In order to improve the privacy and mental peace of users, Facebook adds new features to its platform. A Quiet Mode was introduced last year to help users limit time spent on social media, and now it has introduced another such feature.

You can now mute someone on Facebook with the new “Take a Break” feature, similar to Instagram’s Restrict mode. Here is an explanation of How to take a break from someone on Facebook and how it works.

Introduction of Facebook 

Facebook is a social network that allows you to share and connect with those around you like your family and friends. When Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook in 2004, he was enrolled at Harvard University and it was designed for college students.

Anyone with an email address over the age of 13 was able to join Facebook by 2006. As of today, Facebook has over 1 billion users worldwide, making it the largest social network in the world.

But sometimes when you are tired from social media or irritated by someone; you just want to take a break from Facebook or from that person who caused these circumstances. That’s why Facebook introduced a feature called “Take a Break”, so you can enjoy a time free from social media.

The Take a Break Feature

By utilizing the Take a break feature, you are able to break off contact with someone on Facebook without obvious communication. Various people may be involved, such as your ex, your friend, or your business partner.

By avoiding or viewing fewer stories from the user on your feed, you’ll avoid or view fewer posts from them. Additionally, it prevents the other person from seeing the updates you post on Facebook. By digitally avoiding the person while remaining friends, you are avoiding them digitally.

Take a Break App: How to Use it?

Here are the steps are given below to use it;

  • In the Facebook app, click on the “Friends” button next to the profile of that person. Afterward, select “Take a Break” from the pop-up menu.
  • It is now possible to customize the user’s activity based on your preferences.        Click on “See less of (Friend Name)” under the “Tap on See Options” section, then pick “Limit” where you see (Friend Name).  
  • Upon tapping “Save,” the posts or tagged posts from that friend will no longer appear on your timeline or feed. In addition, he/she will not receive a message or be tagged in photos.
  • Choose “Hide your posts from (Friend Name)” under “Limit what (Friend Name) will see” in “See Options” and then select “Save”.
  • It puts that friend on break and prevents them from seeing your Facebook updates or interacting with them.

It is possible for him/her to see past posts if you have tagged him/her in them. These posts must be restricted in the following ways:

  • Click on the “See options” link under the “Edit who can see past posts” section.
  • Tap “Save” after selecting “Edit all my posts and posts that I’m tagged in“. You can now limit the visibility of all your past posts in which the friend and you are both tagged.

How to remove “Take a Break” on Facebook?

Following a period of time, you can remove these limitations from that individual easily with just a few clicks.

Reversing these changes would require:

  • Reopen the specific sections of the friend’s profile by tapping on “Take a break” again. This will restore all past changes to default. By doing this, your friend will be able to see your posts and message you again.

Facebook’s web version does not have this feature. Therefore, this is not possible on a PC browser, but it is possible on a mobile browser.

Take a break from someone on Facebook and what happens?

You can do the following while you’re taking a break:

Seeing someone less 

Facebook users should limit where they can be seen. You won’t receive notifications when they post or are tagged in a post. 

And they won’t be prompted to send you messages or invite you to tag them in photos when you choose to see them less. You can follow their posts to see them again.

Limits the ability to see your posts

Keep your posts hidden from the individual you want to take a break from. Those people will be added to your restricted list and only see posts you tag them in or share with them publicly.

Edit who can view previous posts

You can restrict who can view posts including photos, status updates, videos, and more. Change your privacy settings to limit the posts you’re tagged in or that you’ve tagged someone else in. Only people tagged in these posts will be able to see them.

Your timeline won’t show these posts anymore, but they will still show up on other people’s timelines and in search results unless the original poster decides to remove it.

The person you want to take a break from will also be removed as a contributor from any albums you shared with them.

Alternately, you can change your profile picture or archive a message thread with that person if you’re looking for another way to take a break from that person. If you want to block someone on Facebook or unfriend them, you can always do that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do they know if I take a break from Facebook with them?

No, Fortunately, Facebook does respect people’s feelings regarding anonymity to some degree. The person taking a break does not see the initial person’s posts and shared items, effectively giving him a break while the person being annoyed is unaware of and unaffected by the silence.

Take a break from Facebook does what?

Essentially, it means that you shouldn’t check Facebook for a little while. Facebook can become a part of many people’s lives and they end up shutting it down. In general, I rarely look at Facebook until I decide to do so.

What makes people “take a break” from social media?

It is very common for people to take a break from social media, and the reasons can be different for everyone. There are many negative effects to social media, including stress, distraction, and even toxic effects.

The reasons for staying focused can vary. For some people, it could be regarding their mental health. It may be due to having a large following on social media and feeling obligated to interact with them, even if they don’t want to. It might even be a combination of these reasons.


Therefore, you may use the “Take a Break” feature on Facebook to seek peace with those with whom you disagree. Essentially, it will remove the user from your online social circle but will not unfriend or block them.