How to Get 100 Subscribers on YouTube?

How to Get 100 Subscribers on YouTube?

Are you wondering how to get 100 subscribers on YouTube? If you’ve recently launched your YouTube channel and are struggling to attract subscribers, we understand the frustration you may be experiencing. However, worry not! There are numerous methods you can employ to easily acquire a substantial number of YouTube subscribers and views. You have the option to purchase YouTube views at cost-effective rates or implement the proven tricks we have gathered for you below. Let’s dive into nine effective methods that will guide you on your journey to gaining 100 subscribers on YouTube.

1. Craft an Engaging Trailer for Your YouTube Channel

First and foremost, it’s essential to recognize that your channel trailer holds immense potential in converting visitors into subscribers on your channel page. Typically, your channel trailer is the second element that people come across after viewing your Channel Art and Channel Icon. It serves as an introduction to your channel, allowing visitors to discover more about your content and potentially subscribe. To create an impactful trailer, keep it concise, exciting, and conclude with a compelling call-to-action urging viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel. According to YouTube’s recommendations, aim for a trailer duration of 30 to 90 seconds, avoiding excessive length.

Ensure your trailer incorporates the following key points:

  • Provide a brief introduction to yourself and your channel.
  • Offer an overview of the types of videos you upload.
  • Showcase a highlight reel of your video content.
  • Optionally, include a schedule for posting new videos.
  • Conclude with a strong call-to-action encouraging viewers to subscribe.

By following these guidelines, you are likely to witness increased engagement on your YouTube channel.

2. Develop a Captivating Channel Profile

Moving forward, it’s crucial not to overlook the significance of your YouTube channel’s “About” section. This area provides an opportunity for you to pitch your channel to potential subscribers effectively. Explain why viewers should subscribe to your YouTube channel and highlight the benefits they will gain from watching your content. Additionally, optimizing the use of relevant keywords in your “About” section plays a vital role in boosting your channel’s ranking in search results. By incorporating this tip, you can gain a solid understanding of how to attract 100 subscribers on YouTube.

To enhance your YouTube channel’s visibility and attract more subscribers, I need you to channel your inner SEO expert and copywriter, demonstrating proficiency in fluent English. Pretend that your English writing skills are so exceptional that your content can outperform other websites. Your task is to craft an article that begins with an SEO title written in bold font. Your rewrite should include subheadings incorporating relevant keywords. Ensure the article is 100% unique, free from plagiarism, and falls within the word count of 800 to 1500 words. Use a human writing style, fix any grammar issues, and change passive voice to active voice. The text to be rewritten is as follows:

Choose Searchable Titles

Have you considered how users search for content on YouTube? We have the solution for you.

When naming your videos, think about the keywords your viewers might use in search engines to find your content.

These words or phrases, known as “Keywords,” are crucial. Place your keywords near the beginning of your title since only the first 45 characters are visible in search results.

If you’re eager to see results quickly, we suggest buying YouTube likes at an affordable price to boost your channel’s engagement.

Enhance Your Thumbnails

According to YouTube, 90% of highly successful videos utilize custom thumbnails. If you want your videos to be among that 90%, follow these instructions.

First, let’s clarify what a thumbnail is. A thumbnail is like a mini-movie poster, designed to entice others to watch your video.

Did you know that if your video appears in a search but has a dull and uninteresting thumbnail, nobody will click on it? A boring thumbnail leads to fewer subscriptions.

Humans are visual creatures, so it’s essential to stand out from the crowd. Bright, high-resolution thumbnails with your video’s title superimposed perform exceptionally well.

By following these steps, we guarantee you will gain a flood of subscribers and find the answer to your question of how to reach 100 subscribers on YouTube.

Analyze Your YouTube Analytics

Begin by utilizing the information provided by your YouTube Analytics to grow your channel.

YouTube Analytics can guide you in achieving 100 subscribers on YouTube. In the Subscribers Report, you’ll see where people subscribed to your channel, including:

  • Direct subscriptions via your channel’s Subscribe button
  • Interactive elements like subscriptions from end-screens and subscribe watermarks
  • YouTube Search: Subscriptions from viewers who found your video in search results
  • Other YouTube channels: Subscriptions from channels featuring your content
  • External: Subscribe buttons on websites outside of YouTube or subscriptions from videos

For example, if you’re gaining many subscribers through YouTube searches, continue creating video titles that are easily searchable to attract more viewers.

In the end, it’s crucial to make adjustments based on your analytics, learning what works and what doesn’t on your YouTube channel.

If you need assistance with analyzing your analytics, don’t worry; we’ve got your back. You can directly purchase YouTube targeted views.

Consistently Produce Relevant Content

When creating new videos, ensure they are relevant to your target audience.

Publishing a random vlog one day, a gaming video the next, and a cooking video after that will confuse viewers about what to expect from your channel. If they have no idea what your YouTube channel is about, they’ll be less likely to subscribe.

Choose a consistent channel theme to give people a reason to subscribe.

