How to get famous on Instagram is a common question asked by youngsters. While it seems like a piece of cake, it is not. Even if you ever listen to the podcasts of interviews of influencers, with more than a million followers, they would say the same. 

However, in order to become successful, you must stop finding shortcuts. Be yourself and work hard to gain followers. This is the only way you will be able t influence others. 

Tips to gain followers on Instagram

Here are a few tips that you must look at if you want to become an influencer.

Your Profile Picture

Your profile picture is the first thing that will tell people about you. Most of the time if you appear in someone’s recommendations they are going to look at the picture. We suggest using your picture rather than using a random picture. 

Having your picture on the profile gives the first authentication. Moreover, people want to see you and not any brand or logo. So if you are thinking of using a logo as your profile, don’t. 

Keep in mind your follower’s interests

Keeping in mind what your followers want is something very important. We suggest you look at your follower’s interests. Whichever category you are falling into, make sure to show them your face now and then. 

Hint: You are what the followers want to see the most. You will see that eventually, you will gain followers if you show your face more and more. 

According to a study by Georgia Tech and Yahoo Labs, photos that include faces have a 38% higher likelihood of getting likes on Instagram.

Attract them through your Bio

You may forget after writing something in your bio but it is the second thing that people lay their eyes on. Keep your bio short, precise, and to the point. Tell the followers what they will be seeing in the account. 

Think of your bio as an introductory phrase that you use to meet new people. Share your interests with them. 

If you are a travel influencer, tell the world which places you have visited. Whether you are a food blogger, tell them the places you have eaten or the food you have tried. If you are a fashion blogger, tell them about your favorite fashion. 

Know your niche

Your niche is something you need to know from the start. Having a clear idea about the niche is very important. Sit back and see what is something you are great at. Do you love painting or are you more of a free spirit person?

Once you identify your niche, it becomes easier to find the blog you will be putting your blood sweat, and tears into. Use your passion here. Utilize all your love in your blog to make it something that people will adore and envy. 

Transparency is the key

Be transparent. People love the influencers who are transparent. No need to tell them that you were a poor person if you are not. Tell them what you are and stand by it. Most of the time, people try to gain followers by faking their identities. Faking can give you temporary pleasure but it will never last for an eternity. 

Connect with your followers. Respond to their thoughts. Interact with them as much as possible. Furthermore, invite them to share the platform every once in a while through shared life stories. 

Follow influential models yourself

Now, we come to the most important part. Who to follow? This is the most important thing before jumping to be an influencer. You must get to know how the fashion models on Instagram are working these days. Why are they followed and what is the best thing about their blog? 

Once you look at them, note down everything. Then you must proceed with being an influencer. We have a few suggestions for you to follow on Instagram.

Suggestions to follow on Instagram

Kendall Jenner

We all have known the Jenners and Kardashians for a very long time, haven’t we? Especially whenever there is a controversy, it involves a Jenner or a Kardashian. But, you are not following her because of the controversies. You need to follow her if you want to be an influencer like her. Kendall Jenner has a massive following of 85.4 million.

Kendall Jenner’s blog will give you a very good idea about what people want to follow. She was just 14 when she joined the spotlight and now she is a successful businesswoman alongside being an influencer. She is the top-rated influencer out there right now.

Cara DeLevigne   

With 40.9 Million followers, we have our second-best pick for today. Car DeLeveigne is famous for being a model and actress. You must have seen her in the classic movie Paper Towns, an adaptation of the classic novel of John Green. 

She was cast in 2011 by Burberry’s Christopher Bailey for the summer campaign. She has won the model of the year award in the years 2012 and 14. Moreover, DeLevingne has all the ingredients of a great influencer on her Instagram that radiates in her posts. 

Gigi Hadid

Girlfriend of the famous X member Zayn Malik of the world-famous band One Direction, Gigi Hadid is the third pick for the Instagram models. Even after giving birth to a beautiful baby Khai back in the summers, Hadid has not lost her influence on the people. She is still followed by 37.2 million people across the world. 

Modeling runs in the family blood and that is what got Gigi her first gig at two years. But she made it to the top through her constant efforts. Due to her constant efforts, she got featured on the various covers of Vogue throughout the world. 

More names to follow

There are many more names that you can follow to have a clear idea about influencing on Instagram. Some of the names include Bella Hadid (16.2 Million) Emily Ratajkowski (15.9 Million) Adriana Lima (11.5 Million) and many more.