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Instant, Legit, and Cheap Comments on Facebook

Boost your Facebook presence and engagement with our premium service. With an extensive network of real, active users, we provide high-quality comments that will captivate your audience and generate meaningful conversations around your posts. With BSM, you can buy 100% real, organic, no drip, and fast Facebook comments with 24/ 7 chat & WhatsApp support.



Facebook Random Comments


Real High Quality Profiles

Start Time: up to 2 Hours

Drop Protection (30 days refill)

No Password Required

24/7 Chat/Whatsapp Support 


Facebook Random Comments


Real High Quality Profiles

Start Time: up to 2 Hours

Drop Protection (30 days refill)

No Password Required

24/7 Chat/Whatsapp Support 


Facebook Random Comments


Real High Quality Profiles

Start Time: up to 2 Hours

Drop Protection (30 days refill)

No Password Required

24/7 Chat/Whatsapp Support 


Facebook Random Comments


Real High Quality Profiles

Start Time: up to 2 Hours

Drop Protection (30 days refill)

No Password Required

24/7 Chat/Whatsapp Support 

Get High Quality Facebook Random Post Comments

Still wondering why some Facebook posts get viral exposure, while others back off? That’s because genuine comments add visibility and engagement to photos and videos.

Buy Facebook comments from real accounts to maximize views of your posts, Improve reputation and rankings. When pressing the Like button takes seconds, comments require more effort and are more valued by Facebook’s algorithm. With Boost Social Media you get real Facebook reviews at the most affordable price.

Buy Instent Facebook Comments

Boost your Facebook presence and engagement instantly with our premium, real-time Facebook comments. Buying FB Comments with BSM is simple, legit, and 100% safe. If you got any question, suggestion, or a particular goal to achieve. Just send us a message on WhatsApp.

How to buy Facebook Comments Instently

Whether you buy random Facebook Comments or write your own reviews, BSM ensures secure and organic delivery. Millions of Facebook users are adding to their accounts and followers, improving the brand’s reputation and boosting consumer confidence by buying Facebook reviews. You can place your order in three clicks.

Step 1

To buy Facebook reviews, choose a package with 10-500 comments. Be prepared to provide notes in text order for personal feedback.

Step 2

Please enter a valid URL link From the Facebook post. No Facebook shortcuts, log-in details, or passwords are required to submit comments.

Step 3

Pay for your order via PayPal, credit/debit card, and crypto. More than 50 payment processors guarantee an easy transaction no matter your location.

Why Boost Social Media is Best?

If you’re wondering how BSM Facebook’s comments differ from the rest of the crowd, let us tell you why about 80% of our users who buy Facebook reviews are longtime customers.

Fast Delivery

We deliver our Facebook services within 12 to 48 hours or less, whether it’s instant Facebook comments, instant Facebook likes, instant Facebook views, or instant Facebook live stream. There is no difference in geographical locations, time zones, and package sizes.

Insurance Insurance

We do not need your Facebook password to send us feedback. This ensures the privacy of your order and ensures that the Facebook account or page is never scammed.

Better Quality

Forget the robot’s written comments: We know you want to buy real Facebook comments. No repetitive comments or stupid fake accounts.

Customer Trust

More than 1,500 Facebook comments are sent securely every week via BSM. Buy Facebook reviews from services you can trust.

Real Comments

All Facebook comments are posted by Real Facebook users (different IP addresses) of different ages and genders from around the world.

24/7 Support

Contact us 24/7 via live chat support, call toll free at +972548722314, or request a callback from a customer service specialist.

Why Buy Facebook Comments

Get To The ‘For You’ Page

Did you know that buying TikTok followers can get you to the ‘for you’ page faster than traditional social media advertising methods? It is true! With the social growth follower service you will get followers very fast. The app’s algorithm will look at these followers, identify your account as popular, and place you on the ‘for you’ page, the most sought after place for ticklers.

Improve Your Image And Credibility

The more followers your TikTok page has, the more credibility you will have with other users. In fact, your image will be better and generally more confident. People associate a lot of followers on TikTok with being trustworthy, which is why most users prefer to rely on accounts that have more followers than ever before. If your score is higher than the beginning, your growth rate will thank you.

