Ho to upload photos to Instagram from a PC with Software?


It is possible to upload photos to Instagram from a computer if you know the right tricks. It’s very handy, so you can make tweaks with a free photo editor designed for desktops rather than fighting with mobile apps.

Instagram makes it surprisingly difficult to upload photos from your desktop – there’s no way to do that with the official Windows 10 app or Instagram site. There is no Instagram app for macOS either.

This is an inconvenience – especially if you want to upload pictures that you have taken with a digital camera rather than a smartphone or if you want to edit your pictures and videos with desktop software before uploading them.

Thankfully, there are a few handy ways to get around it and upload photos to Instagram from your PC or Mac. All you need is some free software.

Method 1: Vivaldi

1. Get Vivaldi

The super-customizable browser Vivaldi offers the fastest and easiest way to upload photos to Instagram from a PC or Mac. It does this by running the mobile version of Instagram’s website in a web panel.

Download and install Vivaldi, either run the wizard to import bookmarks and set your preferences, or click “Skip All” and continue with your browser’s default settings.

2. Create a web panel

Navigate to www.instagram.com and then click the plus (Add Web Panel) icon to the left of the browser interface. The URL has filled in automatically, so all you have to do is click plus again.

The mobile version of Instagram now appears in a sidebar on the left side of the browser and will stay there as you browse other websites. Log in to your account and then change the sidebar until the mobile site fits in comfortably.

3. Upload to Instagram

Click the plus icon at the bottom of the site to select a photo from your PC or Mac, apply filters, add captions and tags, and upload it to your account.

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