced its ‘mute’ and ‘unmute’ versions recently so you have to update your Instagram. Then all listed above will not work. Then you have to try this instead of all of the above.

  • Open your instagram profile then click the settings from hamburger , then tap on privacy , tap on your muted accounts
  • Here you find all the muted accounts, tap the account you want to unmute
  • It will take you to the user profile


The end result is same that if you want to mute a story then  long press on instagram story and tape the mute  then you find three option;

  • Mute the person’s posts
  • Mute the stories
  • Mute the both

Pressing on one of them you can mute your contents. And if you want to un mute a person for some purposes then tap on greyed profile tap on privacy then tap on un mute. In this way you can mute or un mute a person. It is very useful for users. It is easy to use.I like this feature of Instagram very much.It is very helpful for me.