Instagram has emerged into one of the most downloaded applications with roughly one billion active users. Insta users have now made the app even more fun to use by introducing certain terminologies and one of them is “IB”.  Reading this term for the first time made a lot of people question “What does Ib mean on Instagram?

If you’re one of the many curious Instagrammers, then this article is definitely for you! So, read it till the very end!

What does IB mean on Instagram?

The term “Ib” is used in 554,786 posts up till now and still progressing amazingly!

IB is an abbreviation for “Inspired By”. The hype and curiosity for this word began when Instagram users started mentioning in their posts as hashtags.

This is specifically used to give credits for inspiration to someone. A lot of people mention IB as hashtags in order to increase or expand the reach of similar content!

What does IB mean on Tiktok?

Similar to Instagram, the term IB or Inspired by has been widely used by Tiktokers!

By far, TikTok is the most popular online application in the world, used by a significant fraction of teenagers to relieve their fatigue. If you use tiktok, I am sure you came across this term and just like others, you wondered ‘what does IB mean on Tiktok’ and I don’t blame you.

Social applications are getting more innovative and interesting with time and each day it surprises us with something new.

IB on Tiktok is used as a hashtag in numerous videos. As the hashtag’s name suggests, people use it to indicate that they are making roughly the same kinds of TikTok videos.

The use of hashtags makes it easier to focus on the content you are actually looking for. Hashtags like Ib are used on social networking sites like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and others precisely for this particular reason

In addition to this, another answer to the question “what does IB mean on Tiktok and Instagram”  could be “I’m back”. Some users on Instagram and Tiktok add this term as a hashtag to let people know they are back on the application after a break.


In this modern web-based life, hashtags play a vital role in helping people reach their desired position.

The use of hashtags has grown swiftly along with every online networking trend and challenge. Ib is one such well-known hashtag that has just started to float. So, if you want to let your followers know that you’re back to the app, want to give inspiration credit to someone, simply want your post to be seen by a lot of people, you should definitely know what does IB mean on Instagram

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