King Vitaly, a Russian-American social media superstar with millions of Instagram followers, had a catastrophic accident after which all of his followers and other Instagram users were extremely worried and curious to know what happened to vitaly on Instagram

If you are one those curious Instagrammers who want to know what happened to Vitaly on Instagram, then this article will give you all the answers. So, stay in the loop.

Vitaly’s accident case includes details such that, after going skydiving, Vitaly broke his neck and back and got severe injuries. His Instagram stories let his followers know about the mishap and the news left his fans extremely shocked and upset.

Luckily, the famous youtuber and influencer Vitaly Zdorovetskiy was saved by Riverside Country Paramedics, who then shifted him to the hospital on a stretcher instantly. A lot of people there observed King Vitaly groaning in pain as he lay on the ground with his broken back and neck

It was a terrible accident indeed! Now that he is in a healthier position, he has told his followers that he does not believe he needs surgery and that he is able to move his legs. Vitaly’s fans are happy with his recovery and send him love and prayers from all around the world!

Besides going through a horrendous accident, there was another incident that made his fans question yet again, ‘what happened to Vitaly on Instagram?’. Vitaly visited Egypt this year where he got arrested for climbing on one of the pyramids of Giza. His adventurous and daring personality is one of the main reasons why his fans love him so much because no matter the consequences, he never stops having fun.

Does Vitaly have an Instagram?

The answer is yes. King Vitaly is still an active Instagram Influencer and a youtuber living his life at its fullest with 546k followers! His Instagram username is @vitalythegoat 

Is Vitaly still rich?

Vitaly is still a rich man by staying consistent in his content regardless of the outcomes. Besides being an Instagram Influencer, Vitaly has a very popular youtube page which has a username ‘VitalyzdTV’. On youtube, his capability of creating public stunts and hilarious pranks made him super rich. Currently, Vitaly has a net worth of 7 million!


Vitaly is now a millionaire as he came back with a major comeback for all the other influencers and youtubers. Even though Vitaly disappeared on Instagram for almost an year due to surgeries which also lead to a drop in his youtube views and videos, he still came back strong and making people laugh with his amazing humor.

I hope this article has given all the answers about what happened to Vitaly on Instagram. For any further queries, feel free to reach us out.