When Instagram stories were first introduced, the reception of the masses was more or less neutral. While it didn’t really lead to negative emotions, it wasn’t overly excited either. On the other hand, it appeared that Snapchat had taken a large majority of the market, which immediately received praise and support. Although Instagram had lost the battle, they eventually won the war when it reached no less than 300 million active users in November 2017, who spent at least half an hour of their time on the platform daily.

Aside from teens and young adults who made up the bulk of the network, brands also quickly switched to Instagram. It’s not hard to see why they chose to move. Not only did most of them already have a significant number of followers on the platform, but investing a significant amount of time trying the same with Snapchat is not very effective. And because Instagram stories have a huge potential for advertising, marketing, and other relevant purposes, there was very little reason to choose anything else.

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For those who want to establish their online presence and make their respective brands better known through this platform, here are a few ways to improve your Instagram stories and make the most of them.

1. Create your own Instagram story highlights

Before the existence of Instagram Story Highlights, the only way to save videos uploaded to your Instagram stories was to save them manually. If you happened to be unable to do so, the content itself disappeared after 24 hours. This may seem like a lot of time, but with all the tasks and tasks that daily life often involves, it is not uncommon for this to happen. But you can imagine how frustrating this can be, especially when a lot of time and effort is spent making the videos.

Instagram Story Highlights has been released relatively recently and is a feature that prevents this. It essentially acts as an archive or storage of your favorite videos and can be viewed as a pin in the highlight section of Instagram cinema as well as the backdrop for your regular stories.

Follow the steps below to use this feature correctly.

  • First, make sure you are on your Instagram profile page. Below the Instagram bio section, you can see Highlights.
  • Click the circle in Highlights highlighted as New to begin creating your Story marker.
  • Once you click New, you are immediately taken to a page where your archived stories are located. Here you can choose exactly what you want to add to the first batch of your Story Marker.
  • After clicking the Next button, you can enter the desired name for the cursor.
  • After entering the name, click Done followed by the Add button.
    Indeed, it is. You are done!

As you can see, Instagram Story Highlights is an extremely useful feature to use, especially if your brand or company continues to upload content daily. This prevents video accidents from disappearing or having to upload them over and over again. One thing to keep in mind when creating your own highlights is to follow the usual rule of thumb, namely to always have a clear and consistent theme. This makes it easier for users to stay involved with your series of clips.

2. Invest time in training your target audience

Invest time in training your target audience

In today’s information-driven society, knowledge has become just as exciting as more conventional forms of entertainment. Acquiring followers is one thing, but retaining them is a whole other story. To that end, investing time in educating your target audience through self-study and various sources can provide a lot to not only grow your networks but also allow them to invest in you.

However, it is important to carefully consider which topics need to be addressed or how knowledge should be transferred. After all, it is in its implementation that will ultimately determine how successful it will be, and a positive reception can significantly stimulate your followers on all platforms.

3. Link other relevant accounts

In addition to engaging your current audience, one of the most difficult parts of finding success is often having the visibility that your brand or business needs, especially in supersaturated markets or highly competitive industries. They say the numbers are strong and that linking to other relevant accounts can help you get noticed. This is especially true when you take into account a large number of active users found on the network every day.

Not only are you helping other accounts by sharing them in your own stories, but it’s also strategic in the sense that the same accounts you use are likely to do the same for yours.

4. Do not leave a stone undisturbed and try to use all available features

Instagram Stories offers its users many more features than you might realize, ranging from different design filters to text to location-setting tools. Taking the time to get used to it essentially means you have many more tools available when uploading new content to your stories, giving you a level of creativity and versatility that you might not otherwise have had access to and would result in generating the engagement you want from your audience.

5. Always try to call for action

Many of us with a brand or company that we need to market invest our time on Instagram. As it is said, time is money and it is imperative that we use them in the most effective way to achieve the desired ROI or return on investment and in return generate some profit and revenue. One of the easiest ways to do this is always to have a CTA or call to action at the end of every story or message we send.

What CTAs do essentially is raised awareness and awareness of the products or services you offer. You can better encourage both existing and potential followers to visit links such as your official site or Instagram bio page and serve as an opportunity to grow your target market.

Always try to call for action


It’s undeniable how effective Instagram stories can involve your current followers and entice potential users to participate. However, it all depends on how you share the daily activities relevant to your own brand or business. By using all the features and tools of the feature and tastefully combining them with in-depth and meaningful content, you will undoubtedly get the numbers you need and you will be successful in determining your online presence with your target audience.