Make Your Organic Growth Skyrocket

Did you know that buying TikTok followers can also help improve your organic growth? Really! When regular TikTok users stumble upon your page and see that you have a group of followers, they won’t be surprised where they come from, they just want to join them. Why? Because they would like to know what makes your page so interesting, and why your first followers joined it. No one wants to miss out on the most popular content, right?

Become An Influencer With Ease

Is your dream to become a TikTok influencer? Well, in BSM you can make it happen. You just have to buy TikTok followers to amplify your visibility, engagement and popularity. You already know that the number of followers is very important in your influencer career, so Start with BSM!

Why Boost Social Media Is The Best For Facebook Comments?

Improve Fan Engagement

If you feel that your engagement is a bit low, it may be time to buy Facebook comments and revive it. While all Facebook comments are in the fan news, personalized Facebook comments posted by real users will have the greatest impact on your account engagement.

Since comments are a natural response to interesting and intriguing Facebook photos, stories, or videos and are considered more difficult than saying Facebook likes, it is only appropriate that any post from people not commenting should have three. Pay close attention.

We had frequent users who reported a 200% increase in fan engagement with the average Facebook post. However, remember to keep it constant. Simple things like buying Facebook comments for a post can go a long way. It encourages existing fans to share their thoughts or experiences.

Start a Conversation.

While the goal of starting a conversation on social media in general was not difficult, it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to engage in your posts, let alone follow your page or profile.

This is certainly true of the popular social media platform Facebook, which reaches 60.6% of Internet users as active Facebook users. Despite virally popular apps like Instagram, Tick Talk, and SnapChat, the city’s largest app, Facebook dominates the social media market. And businesses of all sizes go to great lengths to bring their Facebook ads, live videos, and business pages to a billion viewers.

As experience has shown, in the world of a conscious user, real Facebook comments outperform promotional campaigns, as people are more likely to trust others.

Even with Facebook ads, you are not guaranteed to get feedback. Why spend money trying to get Facebook comments and likes when you can keep them safe?

With real Facebook comments from BSM, it’s easy to get close to your target audience and create brand conversations. By knowing your shopping habits and desires, you develop a marketing strategy that definitely works. Let’s not waste money!

Grow Your Facebook Page

While Facebook followers and likes are important, Facebook comments are also a key player in organic growth. People are twice as likely to follow accounts with more engagement, as such accounts are considered popular and their content interesting.

Since comments are a clear indication of user engagement not only for other users but also for Facebook’s algorithm, the high number of comment posts indicates that users feed more or less than the comment post. As a result, users of the platform who do not know your brand may follow you.

If a post is valuable in itself and hundreds of other Facebook users have left positive comments, why not check out the Facebook page or profile, okay?

However, Facebook business profiles / pages that receive a constant stream of comments, observations, likes and shares are usually more easily accessed by new followers than the occasional comment pages.

Frequently Asked Questions About Facebook Comments

Can I place multiple orders for the same URL link

Of course, as long as the post link is correct and does not work, multiple orders are accepted. It is up to you to decide which Facebook service and when to buy. If multiple orders are placed by the same customer at the same time, they will probably be processed and delivered at the same time. We also have many users who buy Facebook comments and like a video or photo multiple times to make it more organic.

Will anyone know if I buy Facebook comments?

No, we, Facebook users, would not trust a brand if we knew it was buying Facebook reviews. Even with real Facebook users, people are strongly opposed to buying social media services. Therefore, we know why it is better to keep the details of the order away from the public.

Remember that all deliveries on BSM have organic speed in terms of your account metrics? When neither the details of your order nor the appearance of the comments are unusual, how can anyone know the big secrets of your Facebook?

How fast is the delivery?

Buying any Facebook service, including Facebook comments, is organic and fast. We try to deliver your order in 24-48 hours or less. However, sometimes when Facebook releases an update and the developer team updates our delivery system, it may take a little longer.

Can I get Facebook feedback for a business page?

Yes. Facebook comments provided by BSM can be solicited for both personal and business accounts. Whether you buy Facebook reviews for your business or personal goals, they are all from real Facebook users around the world.

Other Services

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Facebook Views

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