Nowadays we live in a world of technology. Everyone connected with each other through social media. The technology converts the whole world into a GLOBAL VILLAGE. We use many social media apps that entertain us. Instagram is the most important social app that you use. It provides you with a huge platform. Through Instagram, you can connect with your friends who are from apart.

Many people sell products through Instagram. Now it has become very popular. But some people use it for bad purposes like drug selling, illegal weapons, and many more. Blackmailing and hacking are very common now. People misuse Instagram for their own benefit. Sometimes just for fun, people destroy the lives of other people. Some people make fake Instagram IDs just for these purposes. But Instagram introduced a report feature. Do you know what happens when you report someone on Instagram?

In this article, I will tell you how you can report someone on Instagram and what happens when you report someone on Instagram and why there is a need to report someone on Instagram.

To report someone on Instagram means to report to Instagram if someone misuses Instagram for their own benefits.

Reasons for reporting someone on Instagram

Following may be reasons to report someone on Instagram

  • Spam
  • Self- injury
  • Hate speech
  • The violence of the Instagram
  • Dangerous organizations
  • Nudity
  • Harassment
  • Selling illegal things
  • Intellectual property violations
  • Racist activity
  • You can also be someone for not pretending contents.

What Happens When You Report Someone On Instagram

When you report someone on Instagram he never knows that it is you who report against him. You remain anonymous. Then Instagram looks into the matter for checking whether the report is true or fake.

Can Someone See If I report their posts?

No, the person doesn’t ever report them on Instagram. The Instagram team removes everything about that person who reports against someone’s posts and comments. The reported person remains anonymous after the team reaches the responsible person.

The Way To Report someone On Instagram

There are multiple ways to report someone  on Instagram

Report through feed

  • You can report someone on the Instagram app through the feed for android or iPhone
  • Tap three dots on the post
  • Tap report
  • Follow all on-screen instructions

Report Someone Direct

  • Tap messenger  in the top right of the feed
  • Tap the chat with the person you want to report
  • Then tap the person name who you want to report
  • At the end tap report and follow the all given instructions by Instagram

Tap someone through the profile

Tap the user name from their feed or tap and search their username to go to their profile

  • Tap the three dots at the top right of the screen
  • Then tap Report
  • At the end follow the on-screen Instructions

Reporting Someone from computer Or Mobile browser

There are also multiple ways to report someone on Instagram from a computer or mobile browser

  • Click the three dots at the top right screen
  • Tap the Report
  • Then follow the on-screen instructions

Report through ProfileHow To Set A Default Printer In Windows 10

  • Search the user name to go to profile
  • Click the three dots after the user name
  • Select to report user  then select the type of account you want to report

Follow the on-screen instructions

How does it take to ban an Instagram account

The reports will be only accepted when it was valid by Instagram’s team. If the contents are pulled down in 3 to 4 reports then the report is accepted. Instagram never wants its community guidelines to be broken. When you are reporting an account you also have an option to block the account if you want then you can do this.

Instagram takes just 24 hours to respond to a report.

Instagram takes its violation very seriously. If Instagram finds that the account is guilty of breaking the rules they will deactivate the account.

If a user breaks the rules of Instagram policy then the team notices the account and banned this.

The main benefit of this policy of Instagram is that the person who you report can never know about you. You can also contact the Instagram society via their number or via an online help center.

How Do You Find If Someone Reported You On Instagram

If you want to check that who reported you on Instagram the only way to check your recent comments on your posts and your issues with others on Instagram chats

Instagram Doesn’t take the reports so seriously the first time when the reports are added by 4 to 5 people then it takes a look at this issue.

Reports do not delete your account, it is just a way to show Instagram that someone is doing bad activities through Instagram. But if someone violates the rules then Instagram takes down the account.

There are also some users who report the account to the police.

What happens if someone reports you on Instagram

If someone reports against you then your profile was checked by the Instagram community your pictures waa removed and your ID was banned. If only one report was added then there was not so much danger but you are warned. And if reports were added by many people then you are in more danger.

Can it be possible to un-report someone on Instagram

Sorry, If you report someone on Instagram and then you want to take your report back on Instagram then it is impossible. But you can send a message to the community that you were reporting mistakenly the person was innocent so please don’t take any action against your report.


According to my point of view, it is the best step of Instagram for removing the crimes through social media. In the present era, social media has become the most popular for crimes. These crimes should be checked by Instagram and other social media apps. It is the best step taken by Instagram. Now it is your duty to report someone if he/she violates the rules so that account can be checked by the Instagram community.