Instagram has become the most popular social media app. It provides us with a lot of fun, knowledge, and information, and many more. Millions of people use Instagram. Instagram connects people with each other. People at a distance can chat with each other through Instagram.

In the era of Instagram meme pages, it is now easier to find different kinds of information, like news, technology updates, and fashion trending updates.

What does user not found mean on Instagram?

Sometimes while searching your friends on Instagram you find an error. Or maybe sometimes you message an account and when you see a profile you see ‘’User not found’’.

Now you think what does user not found mean on Instagram

There may have been a recent direct message you sent, but you get an error message when you visit their profile. You may first think that you have been blocked because that’s the initial thought that crosses your mind.

Users not found on Instagram can also mean that their accounts have been disabled, or even hacked. Even if the profile is private or you do not have an account, Instagram usually displays the number of posts, followers, and followings. However, I couldn’t find any posts on that profile, and I wondered what ‘User Not Found’ meant.

If you are wondering what does it mean then I will explain to you all the possible reasons what does user not found mean on Instagram and also tell you all the possible solutions. You will be able to grasp more of the nuances of why the error “User not found” occurs on Instagram when reading this article.

You will be taken in the wrong direction if you just mistyped someone’s Instagram username and try to open their profile. However, the user can change their user name or delete their profile. In all of these cases, you will find user not found error.

So, let’s look at what the reasons are for the Instagram issue of  ‘’User Not Found’’.

If you are not blocked then why did you find an error?

If the person has not blocked you then why did you not find the person’s profile? There are many reasons that you could not find a person’s profile. All the reasons are described below in detail.

Reasons for the user not found on Instagram

There are some reasons for the user not found on Instagram

Maybe the user deleted their profile

A ‘User Not Found’ error means that the person is not visible on your profile as a result of an Instagram search. In this case, the user can delete his Instagram account. Although,  this is the less common reason.  But when a user deletes his account all his posts, pictures, and videos on his account will automatically delete.

However, you’ll still be able to visit their profile if you happen to have sent them a direct message or have their profile listed recently.

Temporarily disabled accounts

You will also see the error if the person has temporarily disabled the account. In the event that we disable our account for some reason, Instagram considers us nonexistent until we activate our account again. Consequently, the user profile would not be displayed on Instagram DM and everywhere else.

You are blocked

There are high chances that you are blocked if you don’t find a user profile. If someone blocks you on Instagram you cannot find them on Instagram. Even you cannot see their profile.

Even if the recipient of your direct message just blocked you, their profile remains visible from your direct message. When you visit their profile you received a user not found error. Additionally, their profile will still be visible if it is near the top of your recent search results. Visit their profile from your recent as well, and you’ll see the “User not found” error, just as you’ll see when visiting their profile from your direct messages.

Users may alter their name

This is a very common reason that users are not found sometimes users change their name due to some reasons. This is less common for popular accounts because they do not want to change their account mostly if they change their account may be a chance to the lake of followers and less popularity.

You can look at popular accounts on their social media platform to check their updated information. If you have an old chat with an account you can see their profile from that and know about their altered name. You can also ask them for their new user name for this you have in contact with them.

Account may be suspended

There are some rules and regulations of this community. It does not allow any user to violate its rules and regulations. If some user didn’t follow the rules the community has been suspended their account.  If the account is banned by Instagram then you would not be able to see their profile you will always see an error.

If someone sent inappropriate posts on Instagram account their account would be banned by Instagram. If an account has multiple reports for violating rules account would also be banned.

So, in all of these cases, you will not be able to see the profile.

Mistyping the user name

This also could be a reason that you have not found a user account. In searching, you may be typed an incorrect name. The spelling may be wrong. Sometimes when your friend sent you a wrong link or user name you will also find this error. So for checking an account you must have a perfect link.

All above are reasons that you will see the error ‘’user could not found’’.


‘’User not found’’ error become very common on Instagram. If it is confirmed that the account owner has not blocked you then you should be very sure in writing the user account name or you should be checked that they have an additional account or not. There are many reasons that you see ‘’user not found’’ all reasons I described above. I hope this article will help you.