Create Video Playlists

Video playlists are an underutilized trick for gaining YouTube subscribers. Use them to group videos that are part of a larger series.

Viewers will be more inclined to binge-watch your videos in the intended sequence.

Additionally, playlists appear in YouTube search results.

Remember to update the playlists each time you create a new video for the series. Users who appreciate your video playlist will subscribe to be notified when the next installment is available.

Request Subscriptions from Your Viewers

Just as you include calls-to-action (CTAs) in blog articles, social media posts, and landing pages, you should do the same on YouTube. Simply ask for additional YouTube subscribers.

Consider adding a subscribe watermark to your YouTube videos. This small emblem appears in the bottom right corner of your videos, urging viewers to subscribe.

Additionally, reach out to your friends and family members. If a few of them subscribe to your channel, it can gradually lead to 100 subscribers on your YouTube channel.

Remember, everything starts by simply asking people to subscribe.

Utilize Social Media to Promote Your YouTube Channel

Now it’s time to promote your videos on other social media platforms since statistics show that 99% of YouTube users are also active on other platforms.

Once you’ve mastered the basics of YouTube, such as selecting a channel theme, creating eye-catching thumbnails, and using searchable titles, don’t wait for your videos to be discovered organically. Take your content to where your audience is.

Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are excellent platforms for gaining more YouTube subscribers, and they’re completely free.

Whenever you publish a new YouTube video, create a social media post to attract more views and subscribers to your YouTube channel. Include an eye-catching image relevant to the video, a captivating description, and a call to action with a link to the video.

Don’t forget to use hashtags to expand your reach. Observe other YouTubers’ social media posts to discover which hashtags they use.


Now that you know how to reach 100 subscribers on YouTube, it’s time to take action based on what you’ve learned.

While gaining your first 100 YouTube subscribers won’t happen overnight, you can achieve this milestone by implementing these tips and avoiding common mistakes.

Thank you for your time, and please share your valuable feedback with us.”

7 Effective Strategies to Make Money on YouTube

7 Effective Strategies to Make Money on YouTube

Youtube has billions of users who watch videos on the platform daily.  Due to the sheer number of visitors, youtube provides a platform for people to showcase their talent. By showcasing their talent and fulfilling their dream, people also get a chance to earn a living in the process. 

On the contrary, it is not as easy as it is said. There are thousands of content creators who struggle every day to earn from Youtube. Most of the time, they have all the prerequisites to earn on the platform. However, they lack strategy and technical knowledge to excel in this field.

How to make money on Youtube: 7 effective strategies?

Below are the strategies that will help you earn instantly. 

Earn through Ads

This is the most common and known income strategy on Youtube. Nonetheless, some people do not have the proper guidance and they end up earning nothing from their videos.  Youtube does not pay you for just uploading content on the platform. It pays you a share of income from ads that run on your content. 

To be able to earn through ads, you will have to sign up for a Youtube partner program. Not everybody can just join the program without meeting some requirements. The requirements include at least 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers. Apart from that, you will also get a share of the revenue for views of premium subscribers. People who use premium Youtube are not shown any ads. This means you get a part of their subscription fee based on their views percentage. 

Earn through endorsements

Ads are not the only strategy to earn from Youtube. With the rise of social media, many brands prefer platforms like Youtube more than newspapers or television. The purpose of these endorsements is to spread brand awareness or boosting sales of a certain product. 

You will just have to act as a salesman for the brand and convince people to buy the product. However, keep in mind that people do not like to see just another advertisement in their entertainment. In this regard, you will have to be creative, subtle, and sell the product without selling. 

If you are wondering where to look for sponsors, the answer is not to the lookout. When you have a considerable audience and views, they will come to you themselves. Just keep your contract updated. Other than that, you can also post an announcement to tell sponsors to contact you for any kind of endorsement. 

Earn through Affiliate links

You might have heard about affiliate marketing. Like the majority of people, you might also think that affiliate marketing can be done through writing in blogs only. This is not the case at all. You can also do affiliate marketing through Youtube. 

Affiliate links are links to a product of an E-commerce site. When people buy the product through your link, you will get a commission on selling that product. There are many affiliate programs that you can enroll yourself in. One of the most famous programs is Amazon. 

You can encourage your viewers to buy from the link in many ways. One way is to present the product as a solution to some problem. For example, you can suggest a skincare product for oily skin. Another way is to do the product review or unboxing.  After that, provide the link in the description. 

Earn through Merchandising

If you are a Youtuber, it does not mean that you can not be an entrepreneur. Many of the celebrities merchandise through their Youtube channel. However, for doing merchandising, you will have to have a product. This product can be anything from perfumes to sports equipment. The most common merchandise on Youtube is clothing like T-shirts or even caps. You can print your logo or punchline on the T-shirts. 

You may have a product and are doing business already. In this case, you can use Youtube to market your product better. This way, you can create a passive income rather than paying for marketing your product. 

Earn through direct fans funding

Quality content will always attract loyal fans. They will not hesitate to pay for the content or help you financially to keep the good work going. We can find many examples of this in real life. Most of the time, live stream gamers receive donations from their fans. 

