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15 Ways to Make Money Online in 2021-During Covid-19 Crises

Unfortunately, the extensive impacts of Covid-19 have been felt by people all around the world. It’s no secret that our lives have been made more difficult by the international lockdown and economic downturns.

However, even in these difficult circumstances, there are several ways you can put your efforts to good use and generate revenue.

The lockdown has you sitting idle? We have listed some ways to make money online in 2021 – during COVID-19’s crises. Check these side hustles to make your free time financially rewarding. 

Entering the world of Blogging

To maintain your credibility in the targeted professional field, you may choose to start your blog. Moreover, you can keep track of interesting topics and post regularly. It could be any of these:

  • Lifestyle blog
  • Health blog
  • Money-making site

Learn to Design a Logo

Do you have a keen eye for elegance? Then you can get into logo designing if you know how to draw and use the software.  For instance, Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw.

Your first step should be to approach small firms. And then you can work your way up. It’s best to have a few samples on hand.

Make your way into E-commerce

It’s a suitable option for the previous one. However, even though you do not need a large sum of money to get started, you will need a certain amount of resourcefulness. A product can always be purchased and sold if you don’t have the necessary arrangements.

As an alternative, you can set up an online storefront. That will allow the various shops to sell their products through your site. Therefore, charge a % for every sale that is completed.

Think Creative with Content Writing

Every company needs someone to make its product accessible and clear to the masses.

For the content authors, this is a job to perform. You’ll simply need to be able to write well. Strong credentials are excellent but not necessary. Content marketing is a favored promotion method for web businesses. That, because it costs more minor yet creates more leads.

Become a Social Media Manager

If you’re familiar with social media, this may be a lucrative career. A social media manager will have to study and use analytical skills. Firstly, he must have a grip on creating reports and organizing ad promotions. Secondly, he must be able to come up with strategies. It will help to engage the audience.

Find out about Graphic Design

While similar to logo design, the scope of this discipline is much broader. It includes:

  • digital painting
  • comics
  • cartoons
  • advertisements and brochures

Therefore, learning a graphics application will be beneficial. Moreover, with an internet connection, you may serve clients from the comfort of your house.

Explore Web Development

To take a web designer’s vision and transform it into a working website is what web developers do. The demand for talented web developers is high. Therefore, brushing up on your HTML, JAVA, and CSS knowledge is a good idea. In addition, building a flexible and dynamic website will pay off handsomely in terms of revenue.

Create a Digital Book

Clients must be enticed by an attractive cover and well-written content. One of these approaches is e-book creation. So, if you’re familiar with basic editing, you’ll have no problem working with tools. For instance Adobe InDesign. Certainly, illustrating will be a plus.

Study How to use Instagram for Marketing Purposes

Advertisers on Instagram are paid. This is done to promote businesses and services on their pages. However, depending on how many people follow you, you’ll be able to earn more money. Therefore, only a smartphone and an internet connection are required.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One of the most desirable positions in digital marketing is that of a digital marketing strategist. For this, you’ll need to understand how to use marketing and analytics tools. To do your work well, you’ll need these:

  • To research popular keywords
  • Reduce image sizes
  • Identify hot themes for content development

Moreover, if the client’s business improves, payment will follow.

Designing a Website

Creating websites, having an internet connection, and working quickly make it a wonderful method to start a business. Another benefit will come from being familiar with Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw. Begin by designing for small firms. And, you’ll gain more clients over time.

Become a Virtual Assistant 

Many organizations are moving away from physical offices and providing an opportunity to make money online. However, the administrative, creative, and technical needs are not going to change anytime soon! Become a virtual assistant for them and be a valued resource. Initially, your earnings may be little. But as you gain more expertise, your earnings will increase.

Learn Google Ads Management

Working as a Google Ads Manager can be a rewarding experience. It helps if you have experience in:

  • internet marketing
  • using Google Suite to create and run ad campaigns
  • evaluating results

Your business will grow if you run campaigns that increase the client’s bottom line.

Facebook Ads Management

Facebook advertising is a significant cash generator. Most importantly in today’s digital marketing industry. Therefore, you can do the following:

  • Create and deploy Facebook advertising
  • Compile daily or weekly statistics
  • Make recommendations based on the data

In addition, it’s now easier to find clients and make money online.


For those who understand how Lightroom and Photoshop function, as well as have some actual expertise with these products, photo retouching can be extremely profitable. Moreover, with your expertise, you can improve the appearance of product photos. This particular profession doesn’t even require you to leave your house.

Podcast Editing

Fewer audio editors and more podcasters have made this a terrific and satisfying career path for audio editors. With a little patience and expertise in audio tools like Audacity, Acoustica, or Adobe Audition, it may be a rewarding career.

Video Editing

Video marketing is becoming increasingly significant. There is no longer a need for platform-specific competence in video editing. Advertising, Facebook promotions, and YouTube videos provide a wealth of opportunities for video editors to work and make money online.


Some of the highest-paying occupations you can get during this lockdown are listed above. Check to see if the profession you choose will play to your strengths and hide your deficiencies. Make your selections based on your capabilities, and you’ll be sure to succeed in each.