As we all are well aware of the fact that Facebook is the first and biggest social networking, which dominates in almost all metrics. 

No matter how you feel about it, marketers need to have access to the social media giant since it will soon be the harbinger of the metaverse.

This tutorial will assist you in finding out how to unpublish a Facebook page. If your Facebook page is incomplete and you want to hide it while you fill it out, one of the many reasons to unpublish your page is that. 

Secondly, the reputation of the brand in the eyes of the fans can be negatively impacted by an incomplete Facebook page.

If you are interested in learning how to unpublish your Facebook page, then do not forget to read this article till the very end.

Step by Step Guide

You can make your page invisible to Facebook users as an alternative to deletion. It may also be used during the 14-day waiting period before deletion.

Step#1: At first click “Settings” in the upper right corner of your Facebook page.

Step#2: Then to access the visibility options, click “Page Visibility.”

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Step#3: In the box next to “Page published,” there will be a dot. To choose “Page unpublished,” click on it and then click “Save Changes.”

Step#4: Facebook will inquire as to why you have hidden your page. Choose your response, then click “Next.”

Step#5:  After responding to the follow-up question, click “Unpublish” to finish the process. You can always come back and “Publish” your page once more.

Hence, this is how you can easily learn how to unpublish a Facebook page after thoroughly following the step-by-step guide mentioned above.

How to unpublish your Facebook Page using the Pages App.

Step#1:  Firstly, Open the Pages app.

Step#2: Choose “Settings.”

Step#3: Select “Page Visibility” under “Page Options” after scrolling down.

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Step#4: Then select “Unpublish.”

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Step#5: Your page is currently hidden. By returning to Page Options > Page Visibility and choosing “Publish,” you may make it visible once more.

Finally, these steps are to be carefully followed in order to find out how to unpublish your Facebook Page.

How to delete you Facebook Page at

Step#1: Visit your Facebook page.

Step#2: The word “Settings” may be seen towards the upper right corner of the page.

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Step#3: To access the area, scroll down and click on “Remove Page.”

Step#4: The page will be retained for 14 days, after which you must affirm that you wish to completely erase it. Facebook will tell you of this. In the Delete [Your Page Name] box, click.

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Step#5: Facebook will remind you of the 14-day deletion policy in a pop-up window, and you can also “Unpublish” the page to restrict access to it to admins only for the duration of the 14-day deletion period. By checking the box and choosing “Remove Page,” you may delete as well as unpublish a page.

Step#6: The page will be erased after 14 days, according to a banner at the top of your Facebook Page’s Home Page when you return there. You may select “Cancel Deletion” to stop the deletion procedure in progress.

Step#7: You will be prompted to confirm you want to entirely erase your page after 14 days.

How to delete your Facebook Page using the Pages App.

Step#1: Launch the Pages app.

Step#2:  Then choose “Settings.”

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Step#3: Choose “Delete Page” from the “Page Options” menu by scrolling down.

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Step#4: You will be informed by Facebook that you have 14 days to stop the deletion process. Click “Delete Page” to carry out the deletion of your page.

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Step#5: You will be prompted to confirm you want to deactivate your Facebook page after 14 days. During this period, you may return to Page Options > Delete Page and choose “Confirm” to prevent the deletion of your page. You can “Unpublish” your Facebook page by following the steps below if you want it to be inaccessible for the whole 14-day period.

Frequently Asked Question 

What distinguishes deleting a Facebook page from unpublishing one on Facebook?

The distinction between unpublishing a Facebook page and deleting one is that when you delete a page on Facebook, it is irreversible; you cannot get it back, and all of your followers and posts are also lost. 

However, when you unpublish a page on Facebook, it temporarily goes invisible, but you can change it back to a published page and keep your followers and posts.

How can a Facebook page be made permanently inactive?

A Facebook page can be temporarily unpublished by leaving it in the unpublished status, however, you cannot unpublish a Facebook page permanently.

How can I hide a Facebook Page?

Only by unpublishing your Facebook page can you use the unpublish Facebook tool to hide a Facebook page. With the unpublish status, only the page managers will be able to access your Facebook page, which is hidden from users and followers.

When you unpublish your Facebook profile, do you lose your likes and followers?

When you unpublish your Facebook page, you do not lose your likes or followers. Once you post your Facebook page once more, you will see your likes and follows.

Can I temporarily unpublish my Facebook Page?

Yes. Your Facebook page becomes momentarily unpublish when you unpublish it, allowing you to republish it whenever you wish.


As you can see, if you wish to subsequently post the page again, deleting your Facebook page from your followers is not the only option. The easiest way to learn how to unpublish a Facebook page is by following the instructions above.

Moreover, you can use the unpublish tool the next time you want to rename or make adjustments to your Facebook page.

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