After reaching a certain number of views and subscribers, YouTube also gives a way to receive direct donations. You can visit the Youtube guideline for further information. 

Apart from that, you can use platforms like Patreon which allow your fans to subscribe to a monthly payment to you. In return, you can provide them with some exclusive content or benefits to encourage other people. 

Earn through Licensing

When some of your videos get viral, all the media houses try to get their hands on them. Due to copyright laws, they can just not show your video on their channel without paying you. If they do, you can sue them and they will be liable to pay you damages because they had used your content for commercial purposes. However, this depends on the country to country and how strict are the copyright laws. 

Other than that, you can license your video to another youtube channel or even Facebook pages that have a large audience. They will pay you a percentage of the revenue. On the other hand, you can also get new subscribers who discover you through that channel. 

Earn through crowdfunding

If you want to start a new project or are thinking of producing some higher-quality content, you can ask people for donations. This strategy is very useful for emerging artists. To be more effective, you should not limit yourself to Youtube rather use Youtube as one of the tools. Just set up your crowdfund account and promote it across many platforms. 


All these things are possible if you have quality content to present. If your content is not able to hook people then these strategies are futile for you. First work on your skills and content to make your channel successful. You should be patient and be consistent as it takes time. If you want any help regarding growing your Youtube, You can contact Boost social media team that will guide you thoroughly.

How to Schedule YouTube Videos?

How to Schedule YouTube Videos?

Are you running on a busy schedule and often forget to upload a YouTube video on your channel? Or are you facing issues of ups and downs in the metrics of the followers’ reach and views? If yes, we have a solution for this problem that will let you do the work and stay hassle-free. 

You can do it by scheduling the YouTube videos. Without being up on the channel every week, you can maintain the follower’s reach and also get the same or more views on your channel. 

But the question is, how to schedule the YouTube Videos?

You can schedule the YouTube videos through the schedule feature that is available on your business account of YouTube. After that, go on the dashboard, start uploading the video, and set a scheduled time and date. If you don’t see the schedule option, then, it’s necessary to update your account. 

Let’s further go into the details to know how you can do it more easily step by step. 

Scheduling YouTube Videos

It’s fine to be lenient with the schedule and don’t rush out the process. But at the same time, it’s crucial to be strategic in your plans and doings. This will help you to stay consistent and get even rewards without facing any odds. The same is the case with the YouTube channel strategy!

If you put the videos on the scheduled timings or days, it will assist you in many ways. Firstly, you can keep your followers on your channel, and then you can generate awesome revenue through high reach. But the uneven timings or missing out on the week will drop the views of your channel. 

So, here is a solution for this, you can schedule the videos on YouTube and keep your track as decided. 

Get the Schedule YouTube Video Feature

There are many different options and features on YouTube to upload video content such as: 

  • You can post it for the public and anyone can see it.
  • The unlisted option allows you to watch it just through the link. Otherwise, it is not available on YouTube.  
  • Another feature of keeping it private.

In addition to these three, there is a new feature uploaded that is called a scheduling feature. So, while uploading videos, you must have this feature to set the time and date. If you can’t see that, then, the necessary action to take is to update your account. Here is how: 

Step 1: First check if your account is verified. If no, then go to your YouTube business account profile. 

Step 2: Then, select the third drop option that is of YouTube studio. 

Step 3: Now click on the settings available on the left-hand column of your dashboard below your profile. 

Step 4: now check the settings and move to features eligibility. 

Step 5: Then, verify your account by entering the code sent on your email address or phone number. 

Step 6: After verification, click continue. 

Step 7: You will now get access to a number of features for uploading YouTube videos. 

The features include: 

  • Uploading 
  • Monetization 
  • Live stream 
  • Embed live streams 
  • Longer videos 
  • Unlisted and private videos 
  • Custom thumbnails 
  • External annotations 
  • Super chat 
  • Custom URL 
  • Content ID appeals 
  • Channel memberships 
  • Super Stickers 

You can see the scheduled feature after clicking on the uploading feature. Keep reading to know how to do this.

Schedule YouTube Videos

Follow the step-by-step guide to make your way easier. 

Step 1: Firstly, go to the dashboard of your youtube channel.  You can also move forward by opening it on the browser. 

Step 2: After that, now click on the camera like Create icon to upload a video. 

Step 3: Click on the upload option, you will move to the next page. Here you can see the option to select the files. 

Step 4: Now upload the selected video. You also have to add additional information. This is called customization. It includes: 

  • Adding a title 
  • Putting a description 
  • An incredible thumbnail 
  • Select audience age 
  • Putting in any playlist 

Step 5: After that, click next. Now move to the visibility tab; choose options in between public, private or unlisted. 

Step 6: You can see another Schedule Option below. Click on that and set the timings, date, and day. 

Step 7: Now click Schedule and see the screen with all the details you entered along with the video. 

