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How to Swipe on Instagram PC

In this world of technology, all of you use social media apps. They provide us with a lot of fun and enjoyment. Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps. Each and every day its popularity is increasing. All of us love social media apps.

This article is about How to swipe on Instagram pc

Introduction to Instagram

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger founded Instagram in San Francisco, where they first attempted to create a platform similar to Foursquare before focusing only on photo sharing. Instagram is a combination of the word ‘’instant camera’’ and ‘’telegram’’

It was created in 2010, but its rise to prominence began after Mark Zuckerberg acquired control of the app in 2012, and it has captivated the world since then. The software has been steadily improving since its inception, with new features added on a daily basis. The Instagram app brings individuals from all over the world together and serves as a fantastic platform for people to build their businesses, brands, and profiles through Instagram likes, insta follows, insta story views. It helps people to express their creative brains while also allowing them to improve through time. Artists and art, as well known, are the ones who give society life.

Instagram creates various new tools to promote business in the year 2020. Instagram feed, stories, IGTV, and now reels are all places where you may shop online.

Swipe Photos on Instagram PC

First and foremost! You can either download the Instagram app from the Microsoft Store or use a browser to access it. The Instagram app is only available for Windows 11, so if you have it installed, you must download it. First, we can get the Instagram app on our phone from the google play store and app store, and then install it on our computer as we use it. If you have Windows 11 installed on your computer, you can download the Instagram app. It is possible to accomplish it with your mouse or even your keyboard.

  • You can use different ways to swipe pictures on your pc. Some are here.
  • You have to use the arrow on your keyboard
  • For swipe right to arrow right
  • For swipe left to arrow-left
  • For swipe up to arrow up
  • Swipe down to arrow down.

Swipe pictures by using the trackpad

You can use this method only when you have a touch screen on your computer and laptop.

In this method, you have to scroll your two fingers. Swipe right and left to see multiple photos. It will be very useful for you. But it will be useful only when you have a trackpad. But if you don’t have a trackpad then don’t worry you can use other ways.

Using a four-way scroll mouse

As we discussed the technologically advanced mouse, one stands out above the rest. It is known as the four-way scroll mouse, and it is now available from a number of major manufacturers, including Logitech, Apple, Lenovo, Microsoft, and others. On Instagram PC, it provides users with unique features. The following is how it works:

  • When you press the left scroll, the cursor will move to the left.
  • When you press the right scroll, you’ll swipe to the right, and so on.

Swipe to the Next Picture on the Instagram Story on the PC

If you want to open the next picture on your PC then take the arrow of your mouse on the small picture below the main large picture and press on that picture. For viewing the next picture repeat the same process

Swipe Pictures With the Mouse on the PC

  • To use a mouse to swipe over on an Instagram computer, open your Instagram application on your browser and sign in to your account.
  • You can navigate up and down the Instagram page using the scroll button on your mouse.
  • When you hover your mouse over one of the photographs in a post, you will notice two arrows, one on the left and one on the right of the image, as well as several dots at the bottom.
  • Swipe across photographs by clicking on the dots or arrows with your mouse. To swipe to the left, click the left arrow, and swipe to the right, and click the right arrow.

Swipe Instagram PC to send a message

First, you have to open the Instagram app in your web browser on your PC. When you open Instagram you will see a page after opening this page you will see some options at the bottom of your screen. You will see ‘’your story’’ ‘’close friends’’ and ‘’send to’’. At the right option, you will see the ‘’send to’’ option click it and send a message.

Swipe to See More on Your PC

Move down on the Instagram page at the end of the page you will see an option of ‘’see more’’ with an arrow pointing down. By tapping this you will see more photos and videos.


After reading this article you will be able to know how can you use your Instagram app on your Pc. In this world of technology, very few number people use their Instagram on Pc because it is a mobile app. but if you want then you can use it on pc very easily. You can use it through a trackpad if you have a touch screen of your laptop and PC. You can also use a digital mouse.


Can Instagram be used on computers?

You can use a web browser to peruse your Instagram feed, like and comment on posts, view your profile, and follow or unfollow people on your PC or Mac. The option to send and receive direct messages was recently added to Instagram. You can also include photographs or videos in your post. Go to and create an account.

What does it mean to swipe right?

Swiping right indicates that you like or accept someone, whilst ‘’swiping left’’ indicates that you reject them. One of Tinder’s basic mechanisms inspired the meaning of these two phrases. When a user views a profile on Tinder, they can swipe right to signal interest or swipe left to show they are not interested.