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Ideal Strategies for Hotel Business Social Media Marketing

Want your hotel business to flourish and your hotel premise to be bustling with your guests’ positive energy? You need a dominating and prominent online presence to achieve such a goal! Hotel social media marketing can take your hotel business a long way when it comes to attracting guests and boosting visibility.

The benefits of social media marketing are infinite. Your business’s online presence on social media platforms gains you access to a diverse audience and your potential guests. Moreover, in today’s fast-paced world where everything occurs on social media and a single picture, comment on Instagram posts, or video shared at the right moment can earn you lifelong fame and acknowledgment, there is no better place to promote your hotel business.

However, you need to know the right way to optimally manipulate social media to assert your presence and gain recognition. In order to tap into the benefits of social media marketing, you need the best hotel social media marketing strategies. And we are here to provide you with just that!

Basic Tips for Hotel Marketing Through Social Media

Creating an account on a social media platform is just the first step. To make your marketing effective you need to constantly keep your hotel profiles updated and know when and how to post what.

Promote Your Hotel According to the Seasonality

When planning your strategy of social media marketing for a hotel, center your plans around seasonality. This means you need to be aware of whether it is peak season when customers are drawn to hotels, for instance, holidays and vacation trips, or whether is it low or mid-season. Planning your marketing strategies according to the season means your best strategies are not wasted on a season when a large turnout is not expected anyway.

In addition to that, during the low season, you can plan your strategies and create promotional material based on the time of the year. For instance, you could actually focus on the season of the time and create a theme. You can also offer exciting activities, and give compelling offers and discounts to draw people to your hotel.

Moreover, in high season, you can promote your hotel as the “ideal destination” to spend vacations and holidays at. This is the season when you give your all and create the best social media marketing. Highlight your hotel’s best features and the unique benefits people would enjoy ONLY at your hotel. This could range from pictures and videos of the aesthetic hotel itself or the exciting indoor/outdoor recreational activities.

Finally, don’t forget your holiday packages. Be it Christmas, Eid, Diwali, Halloween, or any other holiday, on your social media account, highlight, not just a perfectly themed vacation but the best packages your guests could ever get!

The Best Strategy for Hotel Social Media Marketing is forming a Human Connection

Making a loyal guest necessitates forming a lasting human connection. How do you do that on a social media platform?

Simple, give your hotel a human face. Highlight your employees, and managers, and introduce them on your social media platform as friendly and efficient members of the staff. What really gets the audience invested is seeing the “backstage” behavior of those who are typically only seen in a formal role. Therefore, showing your staff engaging in fun activities themselves behind the scenes is good. It could create a fun, light, and happy image of your hotel.

Apart from that, make sure to engage with your audience on social media. Hotel marketing through social media does not only means displaying your hotel’s pictures and video views on Instagram.

  • Put up polls
  • Ask for customer feedback
  • Implore your audience to suggest new initiatives
  • Tag them when you upload pictures

The best social media marketing is when your audience remains connected with you throughout the year. So that your hotel is the first choice that pops into their head during the holiday season!

Influencers can Boost Social Media Marketing for Hotel

The best part about hotel social media marketing is that half your work can be done by established influencers. If an influencer gives your hotel a shout-out, that is guaranteed customers for your hotel!

So, this particular aspect of hotel marketing through social media targets a single influencer instead of a large audience. Identify the top influencers in your idea and contact them for your hotel packages. Make a promotional deal with them, and make sure they leave with a great experience!

Next,  put up pictures and videos of their time at your hotel on your social media account. Moreover, when the influencers themselves highlight you on their social media posts and give you a positive review, your job is done!

Social Media Platforms for Hotel Social Media Marketing

Make sure you target your audience on the right platforms. The best social marketing strategy would identify first where the bulk of the target audience lies. For example, millennials tend to use Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter the most. Depending on where the bulk of your target audience lies, focus your social media marketing for hotels there.

However, make sure you leave no stone unturned, that is, establish your presence everywhere. Make sure your potential guests can reach you easily. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, or Instagram, have your social media marketing team take advantage of these platforms.

Lastly, to ensure that you reap all the benefits of social media marketing, use the strengths of every platform to your advantage. For instance, Instagram is best for announcing new surprises, putting up short stories, and pictorially highlighting your hotel. Moreover, Twitter is perfect for issuing important information and announcements.

The Bottom Line

So, to make sure your hotel sees the recognition it deserves. And is visible to all your potential guests, so it is extremely important to have a social media presence. As well as have audience-focused hotel social media marketing strategies.