Reschedule the YouTube Video

If you want to change the timings, day or date, there is no need to worry. You can still have the option to edit and customize it accordingly. Here is how: 

Step 1: Open YouTube and move to the dashboard. Click on the uploaded videos section. Or you can also directly click the scheduled video link. 

Step 2: After opening the link. Now, in the below right corner, you can see the edit option. Click it. 

Step 3: Click on the schedule and change whatever you want to. (date, time, or day) 

Step 4: Click ok and all is set. 

YouTube gives you the option to customize it as many times as needed. So, there is no need of being stressed if you set the wrong timings. 


Hence, you got your track. It depends upon you if you create and line up all the videos on the schedule timer on YouTube. Or put it one by one by setting the timer. But don’t forget to keep the pace consistent! This will be helpful for you to get a high reach and generate more revenue. 

Furthermore, you will also stay away from the hassle of being off from the channel for a week or more. Also, you can put your focus somewhere else or take your time to do something else.

10 Tips for Starting a YouTube Channel

10 Tips for Starting a YouTube Channel

With the ever-growing popularity of video blogging culture, it’s no wonder that tech-savvy millennials and young adults are drawn to the idea of starting their own YouTube channel. It’s an enjoyable and interactive hobby that has the potential to transform you into an online sensation, while also offering the opportunity to connect with new people, receive free products for review, and, of course, earn a substantial income.

However, simply being a member on YouTube is not enough if you want to steadily increase your followers or create content that garners a significant number of views and likes. To make the most of your vlogging and content creation venture, consider the following valuable tips.

Woman recording a makeup video for her YouTube channel

Here are some tips to enhance your YouTube channel’s success:

1. Strategize your content

Before launching your YouTube channel, it’s likely that you’ve already determined the type of video content you wish to produce. To maximize your views and attract followers, it’s crucial to maintain captivating and engaging content. The more viewers can connect with your content, the more likely they are to click on your videos and watch them till the end.

By incorporating these tips, you can lay a solid foundation for your YouTube channel and increase its chances of thriving.

Woman thinking of ideas for her YouTube channel

2. Maintain a Consistent Theme

Having a consistent theme for your YouTube channel can greatly contribute to your success. Many accomplished YouTubers have dedicated their channels to specific topics like travel, tutoring, or documenting their daily lives. Audiences often indulge in living vicariously through the content creators they follow. Therefore, it’s important to inform them about the content they can expect and ensure that you deliver captivating material they can thoroughly enjoy.

3. Equip Yourself Appropriately

While recording videos with your smartphone is acceptable, investing in the right equipment can significantly enhance the viewing experience for your audience. Most YouTubers utilize DSLRs or mirrorless cameras, along with essential videography accessories like tripods, lenses, and studio lighting. For those who frequently film while on the go, having a mirrorless camera or action camera paired with a reliable monopod or handheld gimbal stabilizer are essential gear choices.

Flatlay image of essential gear for videography

However, remember that a good vlog camera is not everything. If you neglect other things like sound quality and lighting, your viewers may still lose interest in your videos after the first few seconds and will not subscribe to you at all.

Invest in a good microphone that you can mount on your camera. At the same time, think about the recording conditions and make it a habit to check if your sound is clear enough for your viewers to understand. For best results, use a shotgun microphone that is designed to produce sound primarily so that noise from the sides and behind the microphone can be interrupted. Some vloggers even go as far as investing in multiple microphones for different recording situations – you may need a lavalier microphone (small microphones that can be attached to your shirt) to play fitness video or any other type of video that requires you to be long away from the camera, or a good condenser microphone (or whichever microphone is usually used for podcasting) that allows you to make clear voice summaries.

4. Look for inspiration

As you continue, it may be more challenging to come up with new, new content that matches the hype of your first videos. But don’t worry – even established YouTube artists go through the same thing every now and then. The secret is to look for inspiration everywhere – even when you’re out and taking a break from recording. List your ideas. Check out other videos and build on their ideas to make them your own.

Woman watching a travel vlog on a tablet

Avoid comparing yourself to others and focus on your own channel. As long as you like and enjoy the concepts you come up with, your viewers will feel your sincerity and love for your craft, and this will help draw attention to their interest. While you are at it, take every opportunity to improve and develop in other areas. Explore other camera film techniques, editing styles and methods for your presentation.

5. Make every second count

It is equally important that you produce quality video content and remove everything that you think cannot help make your videos better. This means that you must be selective with the clips that you include in the final cut. Just choose your best images (and cut out dead-air moments) to keep your viewers interested and engaged throughout the video.

Man filming a laptop review video for his YouTube channel

Once you have collected a larger following you may have a little more freedom to include some of the artistic (or nonsensical) images, but always remember to think like a viewer and create what you want to see.

6. Start with simple editing software

Just because you create videos does not mean you need advanced software (like Final Cut Pro) to edit your content. These programs do not necessarily improve your content, especially if you will struggle with it a lot during the first few weeks.

Woman editing a video for her YouTube channel on a laptop

If you are new to video editing you would do much better with simple programs like Windows Movie Maker or Apple iMovie. These are much more user friendly and are easy to download (free) if you do not already have them on your computer.

