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How to See Old Instagram Posts

We are living in the world of technology. All of you use social media. It changes our life totally. Instagram is the most important social media app. Millions of people use Instagram. It is a wide-range app. It entertains people through its posts. Posts are the most beautiful way of entertaining people.

People use it for fun and knowledge. Some people use it for getting fame. Some use it to show their hidden talent to people. All of you post your pictures and videos with others. People like your post very much. When your posts are liked by people very much you get inspiration and post more and more pictures. Sometimes we want to see the old post that we have deleted from our mobile so in this article, we will discuss ‘’how to see old Instagram posts’’

Sometimes you are deleting old Instagram posts that have very few likes but mistakenly you deleted that post that have very high likes and now you want him back. But you don’t know how.

Find Instagram photos and videos

There are many ways to see Instagram’s old photos and videos. You can find it in the Instagram archive, from the gallery album, you can also find it from the backup folder, file manager, camera roll, and others.

Recover photos by using the Instagram archive

Instagram launched this feature in 2017. You can hide photos and videos by using this feature. It allows you to recover photos.

  • Open the Instagram app and scroll down to your profile photo.
  • Select Archive from the menu icon in the top-right corner.
  • When the Archive folder appears, click the drop-down menu and choose from the Stories archive, Posts archive, or Live archive options to find the photographs or videos you lost.
  • Now tap on the image you want to back after taping click on three dots.
  • From the list select ‘’show on profile’’

In this way, you can get back your lost photos and videos.

Find posts from the file manager

When you post a picture or video on your Instagram account then it is saved automatically in your file manager folder. If you want to see your old Instagram posts then you can see them from the file manager.

  • First, you have to open your file manager from your mobile.
  • Then from the list tap on ‘’pictures’’
  • From the pictures folder, you have to choose Instagram pictures. Here you will find your old posts.

Find lost Instagram posts from the gallery

Whenever you post a picture and video on Instagram it is saved in a gallery. If you lost your Instagram posts then you can find them here. You’ll only be able to see the videos and photographs you took with the Instagram app camera, not the whole post. You won’t find any photos you uploaded to Instagram from your normal camera roll here, either.

Open your gallery. Here you will find a separate folder with the name ‘’Instagram photos’’ here you will find all of your Instagram photos. But if you deleted it from there then you could not find it. But don’t worry there are many other ways to find them.

Find Instagram old photos and videos from the backup

Backup files are useful in this condition. A cloud or storage disc backup can help you locate Instagram files. Whether you are using iCloud, DropBox, Time Machine, or another backup drive, check it. You should simply restore any relevant photographs and movies already on your computer; otherwise, continue to the next step.

See old Instagram photos from iPhone

The iPhone has a unique feature to find old /deleted Instagram photos. This is a very beneficial feature. Sometimes you create a post and you think that it is not good so you delete it but after some days your mind is changed and you want to post that deleted picture. On iPhone, your deleted picture is saved for thirty days in recently deleted posts. So you can find your deleted post within thirty days.

  • To begin, open the Photos app on your iPhone.
  • At the bottom of the screen, tap the Albums option.
  • The Recently Deleted folder can be found in the Albums section.
  • Simply open it, and you’ll see the deleted photos from the previous 30 days.
  • You can either select the photographs you want to restore or press the Recover all option to save all of the images on your device.

The methods you can use to recover deleted Instagram on Android and iPhone have been discussed. Hopefully, these methods will work for you.


This article is about finding your old posts. Sometimes you want to get back all of your old posts. Sometimes you are deleting all the old posts that you don’t need but accidentally you delete the post that you loved very much so you can restore that post. You can restore posts from the gallery, from the file manager, by backup option, from your archives posts, and many others. You can also find recently deleted. If you have an iPhone then the iPhone has an option of saving a deleted post for thirty days. So, within thirty days you can recover your posts.


Are you able to see Instagram posts that you made years ago?

From the bottom right, select the profile tab. Select “Archive” from the menu (hamburger icon) at the upper right. Select “Stories Archive” from the drop-down menu at the top. To see your Memories, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Is there a memory option on Instagram?

Instagram is having a sentimental moment. The feature appears in your story and displays a remembrance in the form of Instagram material you updated on that date, regardless of how long it was.

What is the best way to delete social media posts?

To get back the post you just deleted more >activity log, then tap trash in the top menu. Manage Activity will show you any posts that have been deleted in the last 30 days. Tap Restore after selecting a post to recover. To confirm, select Restore.

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