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How to Play Video on Instagram Story

Wondering how to play a video on the Instagram story? Since the advent of Instagram’s story function, users have gone to great lengths to be creative. The inventiveness has grown infinite, from drawings to adding words to images and films. Later, the platform lets users to post photographs, videos, IGTVs, reels, and other content to their stories. This allowed their work to reach an audience that would not have seen it otherwise. You may have noticed that while viewing stories, it either plays automatically or requires you to touch on it to play. You may choose between the two options in your Instagram account settings. Continue reading this tutorial if you want to understand how do you make a video play automatically on Instagram. Let’s get started without further ado!

How to play videos on Instagram stories?

Step#1: To watch videos on Instagram stories, first open the app and then swipe left to go to the stories section. To watch videos on Instagram stories, first open the app and then swipe left to go to the stories section. Step#2: Then, in the upper left corner of the screen, hit the + sign to start a new narrative. in the upper left corner of the screen, hit the + sign to start a new narrative_webp Step#3: After that, either make a new video or choose one from your camera roll. Step#4: After you have chosen your video, use the play button to begin watching it. Step#5: Then, at the bottom of the screen, use the slider to decide how much of the video you wish to see. Hence, step 5 marks the end of the tutorial on how to play videos on Instagram Story. In addition, if you are being desperate and want to earn a serious amount of views on your Instagram handle. Do not panic, we have a simple solution ready for you. You can easily purchase cheap Instagram video views and enjoy your increasing fan base.

How do You Make a Video Play Automatically on Instagram?

To begin with we have to understand that videos may be set to play automatically on stories on a variety of platforms. While it is a separate function on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, Instagram does not provide a direct option to do so. The use of bandwidth is closely tied to the auto-play feature on all websites. Enabling auto-play consumes more data, and turning it off consumes less. As a result, you may turn off the application’s data use limit to make videos play automatically on Instagram stories, which will allow films to play on their own.

In that scenario, the steps to take are as follows:

Step#1: To begin, open your device’s Instagram app. instagram Step#2: If you are requested for a username and password, type them in and then click the login button. Step#3: Then, at the bottom of your screen, go to the Profile tab. Step#4: Now, select Settings from the Hamburger menu icon in the upper right corner. Step#5: Go to Account from there. Credits: Favtechie Step#6: Then, scroll down and touch on Data usage. Credits: Favtechie Step#7: Finally, disable the Use less cellular data option. Credits: Favtechie When the feature is turned off, Instagram will be free to use as much data as it wants and you will find out how do you make a video play automatically on Instagram? If you have a restricted data plan, on the other hand, you should activate the function to prevent the app from consuming it needlessly. And apart from this if you want to improve your engagements on Instagram reels and videos you post. So we would like to suggest you that you should to get Instagram video views and boost your engagements. There are some questions that arise in the mind of Instagram users regarding playing Instagram videos. So for your convenience, we have answered them with our best knowledge.

How can I turn off

Instagram’s auto play feature?

People choose not to have Instagram videos play automatically in order to protect sensitive information, conserve data, and prevent the embarrassment of a badly placed video. Go to Instagram Settings > Account > Data use > Use less cellular data and turn it on.

Why not my Instagram are stories videos playing?

The most common cause of videos not playing on your Instagram story is because you are using an old version of the app. As a result, you should first look for a new update. If it does not work, try emptying the app’s cache and data, as well as reinstalling Instagram.

Why do Instagram stories keep coming up repeatedly?

The majority of the time, a bad network connection is the cause of your Instagram stories. As a result, make sure your internet connection is strong, and then check to see whether the problem has been resolved. In extreme circumstances, you can reset network settings by heading to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

Why are not the reels playing in my story?

Due to a variety of variables, including a lack of complicated academic vocabulary, the reels on your story may not play. Secondly, the audience may be unable to comprehend the complex topics you are attempting to express if this crucial component is missing. Furthermore, if your narrative is too short, the reels may not be able to play smoothly. Finally, if your story’s lighting is too bright or too dark, the viewers may struggle to see the reels.


Instagram stories are a terrific way to advertise and share your content while also increasing interaction. You may attract the attention of the reader by adding videos on auto play in stories. In addition, you may also include a curiosity aspect at the start of the video to entice viewers to watch the complete thing. The initial few seconds are crucial because they determine whether the audience will skip the video or open it to view it for a longer period of time. Because some people may not have their sound turned on, you should pay attention to both the spoken and visual material. Hence, this feature allows many Instagram users of different generations to question How to play video on Instagram story or how do you make a video play automatically on Instagram? So for your best interest we have gathered all the possible techniques and answers to your queries. Hope you would love them. Do not forget to share your valuable feedback with us.

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