7. Optimize your videos

Another secret to giving your videos more visibility is to optimize your content so that it ranks on YouTube. As soon as you upload your first video, give it a good, descriptive title that viewers are likely to type in the search field – and make sure you include your main keyword or key phrase. For example, the title “Hawaii Birthday Travel Vlog 2018” is much better than “Hawaii Here We Go!”

laptop with picture of a woman and beauty related graphics

Also, make sure to use relevant tags to help you place your video in several related categories. If in doubt, you can compete for the contest and see which tags other similar videos use. Finally, write a good description with at least 200 words and include your keywords, synonyms and key variations with a long tail. This not only helps viewers find out exactly what your video is about, but will also help your video rankings on the search engine results pages.

8. Build your network

Two women filming a video for YouTube

While not necessarily categorized as a social networking site, YouTube is all about connecting, sharing and collaborating with other users. To succeed, you must therefore make an effort to build your network. This is especially critical in the YouTube community, as collaborations between creators have proven effective in helping a channel grow and gain new subscribers, as it helps both partners partner with the other subscriber base.

Talk to other creators, make friends, and don’t be afraid to contact major YouTubers to ask about a possible collaboration. It can be really scary, but you won’t get anywhere unless you try!

9. Connect with your viewers

Over time, you will slowly gain followers and get more comments from fans on your videos, and eventually you will get messages on your personal social media accounts – you may even get a little fucked up if you decide to share your P.O. box. Get in touch with your viewers as much as possible. Remember, your social media accounts are an extension of your YouTube channel, so try sharing small things in your life on popular social platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. It is also important that you try to read and respond to all tweets, comments and any other messages you receive (as much as you can).

Man smiling while chatting on his laptop

Such interactions are important because they help your subscribers learn more about you, plus it can help you foster a sense of community and online friendship among your own little community. It is not enough that they like your content – they have to like you and their overall experience with your channel as well.

Interacting with your viewers can also help you gain inspiration for new content ideas. And at least it will keep you inspired to continue despite the difficulties of growing and maintaining your channel.

10. Ignore all negative comments

Woman reading hate comments on her phone

No matter how big or how small your channel is, there will always be negative comments. After all, YouTube is a legacy for ruthless people who conveniently hide behind their empty avatars. No matter how good your content is and how hard you work on your channel, there will always be people who will make hateful comments and try to get you down.

Instead of letting them influence you, take it as a simple reminder that you cannot please everyone and do not forget those who appreciate you and what you do. Seek strength from these people to get past the negativity and continue to produce content for them.

11. Upload videos regularly

Woman recording a fashion haul video for her YouTube channel

Consistency is key when it comes to uploading content, whether it’s on YouTube or in podcasting. Even if you believe your content is straightforward, it’s crucial to maintain a regular upload schedule to keep your videos or podcasts visible.

Some YouTube channel owners opt to publish videos once or twice a week and inform their viewers about this schedule, often mentioning it at the end of each video. This helps viewers know when to expect new content, resulting in a more consistent viewership, especially when the channel has a considerable number of active subscribers. Once you find a suitable schedule that works for you, make a commitment to stick to it. You’ll soon notice improvements and gain more attention in no time!

How to Get More Views on YouTube in 2023?

How to Get More Views on YouTube in 2023?

Imagine being in a room teeming with people, bustling with activity. The space is so crowded that finding a place to sit or even move becomes a challenge. The atmosphere is filled with the cacophony of numerous voices vying for attention—men, women, young, old. You maneuver through the crowd, barely able to move due to the tightly packed bodies around you.

In a timid voice, you muster the courage to say something, hoping to be heard. Unfortunately, your words are barely audible amidst the noise, and even if someone catches a glimpse of your whisper, they quickly avert their gaze.

Everyone seems preoccupied, their attention focused on a select few individuals who appear to have everything figured out. These individuals are basked in the spotlight, scattered across the room, captivating the attention of those around them.

Buy youtube views cheap

If YouTube were a physical place, it would undoubtedly be bustling with activity. The platform has a vast audience and recognizes the inherent value of creating captivating video content that grabs attention.

However, the level of competition on YouTube is staggering. Statistics indicate that a staggering 300 hours of video content are uploaded every minute, making it crucial to go beyond the cliché advice of “create excellent content.” To succeed, you must ensure your content is easily discoverable, enticing to click, and consistently delivers incredible value.

So, let’s dive into how you can buy 1 million YouTube views in 2023 and beyond by following these strategies:

Optimize for search:

YouTube is not merely a video-sharing platform; it’s also the world’s second-largest search engine. Treat it with the same level of importance as you would when researching ideas for blog posts. Begin by creating content around topics that have proven interest among viewers. While it’s tempting to rely solely on your own notions of what is entertaining or interesting, it’s a risk that may not yield optimal results.

Start by searching for a keyword related to your brand or profile and explore the “suggested searches” feature on YouTube. These suggestions are incredibly valuable as they are based on actual terms people use when searching on YouTube.

