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Leveraging Instagram as an Efficient Marketing Tool

Instagram is the leading social media platform with 112.5 million subscribers and 500 million daily Instagram stories. It is not just a post-sharing medium, instead, thousands of people are posting content on it to grow and leverage their businesses. 

It has become an authentic and fast-growing marketing tool. For fun and entertainment, one can use a generic Instagram account, but establishing and growing your business requires some marketing strategies. Setting goals priorly for your brand or a business will help you define your way to lead on Instagram. 

So, here in this post, we are going to share some tips that will help you in leveraging Instagram as an efficient marketing tool

Instagram as a Marketing Tool 

Here we have listed the Instagram marketing strategies that will help you leverage your account and take it to the next level. 

Customize Instagram Account

To use Instagram as a marketing tool, the crucial thing is to update your general account to a business account. You can unlock a lot of perks through this account. 

  • A business account will tell you that you are here for marketing purposes and give brand value to your page. 
  • Moreover, a business account provides you with more benefits that will help you way better in marketing the content.  
  • You can also create ads for your brand or a business that will help in the advertisement. 
  • It will also provide tools to analyze the account’s progress including insights, stats, and per-post reach. 
  • Also, on your account, direct contact options. You can either add an email address or your official contact number. 

Hence, the business account has merits that a generic account can never provide you. 

An Incredible Profile Data 

Customizing and optimizing the business account is as crucial as creating one. Because it also works like Google. Like Google, you also have to post optimized content that can give high stats and more visitors. 

So, the first thing a follower sees is your account profile. 

  • Set the account name and user name uniquely. 
  • Design a great profile or use a logo of your brand as a profile picture. 
  • Describe your brand or business purpose briefly yet precisely. 
  • Add a link if you own any website or links to your other social media accounts.  

Set and Define Goals 

Setting targets priorly will help you target the right audience and produce relevant content. This includes: 

  • Selecting the niche of the content 
  • Deciding the theme of the page. 
  • The set target of the number of posts per day 
  • Timings to post and come live 
  • Setting active hours on Instagram 
  • Interaction with the audience through comments and live sessions 

Find Audiences and Engage with Them

It’s easy to engage with the audience; Instagram provides several ways to do so. But first, it’s crucial to set a proper target audience, that will help you to get more followers and constant reach of your account. 

For example, if your brand is selling cosmetics and jewelry. Then your target audience should be females. After this, you can start engaging with the audience through: 

Instagram Stories and IGTV 

Instagram stories also work as powerful tools for getting more reach and followers. People like stories more often than going through the posts. So, if you put stories on a regular basis, this will also help to catch more followers.

Moreover, through stories, you will be able to judge your audience and know their taste too. You can do it by putting stories of questions and answers, or polls. A vast number of audiences like such activities on social media. 

IGTV is another way to make a huge following. Besides just posts, people love to see the IGTV stories of their favorite brands. 

Relevant Hashtags 

Using hashtags is an amazing strategy. This will help to optimize the content, posts, and your account without advertisement. Quoting the most used hashtags in the bio of your post will help your content to get ranked on the top of the search page. Or Instagram can also feature it on the accounts of those users who are in search of such content. 

Sponsored Ads Strategy 

There is a huge catalog of posting sponsored ads on Instagram. The different types of ads include: 

  • Collection ads 
  • Videos ads 
  • Carousel ads 
  • Stories ads
  • Photo ads 

All these ads’ categories are efficient in advertising the contact to your target audience. Moreover, Instagram has set an algorithm, according to which it shows relevant posts or ads to users. It gives the bonus advantage of marketing your content without being posted on a daily basis. Here you also don’t have to share posts with others for advertisement.

Partnership with Brands 

Other than advertising the content through ads, partnerships with well-recognized brands or businesses will also help to make your way easier. You can pay them to advertise your content on their pages and promote your product. This promotion will help you to get more followers and high account reach. 

Track Instagram Metrics 

Finally, tracking the analytics is the most crucial task for determining progress. Instagram tools such as insights will also give data: 

  • Number of people who read post
  • Views of the videos
  • Likes and comments. 
  • Also, the number of people who view your profile 
  • A number of followers per day. 
  • Saved number posts

You can get graphical data through tools to analyze it well and get to know where to put more effort. Hence, through this, you can also judge the interest of people either in stories, or posts. 


It’s easy to wade into digital media, but it requires hard work to achieve immense success. Instagram marketing is quite simple yet you should have a constant eye on analyzing the progress and metrics. This will help to keep track of the growth of your account. Also, it doesn’t merely depend upon gaining more followers but requires the engagement of the audience with you and your page.