Using Instagram is the best way to make your day happy with a lot of fun. How to see what you liked on Instagram is very difficult. We feel very sad. We scroll back to find out liked posts on Instagram.

Instagram posts provide people with fun. I love to use Instagram. It provides me with a huge platform. It gives every type of fun and knowledge. People connected with each other through Instagram.

 Posts may be funny, sad, and something else. Some people start their business on Instagram. They sell clothes,shoes,furniture e.t.c.People like these types of posts very much and after a long time when they want to find those liked posts, they don’t know how to find them.

Instagram is one of the imported social media platforms.I give its users a pretty way How To See What You Liked On Instagram. As an Instagram user, everyone wants to have likes comments and views on our posts.


As I told you before that it is easy to find your Instagram liked posts. You can find liked photos by following the steps;

  • First, you have to open an Instagram app on your mobile or laptop. Then go to your profile picture.It will bring you to your own Instagram account.
  • Then tap the gear icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
  • select ‘settings’
  • Then you have to choose the ‘Account’ close to the end of the set list.
  • Then you have to tap the option ‘posts you Have Liked’
  • At this point, you can see the liked posts on Instagram.

To access the liked posts is very useful for many purposes. For example, someone likes the posts of online shopping, informative posts, funny videos, natural beauty, and many more.


Instagram has enrolled the feature for saving posts in 2016. People you see first in your likers list are those who you engage with most and they engage with most. These are the Instagram users search for, like and comment on their photos, or direct message-and they do it back.

Instagram also enrolled the feature of hiding your likes and comments from the public in May 2021.


Instagram saves are pretty simple: Users save posts they like by tapping the bookmark icon in the bottom right hand corner of an Instagram post. Save posts can be found by navigating to the Instagram profile clicking the hamburger menu and then tapping.

You can find 300 previously liked posts from going back in your account by searching ‘’liked posts’’. Instagram  provides you only a limited time to look back at your liked posts. People can comment on their previously liked posts. They can also dislikes the posts that they had liked before and nobody can know about their dislikes. By Instagram it is a very big opportunity.No more app provides this opportunity excepts Instagram.

By Instagram users it is a best way to connect with your friends. Its posts are the best way to share your memories, happiness with others. By the likes of people, posters get motivated and the poster  posts more good things.

People can buy money through posting on Instagram. One can get fame through Instagram by showing his talent.I remember a long time ago I liked a post but I don’t know how to find this again at that time this helped me a lot.


By Instagram you can only see 300 liked posts and videos. pics. But if you are a powerful user of Instagram and you like hundreds of pics a day and you want to find a month ago liked post then you will not be able to find.It will be your bad luck.

You can only revisit your posts if they were liked by mobile Instagram or by the web.If it was liked by third party Instagram it would not be available. Liked post backup only work for mbl Instagram app.

By Instagram,If you like or comment on a post you will not be able to find it. You can only find those ‘posts again that you have double tape on post in the ‘’posts you have liked’’ section of your profile setting. If you want to get your posts back make sure that you tapped that heart button.

If you want to leave a comment only then it will also be important to like the post so that you can find it again.


  • You can find new accounts through that post you have liked. 
  • You can read more opinions of people that they comment on that post after you like it will be beneficial for you.
  • If you have no time to comment on a post at that time when you liked it then you comment it from the posts you have liked.
  • Revisit posts again to read them in detail about product, makeup tutorials, routines e.t.c.

If a long time ago you have liked a dress or shoe post but at that time you didn’t need it but after some time you need that thing so you can easily find that post you have liked. In this way you can buy your favourite dress, shoe, makeup product and many more things. 

On Instagram when you like a post-it seems that you lost post forever but if you send it to yourself then it will never lost.However your private liked post never lasts. But if you don’t like it private or do not send it to your self still you can find it.As I telling you before from the setting the posts you have liked.

Likes are not a way to give the poster  something to post, it just inspired the props. Educational posts are very helpful for students.In 2010 Instagram was a simple photo-sharing app.


I have written this article on the topic ‘’how to see what you have liked on Instagram. The conclusion of this article is written below; After reading this one could be able to find his liked posts on Instagram. It will be very helpful for users.