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How Much Does Spotify Pay Artists For 1 Million Streams?

Spotify is a well-known hangout spot for musicians and fans. It is now widely used for listening to music. It includes an extensive collection of songs and allows performers to share their music with people worldwide.

Ever wondered how much artists really earn from streaming their music on Spotify?

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at how Spotify pays artists for their music streams, what artists make from 1 million streams, and what can affect their earnings. We’ll also share some tips on how to make more money from streaming. So, stick with us as we examine all the details of Spotify’s payout system.

How Does Spotify Pay Artists?

How Does Spotify Pay Artists

Spotify does not pay artists or musicians directly. Instead, it talks with companies that help them, like their music companies. These companies usually take some money from the total earnings.

When consumers listen to tracks on Spotify, the singers and musicians receive compensation for their efforts. This money is referred to as royalties. Whenever someone listens to one of their tracks, the creators receive royalties. This continues until many years after they are gone.

The singers and musicians get paid based on a contract. Usually, they get paid every month. Spotify pays the companies that help the singers and musicians first, and then they get paid. If someone is not working with a big company, they need to find one before they can get paid by Spotify.

Types of Royalties Available on Spotify

Royalties are like payments that musicians and songwriters get from Spotify. Musicians like singers or bands get one kind, and songwriters get another.

  • The money for making and promoting music, like from record labels, goes to recording royalties. These companies get this money because they help singers or bands make their songs available on Spotify.
  • Publishing royalties are for the people who write the songs, like composers. When their songs play on Spotify, they get money from groups or companies that handle it for them.

How Much Does Spotify Pay Per Stream?

How Much Does Spotify Pay Per Stream

Artists profit from Spotify when consumers listen to their music. They get roughly 3 to 4 cents for every listen. The proceeds are split between the musician (or whoever owns the tunes) and Spotify. Artists typically earn approximately 70% of the money, while Spotify receives around 30%.

Starting in January 2024, Spotify will compensate musicians if their tracks are played 1,000 times in the previous year. The amount musicians receive varies based on how people use Spotify, where they reside, and how much they listen to a song. You may utilize a unique web tool to estimate how much musicians make on Spotify.

How Much Does Spotify Pay Artists For 1 Million Streams?

If a song is popular on Spotify, you may earn money. You may make between $3,000 and $4,000 if a million people listen. That is significant, especially for well-known bands such as the Rolling Stones. However, earning that much may take a long time for young artists just starting.

Some people question how much Spotify pays per million streams. In 2018, one artist, Nipsey Hussle, claimed to have received around $4,370 for one million streams.

Spotify announces the most renowned artists at the end of each year. People like Taylor Swift, Bad Bunny, and The Weeknd were famous. Taylor Swift made a lot of money from people listening to her songs, around $100 million. But then there’s “Weird Al” Yankovic, who joked he only got $12 for 80 million streams of his songs! Snoop Dogg earned $45,000 from one billion streams of his song.

Factors Influencing Spotify Payments to Artists

Factors Influencing Spotify Payments to Artists

Like many other streaming services, Spotify has a way to share money with musicians. They use three things to decide how much each musician gets paid.

1. Who Will Distribute Your Album or Music?

Spotify pays artists for their music, although the money does not come directly from Spotify. Artists have relationships with businesses that assist them in getting their songs onto Spotify. These firms determine how much money musicians receive each time someone listens to their music on Spotify.

2. Where Your Listeners Are From

Not all countries pay the same amount. For example, US listeners pay more than Portugal listeners for each song they play. If you have listeners from different countries, it can change how much you earn for each song. Some countries pay less, so looking for music grants in your country is essential to help you gain more.

3. Your Listeners’ Spotify Subscription

Spotify has two kinds of accounts for people who listen to music on their app: Free and Premium. With a Premium account, you pay to listen. People with Premium accounts help Spotify make more money when they listen than those with Free accounts. This also means that when Premium users listen to your music, you get more money.

9 Tips to Gain More Streams on Spotify

9 Tips to Gain More Streams on Spotify

Here are some simple ways to get more plays on Spotify, like:

1. Market Yourself

Tell people about your songs everywhere: on social media, YouTube, and your website. Also, use all the tools Spotify gives you to promote your music, like the Spotify Ad Studio.

2. Find The Right Distributor

Find distributors that only cost a little, give you lots of help, and put your music in many places. Some good ones are Distrokid and Tunecore.

3. Claim A Verified Spotify For Artist’s Profile

Calming a verified Spotify artist’s profile lets you choose a picture and write about yourself. It also shows your music and when your shows are. Verified artists get unique numbers about their music and tools to help promote it. They can also ask for their songs to be on Spotify’s special playlists.

4. Use Spotify Pre-Release Campaigns

Ensure your followers notice your new songs and have a better chance of being added to excellent playlists like Discover Weekly on Spotify.

5. Pitch Your Work To The Official Spotify Playlists

If Spotify likes your song, they’ll share it with millions worldwide. Remember to send just one song using a computer. Your song should be out later, and send it at least seven days before you want it to come out.

6. Create Several Spotify Playlists

Make some songs that only have your music and a few songs where you sing with other artists. By this, people not only listen to your playlist but can also like it, but you will never know who likes your playlist.

7. Submit Your Songs To Independent Curator’s Playlists

Work with artists to make playlists together. Look for music lovers who make playlists on Musosoup, Soundplate, and SubmitHub.

8. Release Music Regularly

Making new songs can be challenging. But you can keep putting out new music regularly by recording different versions of songs you already know, like acoustic versions or remixes. This way, you can stay connected with your fans!

9. Get Help From Third Party

To maximize your Spotify streams, consider partnering with third-party services. These platforms can help amplify your reach by featuring your music on playlists and providing promotional support to connect you with a broader audience. This strategy can significantly enhance your visibility and streaming numbers.


How much does 1 billion streams on Spotify pay?

An artist may receive between $1.5 and $2.5 million for every billion song streams if many people listen to it often and some pay for Spotify.

How much do artists earn from 5,000 streams on Spotify?

The artist receives around $20 for every 5,000 internet listens to a song. However, this may fluctuate depending on where the listeners are, how frequently they listen to the music and their subscription type.

Who is the highest-paid Spotify artist?

Taylor Swift did something different! In 2023, she earned more on Spotify than any other singer or band. She did better than a bunch of other musicians.


In summary, the earnings from 1 million streams on Spotify can vary widely, but understanding this platform’s pay structure is crucial for artists. Artists can enhance their streaming numbers and boost their earnings by applying strategies such as engaging with third-party services and consistently delivering quality music.

It’s important to stay proactive, use analytics for strategic decisions, and engage with your audience to grow your presence on Spotify.

Big stars like Taylor Swift can make millions of dollars from Spotify, but it might take longer for new singers to make that much. To do well on Spotify, singers must promote their songs, pick an excellent company to distribute their music to and connect with fans to get more plays and money.

Remember, success on streaming platforms is a mix of art, persistence, and business acumen. Keep striving for musical excellence and smart marketing to maximize your Spotify revenue.