Instagram’s upgrades have been essential in getting rid of problems and improving the applications for simple photo sharing. But many also unintentionally introduce a few. 

According to many users, a recent upgrade seems to have affected users’ ability to publish numerous photographs. 

As we all are well aware of using the “Select Multiple functions while picking photographs,” Instagram allows you to upload up to 10 photos for a single post. This function is no longer included in the Instagram app on the platform IOS.

What you need to know about it is why did Instagram remove multiple photos. Keep reading to know the reason.

Did Instagram Remove Multiple Photos

Though before a recent upgrade, users could utilize the “Select Multiple” options to add multiple photographs to a post. To their surprise, consumers are suddenly learning that this option is no longer available. 

Fortunately, the function has not been eliminated. And we hope that this might answer your query about why did Instagram remove multiple photos. To choose several photographs on Instagram, follow these simple steps.

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Where Is Instagram’s Multiple Button?

At least as a straight UI element, it is not available anymore. However, selecting numerous images is still a simple process. The multiple buttons is no longer present on Instagram, as illustrated below.

Credits: Nerdschalk


Due to the fact that they only receive the symbol for the “Select Multiple” option, many Android users have also been impacted.

Credits: Nerdschalk

However, neither platform’s ability to select numerous photographs is impacted by the flaw in any way.

When the “multiple buttons” is absent, how can you add more than one picture?

If you cannot find the “Select Multiple” button on your Android or iPhone device, just press and hold down on any image.

Credits: Nerdschalk

Now, a tiny circle will be seen at the edge of the pictures. This implies that you may once more choose various photos for your Instagram post. Therefore, go ahead and tap on the images you wish to include in your carousel post.

Credits: Nerdschalk

Are we going to see the “multiple” button any time soon?

The Instagram team has said that a solution is being developed for the problem. Therefore, this minor change should be good till it disappears. Keep an eye out for fresh app upgrades to download because these might fix the glitch in Instagram updates to come.

Conclusion: Why did Instagram remove multiple photos? 

However, it is a fact that Instagram is one of the biggest and most popular social media platforms in the modern-day era. And such glitches may appear as it is a massive platform.

Though Instagram never disappoints its users and keeps interacting with them by introducing various new features and providing instant solutions to bugs too.

Moreover, Instagram will soon fix the bug that has appeared recently and leading users to question why did Instagram remove multiple photos

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