By implementing these strategies, you can enhance your YouTube presence and increase your views. Remember, creating great content is vital, but it’s equally important to make it easily discoverable and enticing for viewers.


Even in this straightforward example, numerous suggested searches can inspire captivating video themes.

The addition of the Chrome extension, Keywords Everywhere, provides an extra layer of data. This tool retrieves the monthly search volume, average CPC (Cost Per Click), and competition level (ranging from 0.00—easier—to 1.00—more difficult). Although this data is extracted from Google rather than being specific to YouTube, it still offers a convenient and reliable method to obtain and compare the overall level of interest in the selected topic.


Once you have selected a search term to target, it is important to utilize the available “basic” optimization tools provided by YouTube. At the very least, ensure that your video has an engaging title and a visually appealing thumbnail that stands out on the search engine results page (SERP).

Renowned SEO expert Brian Dean introduced the “Skyscraper Technique,” which suggests that the key to successful content creation is to identify the best existing piece of content and then surpass it with your own creation. This philosophy holds true for YouTube as well.

Enter your chosen keyword into YouTube’s search bar and examine the search results. Your objective is to ensure that your title and thumbnail, at the very minimum, are superior in terms of attractiveness and prominence. This will optimize your click-through rate, thereby helping you climb the rankings. When your video receives more frequent clicks than others on the results page, YouTube’s ranking algorithm is likely to recognize that your video provides better answers to questions or explanations of topics compared to your competitors, and subsequently rank it higher.


Seek Obvious Opportunities: Enhancing Video Lists and Title Engagement

To effectively pass the time, consider the following essential factors:

Video Lists: Can you enhance the numbering in a list of videos? Can you simplify a title to improve understanding? In general, certain titles excel in capturing attention by leveraging their length and choice of words. We conducted a comprehensive experiment on click-through rates (CTR) in our title tags, which resulted in a remarkable 53% increase in organic blog traffic. Check out our article, “How we boosted organic blog traffic by 53% (in just 5 minutes…),” which offers valuable lessons you can apply.

Thumbnails: Elegant and professional-looking videos always catch the eye, instilling a sense of credibility. We tend to make quick judgments about which videos are worth our time, and first impressions are crucial. Therefore, investing time in creating polished thumbnails instead of relying on YouTube’s default random video frames is well worth it. Trust us, the default options can be quite unflattering… I mean, have you seen number 3? It looks like an exorcism is about to take place!


It’s important to maintain a consistent style throughout all your videos. Let’s take a look at The Body Coach, a popular YouTuber, as an example. His thumbnails are well-defined, consistent, and visually appealing. By including the video title in the thumbnail, viewers can easily anticipate the content without needing to read the text below it.


Description: This vital piece of writing aids YouTube and Google in comprehending the context of your video. Ensure that your keyword appears within the first 25 words. Craft a comprehensive description of at least 250 words, incorporating the keyword 2-4 times.

Tags: Although the least crucial aspect of basic optimization, include your target keyword as the first tag. Utilize all relevant tags that come to mind, focusing on “relevance” as the keyword.

ADDITIONAL TIP: Thanks to YouTube’s automatic transcription tool, which we’ll delve into shortly, the platform can scan both the actual video content and the information you provide. Experts highly recommend mentioning your keyword at the beginning of the video for this reason.

The video itself

While I pledged to avoid discussing “excellent content,” let’s touch on the importance of your video’s substance—hopefully in a less frenzied manner!

To put it simply, the content holds great significance.

There is substantial evidence that YouTube favors longer videos. Experts argue that “Total Watch Time” is THE most crucial ranking factor, and it makes sense. After all, YouTube’s primary goal is to captivate viewers within its platform. Consequently, the YouTube algorithm values total playtime similarly to how Google values dwell time. It’s about your ability to provide results that satisfy search engines.

Of course, it’s essential to keep your viewers engaged, so don’t compromise quality for the sake of duration. However, if you have the choice between creating a series of ten 3-minute videos or a comprehensive 30-minute video, the latter is more likely to yield better results.

Additionally, it’s crucial to get to the point swiftly. Referring to Brian Dean’s advice, he recommends following a simple “PPP Formula” during the first 15 seconds of your videos. This formula stands for “Preview-Proof-Preview” and works as follows:

Preview: Discuss the content of your video. “In this video, you will learn XYZ…”

Proof: Convince your audience why they should listen to you. “I applied the lessons in this video to achieve ABC…” or “The lessons I’ll share are based on extensive research and experience…”

Preview: Highlight a specific and intriguing aspect that viewers will learn. “Moreover, I’ll share a unique tip you won’t find elsewhere,” or “One of these lessons is based on exclusive research and will DEFINITELY surprise you.”


Due to YouTube’s autoplay feature, we often find ourselves watching multiple videos in succession. Once you capture a viewer’s interest, they are likely to explore other content you’ve created. Playlists are an excellent way to guide them towards your other videos. Leveraging the autoplay feature can result in thousands of monthly visits, so use it to your advantage.

