Are you someone who dreams of having thousands of Instagram followers? Well, you are not alone on this ship. 

Many of you might have tried different apps to increase follower count. In fact, some of you may have gained a lot of followers. However, your engagement rate did not change at all. Not only that, but your account did not make it to the explore page either. That must be frustrating, right? 

But the question is why you should only buy real active Instagram followers?

Well, the simple answer to your question is that those followers were not real. Yes, you heard it right! This means that the followers you bought were fake, even worse, bots. This is why you should only buy real active Instagram followers.

Risks of fake Instagram Followers

Buying fake Instagram followers can be risky for you especially if you are an influencer. If you run a blog, you must be familiar with brands approaching to work with you. Well, seeing your fake followers might make them change their minds. 

You must be wondering how would they know the followers are fake? It is quite easy. Simply put, all they need to do is check your follower-to-engagement ratio. That is where it all blows up in your face. 

That is to say, you don’t just lose your opportunity to work with big brands, but your reputation on the internet. This small act of buying fake followers can stop potential brands to collaborate with you.

The bottom line here is to rather avoid and stop buying fake followers.  

The Algorithm Feature

If you are not familiar with Instagram’s new Algorithm feature, then this might help. The Instagram algorithm basically determines a way to show your content on your follower’s feed.

Additionally, it also figures out if your content is worth popping up on the explore page.  

The main idea behind this feature is to keep track of your follower-to-engagement ratio. If you want to get recognized on Instagram, your follower count is of no help unless they are real. To get yourself out there, you must have a good follower-to-engagement ratio. 

Why you should only buy real active Instagram followers

Here are a few important things you must know about why buying real active Instagram followers can help you grow.


First things first, having credibility is quite important not just in real life but also on social media. It must be naïve to think that people will not notice your followers’ lack of engagement with your content. 

If you are an active social media user, you must only follow pages where they have genuine followers. This could prove to you that the page has a loyal list of followers for good content rather than bots. 

You should keep in your mind that having thousands of fake followers can only hurt your credibility. 

Bots as Instagrammers

Have you ever opened a comment section of a page and noticed weird repetitive comments? Well, those are bots. Some companies have automated the creation of bots. They further sell these bots to people as followers. 

Moreover, if these companies use a pricey package, they can even make the bots appear as a genuine user. With that being said, you can find these bots liking and commenting on posts using automation. This won’t bring up your brand or blog in any form or shape because instead of real active followers, bots will be engaging with your content. No real person would know about you.

Inactive Followers

Having bots as your follower is not the only issue here. Some companies create actual accounts to sell as followers.

Under such circumstances, these companies are also willing for you to follow back the followers. This process works both ways. But it is not promised that the people who are following through this service will also follow you back. Therefore, it is risky and potentially useless.

On the other hand, some companies provide you with genuine followers, but they only fulfill their job as a follower. Consequently, your account will still have no followers that actively engage with your content. In short, you will be standing where you were before.

Instagram acts 

Imagine spending lots of money on fake followers and Instagram deleting the likes and comments. Yes, you heard it correctly! 

Instagram is trying to provide a safe environment for its genuine users by maintaining certain guidelines online. For this purpose, Instagram has updated its policy to get rid of inauthentic accounts. It removes likes, comments, or other activity from any apps that generate fake followers on Instagram’s platform. 

Moreover, by buying fake followers instead of real active Instagram followers, you will be violating Instagram policies and guidelines. It can result in Instagram acting against your account too. To ignore any sort of consequences, you should buy real active Instagram followers.

Tips on getting real active followers on Instagram

There are few things that you can do to make your follower count go up with real and active users. Following are the tips:

  • Make your profile public
  • Write an intriguing bio using your interest
  • Try to interact with other Instagram users
  • Participate in conversation or threads
  • Make content that your followers enjoy
  • Get creative with your captions
  • Use hashtags
  • Put your location when necessary
  • Be patient as it takes time

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Concludingly, it is recommended to only buy real active Instagram followers as the other options are not reliable. If you are worried about what apps or software should be used, then simply type it on google. You will find a list of amazing apps and software that will provide their services at a good price.

You can ignore the mistakes of buying fake followers using the steps mentioned above. I hope this article has provided you with the information you were looking for!