Jennifer Aniston joined Instagram this week and caused technical problems on the platform before breaking the world record for the fastest time to 1 million followers on the platform.


Jennifer Aniston set a Guinness World Record when she joined Instagram this week and set the time for the fastest Instagram account to reach 1 million followers with a smooth five hours and 16 minutes.


Photo Credit: Pinterest

In addition, the Instagram newcomer took the title of royals Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, who previously held the crown with the launch of their @ sussexroyal account.

Although Aniston has just joined Instagram, she has already proven to be a master of the platform. She has made her debut with a selfie with the cast of Friends. And, then she posted a hilarious video and recently posting an adorable throwback photo.

This may be partly due to the fact that she had a secret fake Instagram account or a “Finsta” that she described during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! as her “stalker account” and shared that she was now ready to officially be part of the Instagram generation.

“When I was thinking about doing this, I figured it was time to understand the world and dip my toe into the social media pool,” she said.

Aniston’s appearance on social media tickled her fans and many of her famous friends, including past and present castmates who visited their social media accounts to welcome her to the platform. View their warm greetings and the best posts by Jennifer Aniston so far.


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