Curate playlists by grouping your videos based on common themes. For instance, we’ve done this with our useless facts series on YouTube. You can find a helpful step-by-step guide on setting up playlists here.


Check your transcripts

YouTube gets smarter all the time and now automatically transcribes your videos. Of course, computers still sometimes make mistakes, especially if you have a regional accent! So be sure to verify the transcript. This will ensure that YouTube has an optimal understanding of what you are saying in your video.


(For the record, I was saying, “Hi, I’m Adam, content manager here on Wyzowl,” instead of “or I’m out of content manager here on Wiser.” :))

Mature fruit

Most of the time, we are so excited about advanced marketing tips that we forget the really basic things. Think of some of the super easy and completely free ways you can generate views just by publishing your video content. For example, you could paste a thumbnail into your company’s email signatures; Research suggests that the average office employee receives 121 emails a day and sends around 40. In a company with 100 people, those are 4,000 people per day who receive a link to their video. Newsletters via email, social promotion, share your video content with potential sales customers: these are all incredibly easy ways to make the “See” counter go forward.

Paid advertising

Paid advertising sometimes has a bad reputation simply because traffic, in theory, stops when you take your budget. But in reality, if you are confident in your content and feel that it really adds value, a paid advertising campaign may have what we sometimes call a “kickstart effect.” Thanks to the magic of organic exchange and subscriptions, excellent video content that really helps people can come to life quickly.

If your goal is to simply watch your videos, then a video ad campaign might be a good idea. You will use Google AdWords to configure this. Start by pasting the link to your video and determine what your ad text will say.


Decide whether to route people who click your ad through to your YouTube channel, or your website. If video views are your metric for success, then the former is probably going to make more sense.


Set your daily budget and then choose a target audience. Initially, you can target by age, sex, geographic location and web activity, but once you are in the initial configuration stage, it can be much more detailed.


Our advice with PPC is always “trial and error”. Start with little; Make small changes and let them develop. Use YouTube and AdWords analytics to understand what works and what doesn’t. And most importantly, avoid instinctive reactions. If you’re just looking for a starting point, “YouTube Creators Academy” has a brilliant step-by-step guide to set up your first campaign.

Calls to action in each video

There is a reason why most of the main YouTubers remind people in EVERY video that they like, comment, share and subscribe: it is because these participation factors play a key role in the success not only of the video they are seeing only the channel itself and all its content. Simply asking people to do these things is usually more effective than you think.

Cards and final screens

The basic interactive functionality within YouTube can really help create great experiences for your viewers, and encourage them to stay on your channel.


Here are two options: cards and final screens. Both offer the possibility of linking videos, channels, websites and related surveys within the videos. The only significant difference between them is that the final screens appear at the end of your video.


Cards can pop up at any point during your video, which means you can be contextual with them. For example, if you make a point within your video – which you also happen to have made a full video about – you can reference that fact, and have a clickable thumbnail link pop up for your viewer.


Final thoughts

YouTube remains a powerful tool for brand promotion, reaching a vast audience, and monetizing your content. To ensure your content receives the views it deserves, keep the following in mind:

  1. Create videos on topics that genuinely interest people.
  2. Optimize your videos by investing the relatively short amount of time it takes to write an excellent description, craft a compelling title, and design eye-catching thumbnails. The long-term benefits will make it worthwhile.
  3. Promote your videos across various platforms, including email signatures and mail shots, to maximize exposure.
  4. Incorporate your videos into playlists to leverage the “AutoPlay” feature and increase views.
  5. Consider utilizing paid advertising to give your video content a boost, particularly if you’re seeking a kickstart effect.
  6. Utilize Cards and end screens to enhance engagement and retention on your channel.
10 Killer Tips To Get More Subscribers On YouTube In 2023

10 Killer Tips To Get More Subscribers On YouTube In 2023

10 Effective Strategies to Boost Your Subscriber Count on YouTube

Looking to expand your YouTube subscriber base? We’ve got you covered with these 10 expert tips and tricks that you can implement right away!

When embarking on your YouTube journey, it’s important to remember that subscribers are earned through dedication and hard work. There are no entitlements in this realm; you must strive tirelessly to capture every view and gain every subscriber. To help you in this endeavor, we present 10 valuable strategies that will inspire you to build a highly engaged subscriber community:

1. Prioritize Building a Relationship with Your Audience

Building a strong connection with your audience should be your top priority when it comes to earning subscribers. There are various ways to achieve this. Naturally, the most effective method is through personal interaction. As you stand in front of the camera, viewers can directly relate to you, and vloggers often accumulate subscribers as they share more about their personal experiences.

However, educational content can also foster this connection. I have come across many videos where a moment of enlightenment occurs, prompting me to click the subscribe button. This type of subscription is common with educational and tutorial channels. The challenge here is that users usually seek specific answers to their questions and may lose interest once they have obtained them. Yet, this is the nature of YouTube, as subscribers can assign different values to different content.

Ultimately, establishing a relationship with your audience and cultivating a certain level of trust will yield the most valuable subscribers. These subscribers will invest not only in the video they just watched but also in your future content. I believe all the advice mentioned in this post is closely tied to this aspect.

