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How to See Who Saved Your Instagram Post

This is the age of the internet. Everyone uses social media. Every person connects with each other through social media. All of you use many social media apps. These apps provide information throughout the world. Instagram is the most popular social media app. Millions of people use this app.

Every day we view millions of posts on Instagram. Everyone follows their favorite page and when they see a good photo or video they want to save it so that they watch it again, share it with others, or set it as wallpaper. Therefore everyone wants to know How to see who saved your Instagram post. If you are also curious to know who saved your post then you have come to the right place.

Posts are the best way to share your emotions, best times, and knowledge with others. Everyone wants his post to look beautiful. The viewers are attracted to his post. Some active users post many pictures a day and they want to know how many people saved their posts. But many of you don’t know How to see who saved your Instagram post.

See How Many Times Your Post has Been Saved

Your pictures and videos can be saved by people easily rather you have a public or private account. But you don’t know people who save your pictures and save Instagram videos. But all of this information is saved in your WhatsApp account. Your WhatsApp account has an advanced insight feature. To see who saved your posts you have to switch your account into a business account or creator one.

Follow the Following Steps to See Who Saved Your Post

  • Go to your Instagram app from your mobile
  • Open settings from your Instagram
  • After opening, the settings tap on the account option
  • Now change your account to business or creator one
  • After the switch is done, go to the right side at the bottom to view your profile. Then you can check your posts.
  • While checking your posts, If you want to know who saved it tap on the post.

The post will load first then click on the option of view insight. This option will appear under the image or video of your post.

This is how you will check advanced insight into your post. There will be a bookmark icon that will show the number count. The number that appears is the number of times your post has been saved in a collection.

How to Know Who Saved Your Post

Although there is no way to find who saved your picture or video, there is a method that can satisfy your curiosity.

  • Here is how you do it:
  • Go to your Instagram posts
  • Open the ost you want to know who saved it
  • Take a screenshot of your post
  • Tap the Stories icon in the top left corner
  • Post this screenshot on your story

Tap the text icon or use a poll option to add a question for your followers like ‘Who saved this post’?

The tap did and publish your story

With this method, you will get who saved your videos and pictures. If you are disappointed with this method then you think that the direct approach is the only way. Most people do not want to tell you that they have been saving your post. The collection option is private because most people didn’t want that others to see their savings

How to See Who Saved Your Post

There is no way to find out who saved your Instagram posts. This social media platform has some specific rules and policies for its users.  When you post a picture or a video people like your posts and save them into their collection and make them a part of their collections. And you have no idea if someone has saved it. So according to Instagram policy, you never know who saved your post.

How to Know Who Saved Your Post by Third-party App

As I mentioned above there is no way to find who saves your post. And the collection option is private if you think of this then it is against the policy. Some people think of using any third-party app. They think that by using a third-party app they can know who saved their post.  But they are wrong. At present no third-party app is available for this. So you are unable to know who saves your post.

There is no other way to find who saves your post. The reason is the privacy of the user. So, to avoid violating Instagram policy don’t use any third-party app to check who saved your post otherwise you will lose your Instagram account permanently.


Finally, you know one easy guide on how to see who saved your Instagram posts. If you are crucial to know how many users save your post then this article is for you. But there is no way to know which person saves your post. This is private. Users have privacy.


Does the Person Who Posted it Get a Notification When You Save it?

The selection of saved Instagram photos can be accessed from the user’s main profile page and when enough are collected the saved feed looks just like a user’s personal feed of photos. (However, the photos that users save will be private) Users don’t receive any notification if their posts are saved by other users.

How Can I See My Saved Posts?

  • Tap your profile picture in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Tap the three horizontal lines in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Tap saved
  • Tap all posts tap post to view all posts you have saved

Can You Tell if Someone Screenshots Posts?

It’s bad news for all those screenshots you have got saved on your photostream because, from the end of 2018, Instagram users will be able to find out when you have printed screenshots of their direct photo and you are able to see when they do it to you.