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Instagram Dark Mode: Instagram Updates to iOS 13 and Android 10

Instagram Updates Dark Mode to iOS 13 and Android 10


Instagram introduces a dark mode option, the newest large app that responds to the eye-strain-reducing, battery-saving, chic-looking trend that is engulfing the entire world.

The new appearance of the photo-sharing app is similar to that of its rivals: embracing darkness by turning the standard white background into black and gray.

Instagram has made the theme available for iOS and Android users in an update released Monday, says Instagram chef Adam Mosseri.

Starting today, you can use Instagram in dark mode on iOS 13 or Android 10. Turn dark mode on your phone to try it out. ????

instagram dark mode

To activate dark mode on an iPhone, users need iOS 13 because the new display option is only accessible through Apple’s new settings.

After opening the Settings menu, users must tap Display and Brightness and press the Dark option on the right.

Instagram will then automatically mirror the theme.

Android 10 users can activate it in a similar way by enabling the dark theme option in the menu settings.

The dark mode of Instagram can also be activated from the app settings for Android phone owners, even if they don’t have the latest version of the Google operating system.

The dark mode is preferred by some people because it is easier for the eyes.

Google rolled out the theme for the Gmail app last month.

The company said the theme extends the life of the battery because darker pixels require less power than lighter ones. On some screens, black pixels require no power at all.

It is in dark mode now and is becoming increasingly popular on various platforms and devices, including Twitter (TWTR), Samsung Galaxy smartphones, Google’s Chrome browser, Windows 10, and Apple’s iOS and MacOS software.

Apple’s support page for installing Dark Mode on Mac claims the setting “makes it easier to stay focused on your work because your content stands out while dark controls and windows disappear in the background.”

Google has released a system-wide dark mode option in Android 10. The theme changes the colors of the phone menus and the home screen, but only a few apps support this.

How to turn on the dark mode: 

instagram dark mode

To get the dark mode, you must enable iOS 13’s own dark mode. That seems to be the only way for now because Instagram has not yet included a native switch in its app.

Anyway, here are the steps to follow:

  • Pull the control center on your iPhone
  • Hold down the brightness indicator
  • Select the dark mode from the switches below to enable it
  • You are done

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