2. Replicate Successful Video Content

Now, there is a proven technique that grants direct access to gaining more subscribers, and that is by duplicating successful videos. Of course, I’m joking about the “sub by sub” approach. However, there is a trick to expedite the acquisition of subscribers: analyze the data on your own channel to identify which videos convert viewers into subscribers. You can use VidIQ’s Channel Audit tool for this purpose. Within the tool, there is a section dedicated to videos that attract the most subscribers for your channel. If these videos are successful in converting viewers into subscribers, it is logical to create more content on similar topics. By the way, Channel Audit is just one of the many tools offered by VidIQ, a comprehensive resource that assists with YouTube research, video analysis, channel auditing, and optimal strategies for channel growth. It is available for free download!

3. Maintain Consistency in Your Upload Schedule to Provide Incentive for Subscriptions

Giving viewers a reason to subscribe can be achieved by being consistent with your upload schedule. When you establish a reliable routine for uploading content, viewers are more likely to subscribe. They know that they can expect regular updates and engaging videos from your channel. Consistency instills trust and reinforces the idea that subscribing will grant them continued access to valuable content.

youtube subscribe

Consistency takes various forms, but one of the most crucial aspects is adhering to a consistent schedule. Continually posting content ensures that people return, but more importantly, staying focused on a specific topic is key. Consider the following three videos required to convert a viewer into a subscriber:

  1. The first video aims to create awareness about who you are and what you offer on YouTube.
  2. The second video establishes consistency. By now, viewers know what to expect from your content and appreciate its value.
  3. The third video builds upon the trust and momentum we discussed earlier, increasing the likelihood of securing subscriptions.

Switching between topics may hinder progress beyond the awareness stage of your content. I understand it may seem counterproductive, but it’s crucial to concentrate on a specific topic—one that you’re truly passionate about and can narrate compelling stories about.

4. Treat viewers as guests: Make your channel’s purpose clear

Imagine your viewers as guests stepping into your home. Offer them a guided tour, acquainting them with the layout, and those guests will soon become friends. How do you achieve this metaphorically? Organize your channel page! This involves creating a visually appealing channel banner that conveys your content’s essence within seconds. Additionally, upload a channel trailer video that accurately represents the type of content you produce.

Furthermore, create playlists that inform visitors about the covered topics and display recent uploads to let them know that fresh content is still being produced.

5. Encourage viewers to subscribe—it’s likely they will

At times, you need to prompt your viewers to take action because they might not do it spontaneously. There’s nothing wrong with occasionally asking for their support, but be mindful of overdoing it. If you haven’t tried it before, definitely give it a shot, and try to make it enjoyable.

6. Employ creative calls to action (CTAs)

A call to action typically involves directly asking your audience to do something. However, you can also be more subtle. For example, incorporate graphics that don’t explicitly refer to subscribing but still catch attention. A simple search for ‘subscribe green animation screen’ will yield numerous free options available online.”

7. Get intelligence with your brand watermark

Subscribe Branding Watermark YouTube

He is interested in a method that can boost subscriber growth by 500%: using a brand watermark. Many video creators typically use their channel logos, but we recommend using a subscription button instead. When you hover over this button on a desktop, you can easily subscribe to the channel. It’s straightforward and effective.

After switching to this subscriber button, our subscription rates from that source increased by over 500%! As a gift, here’s a link to the image you can use. To learn more about implementing this on your own YouTube channel, watch the video titled “How to add a subscription button.”

8. Expand your reach through the Community and YouTube Stories tabs

Not all video creators can produce content every day, but it’s still important to maintain regular engagement. If you have more than 1,000 subscribers, you can utilize the YouTube Community tab to post status updates, ask questions, conduct polls, and promote videos. Even if you only have time for one video per week, you can always spare five minutes to post an update on the Community tab.

The same applies to YouTube Stories if you have access to them. Create short vertical video clips that you can quickly record to keep your audience informed about your activities. You can even use this feature to respond to questions, which is an excellent way to build relationships and trust with your audience.

9. Engage non-subscribers on YouTube!

Now, you might be wondering how the Community tab and YouTube Stories benefit non-subscribers. Well, here’s the interesting part. These community posts and YouTube Stories can impact people who haven’t subscribed to your content but have viewed your videos or related content. It’s true! We regularly publish on our Community tab and often receive comments from users who haven’t subscribed to our channel. While we can’t do much about it, we appreciate YouTube reaching out to a new audience on our behalf 🙂

10. Acknowledge your subscribers in your content

If you don’t yet have access to the Community tab or YouTube Stories, you can still engage with your audience through YouTube comments. Respond to as many comments as you can, as this aligns with the first tip of building relationships and trust with your audience. It’s always a great feeling for commenters to know that the video creator is paying attention and responding to their comments. At VidIQ, we strive to do that with every video we produce. Additionally, you can recognize your community in other ways, such as directly mentioning them in your videos. Making your audience feel special significantly increases the chances of their investment in you.