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Tips to Improve Your Instagram ad Design and Get More Conversions

Are you struggling to get conversions from your ads? Do you feel like you are wasting your money on ads as there are no results? The answer is no, the money spent on ads is never wasted. You just need to be creative to get people’s attention 

It has been proven that our mind gets triggered by certain colors and designs to make us buy something. To make ads successful, it is not enough to just write down the ad in simple text. Your writing has to be persuasive and concise. Plus, the template should be eye-catching. 

The question is: What are Tips to improve your Instagram ad design and get more conversions?

Here are some tips that might help you. 

Take one Thing at a Time 

You have to be clear about what the purpose is and who your audience is. If you make a vague ad with no direction, chances are that people will ignore that. Most of the time people are looking for a particular thing. When they see that thing in your ad, they will be interested in it. However, sometimes even if you have that particular thing but that does not reflect in your ad clearly. Customers move on without clicking. 

Before making an ad, decide if you want to promote a product or your business overall. If you have a diverse product lineup, make separate and customized ads for every product. 

Use Different Colours Combination 

This is an old trick that shows results every time. The bold and contrasting colours get our attention in no time. Let’s take taxis as an example. Taxi has yellow colour because yellow is a bold colour at the same time a contrasting one. There are not many yellow colours that we see on roads or in the background. That is why the taxi stands out from its surroundings and becomes easily visible. 


The same theory can be applied to ads. Whenever you make ads, make sure that the product and background have contrast colours. As a result, your product will pop out and will be easier to observe. 

Use Limited Words 

Nobody wants to read paragraphs about your product or company. Therefore, keep your message concise and to the point. At the same time, you have a very limited window to get a person’s attention before they scroll down.  If you use too many words in your ads, you will not be able to hook them. 


Instead, you should use a call to action and attention-grabbing lines. In this regard, the best example would be news headlines. The starting line should be as such that a person relates to or stops to think about it. Once you get them hooked, provide a solution for their problem through your product or service. 

Make your product Center of attention

As much as a mystery is encouraged in ads, the product should not be a mystery. The product you are trying to sell should be quickly picked from the rest of the ad. Therefore, you should keep the product in the center, have lights on it, and keep it focused. As we all know, Instagram is all about visuals. Hence, you should pay close attention to the visual representation. 

If you have other supporting things in your ad, do not give them so much attention. The best way can be to defocus them from the camera. Your audience should not mistake these things as the main product. 

Do not overcrowd the ad

As told above the focus should be on the product and the message. However, when you overcrowd an ad with many colors, graphics, or images, the purpose gets derailed. When a person takes time to declutter an ad, that means you have already lost. 

Always try to keep the ad minimalist and simple. If you try to overdo it, you will come out as very desperate. Which in turn will give a bad impression about your product. A simple design will help the potential customer to easily grasp your message. Based on that, they will make up their mind. The whole idea is to take as little time as possible from the potential customer. 

Follow a Consistent Pattern 

Whenever somebody makes an ad, they do not stop at one. Instead, to make an advertising campaign successful, a series of ads have to be published over time.  If you make a random design every time, it will be time-consuming and not effective at all. 

Your Instagram ad design should become your identity as many companies have their own unique style and preferred colours. When you maintain consistency then people will quickly recall details about your brand. This will make it easier to make a purchase decision.

Lastly, the same type of pattern and design will have psychological effects. It will get on the head of the potential customer and compel them to take action. 

Have Subtitles in Videos 

If you are thinking of making a video ad, there are certain things that you have to keep in mind. Apart from all the tips given above, there are some additional tips for the videos.

As we all know, videos on Instagram videos start with no sound automatically. One has to click on the video to turn on the sound. If you emphasize too much on the sound and dialogue, chances are most people will just scroll down. To get their attention, put captions in the video that a person sees. If they find the subtitles interesting, they will stop to see the whole video with sound. 

In addition, the subtitles should be clear enough to be read easily. The color of the subtitle should be in contrast with the background. 


At last, whatever you do, just be creative and try to think out of the box while working on Instagram ad design. There is no guarantee that the traditional ways of creating an ad will also work for you. Therefore, you should define your style. When you do something new instead of copying, it looks real and there is a chance of it getting viral.