The photo-sharing app Instagram is popular among smartphone users.

With Instagram, you’re more likely to share photos and videos with your friends, as opposed to other social networks.

The simplicity of Instagram is one of the reasons for its popularity. In contrast to other social media platforms, Instagram has a single core feature, which makes sharing and viewing photos incredibly easy. Companies also use trademarks to share their logos and photos. Next, let’s discuss the meaning of TM on Instagram: what does TM mean on Instagram?

TM on Instagram

TM stands for “Text Message.” On Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, this is the most common definition of TM.

Trademark is another meaning to TM. Trademarks are any words, slogans, symbols, or designs (such as a company’s or individual’s name or logo) that are used to distinguish a product or service from that of others. In order to be protected, a trademark must be used to identify a particular product or service. No matter where you go, whether you shop in a store or watch TV advertisements, you see trademarks all the time.

TM Trade Mark emoji: what does it mean?

Trademark emojis represent trademarks and are used for drawing attention to things that are original, unique, or important as a whole-often humorously. A trademark symbol appears after a trademarked word in the form of the letters TM. Originally approved in 1993 as part of Unicode 1.1 under the name “Trademark Sign”, it was added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

R in a circle on Instagram – what does it mean?

What does a Registered Trademark (®) mean? Registered trademarks are recognizable by the small “R” in a circle that appears to the right of a logo, symbol, or phrase. It represents legal registration of the mark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

TM – how do you use it?

Instagram encourages you to add an ® to your trademark if you have already registered it with Instagram. Registration symbols can be used in any manner around a trademark, though most trademark owners use them in subscript or superscript to the right of the trademark.

On an iPhone, how does TM work?

Open an app that lets you type on your iPhone or iPad, then:

  • If you choose copyright, you will see a C symbol in QuickType.
  • Upon registering, the R circle symbol will appear in QuickType options
  • QuickType will display the TM circle symbol when you type trademark.

Getting Your Trademark Approved on Instagram

  • Go to the app store and download Instagram.
  • Sign up for the app using an email address associated with your community work (so others can access it).
  • Create a username using your trademark name.
  • Upload your brand’s logo by tapping the +Photo button.
  • Your full name and phone number are required next. Choose a phone number that contacts for the business will probably associate with you. You can use your name here.
  • If you don’t want to follow people, skip the prompt.
  • Select “Edit Profile” from the “Profile” icon at the bottom-right.
  • Enter your company URL in the biofield.

Do trademark rights have any limitations?

Trademark infringement does not necessarily apply to all uses of a trademark without permission. An infringing trademark use only occurs if it gives the impression that a product or service was obtained, endorsed, or affiliated with the source. A trademark is not considered infringing if it is used correctly, i.e. to avoid confusion among consumers.

Additionally, mentioning a trademark in a discussion of a product or service will not be regarded as an infringing use of the trademark, as long as that reference does not use more of the trademark than is necessary. A trademark can also be used to describe or comment on a particular product or service. Known as nominative fair use, this involves a variety of uses such as commentary, criticism, parody, reviews, and sometimes comparative advertising, depending on the country.

In general, trademark owners are limited to using their trademarks to identify their goods or services within the geographic area of the trademarked goods or services. Unless a trademark owner can prevent another restaurant from using the same logo in Country B, they won’t be able to prevent a trademark holder from using the same logo in Country A.

How can I report trademark infringements on Instagram?

Due to Instagram’s inability to adjudicate disputes among third parties, we are unable to take action on trademark reports that require in-depth trademark analyses or real-world disputes. When you feel that your rights are being violated, you may want to contact the party directly rather than contacting Instagram or seek a resolution in court or by other means.

Alternatively, if you are certain that Instagram content infringes upon your trademark, you can use a form given by Instagram or the Brand Rights Protection tool, which makes it easier for rights holders to report counterfeit items, copyright violations, and trademark infringements.

How does Instagram handle trademark reports?

In addition to the automated email, Instagram sends you when you submit a trademark report online or via email. You will receive a copy of your report that contains information about your report, including the unique report number. This number should be saved in the event that you need to contact Instagram regarding your report.

Note that Instagram regularly shares the following information about your report with the person who posted it:

  • Number of the report
  • Rights holder’s name
  • A reporting party’s email address
  • A description of the report
  • Instructions for submitting an appeal

Depending on the information you provide, the person whose content was removed may contact you. As a result, it would be helpful if you provided a valid business or professional email address in your report.


Trademarks identify goods, such as clothing or sunglasses. TM refers to a mark used by companies on their logos, names, phrases, words, or designs that represent their business. In this case, the trademark denotes your claim to be able to use your brand as a trademark, even if it has not yet been registered with the relevant IP office. A trademark (R) indicates registration at the national IP office of the country and for the goods and services for which you are using it.