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How to Take a Break From Someone on Facebook?

In today’s digital age, Facebook continues to prioritize user privacy and mental well-being by introducing new features. Following the introduction of Quiet Mode last year, aimed at helping users limit their time on social media, Facebook has now unveiled another feature – “Take a Break.” This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to take a break from someone on Facebook and how this feature operates.

1. Facebook: Connecting People and Sharing Experiences

Facebook, founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 while he was a student at Harvard University, has transformed into a global social networking platform. Initially targeting college students, Facebook opened its doors to anyone above the age of 13 with an email address by 2006. Today, it boasts over 1 billion users worldwide, making it the largest social network in existence.

2. The Need for a Break from Facebook or Certain Individuals

At times, the overwhelming nature of social media or interactions with specific individuals may lead to a desire for a break from Facebook. To cater to this need, Facebook introduced the “Take a Break” feature, allowing users to enjoy a respite from social media and individuals causing distress or irritation.

3. Understanding the Take a Break Feature

By utilizing the Take a Break feature, you can discreetly disconnect from someone on Facebook without severing ties entirely. This applies to various individuals, such as ex-partners, friends, or business partners. By minimizing their visibility on your feed, you can reduce or completely eliminate their posts from appearing. Furthermore, this feature prevents the other person from viewing your updates on Facebook. It provides a digital means of avoiding someone while maintaining a friendship.

4. How to Use the Take a Break Feature: Step-by-Step Guide

To utilize the Take a Break feature effectively, follow these steps:

Taking a Break from Someone on Facebook

  1. Click on the “Friends” button next to the profile of the person you wish to take a break from within the Facebook app.
  2. From the pop-up menu, select “Take a Break.”
  3. Customize the user’s activity according to your preferences.
    • Under the “Tap on See Options” section, choose “See less of (Friend Name)” and then select “Limit.”
    • Click “Save” to implement the changes.

4. Once saved, the posts or tagged posts from that friend will no longer appear on your timeline or feed. They will also not receive messages or be tagged in photos.

5. Under “See Options,” select “Hide your posts from (Friend Name)” and then click “Save.”

This action effectively puts that friend on break, preventing them from viewing your Facebook updates or interacting with them.

Removing the “Take a Break” Feature on Facebook

Over time, you may decide to remove the limitations imposed on an individual. To reverse the changes:

  1. Tap on “Take a break” again to reopen the specific sections of the friend’s profile.
  2. This action restores all previous settings to default, allowing your friend to see your posts and message you again.

Please note that the Take a Break feature is not available on Facebook’s web version but can be accessed through a mobile browser.

5. Taking a Break from Someone on Facebook: What Happens?

During your break, the following changes occur:

Limiting Exposure to Someone on Facebook

  • You will see fewer posts from the person you’ve taken a break from.
  • Notifications of their posts or tags and untags of someone in posts will not be delivered to you.
  • They will not receive prompts to send you messages or invite you to tag them in photos.
  • You can choose to follow their posts again to resume seeing their content.

Restricting Visibility of Your Posts

  • Your posts will be hidden from the individual you’ve taken a break from.
  • They will be added to your restricted list and can only view posts where they are tagged or shared publicly.
  • You can edit privacy settings to limit the visibility of posts, including photos, status updates, videos, etc.
  • Posts that include both you and the individual will have their visibility restricted.
  • Removing a post from your timeline will still display it on others’ timelines and in search results unless the original poster deletes it.
  • The person you’re taking a break from will no longer be a contributor to any shared albums.

Additional Options for Taking a Break

Changing your profile picture or archiving a message thread with the person in question offers alternative ways to take a break.
Blocking or unfriending someone on Facebook is also available option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Person Know I’ve Taken a Break from Them on Facebook?

No, Facebook respects the need for anonymity to a certain extent. The person you’ve taken a break from will not be aware of or affected by the break, as they won’t see your posts or shared items.

What Does Taking a Break from Facebook Entail?

Taking a break from Facebook essentially means temporarily refraining from checking the platform. Many individuals integrate Facebook into their daily lives, but sometimes it becomes necessary to step away. It’s common for users to limit their Facebook usage until they decide to re-engage.

Why Do People Take Breaks from Social Media?

People have various reasons for taking breaks from social media. Some common factors include stress, distraction, and negative effects on mental well-being. Each person’s motivations may differ, ranging from a focus on mental health to obligations tied to a large following and likes on social media.


The “Take a Break” feature on Facebook enables users to seek tranquility while maintaining their online social connections. It allows for the removal of specific individuals from your digital space without unfriending or blocking them. By taking advantage of this feature, users can enhance their privacy and peace of mind within the Facebook ecosystem.