Ideal Strategies for Hotel Social Media Marketing
Want your hotel business to flourish and your hotel premise to be bustling with your guests’ positive energy? You need a dominating and prominent online presence to achieve such a goal! Hotel social media marketing can take your hotel business a long way when it comes to attracting guests and boosting visibility. The benefits of social media marketing are infinite. Your business’s online presence on social media platforms gains you access to a diverse audience,
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Half a Billion Users Joined Social in the Last Year
Yes, you read that right. Almost half a billion people have joined social media last year which tells you the significance of these platforms. This is by far the greatest jump in terms of people getting into the ecosystem of social media within 12 months.  One of the largest contributors to this number includes China that alone is responsible for more than 80 million people getting into the social web. Other countries include India and
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How to use social media in healthcare: A guide for healthcare professionals
Social media has become a part of our daily lives. No day can pass without us scrolling through the different social media platforms. Even if someone is not directly engaged with social media, they are influenced indirectly in some way or other.  Therefore, it creates an endless window of opportunities. With the right approach, health care professionals can revolutionize the overall attitude of people regarding health care. For this to happen, health care professionals have
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How to Bulk Schedule Social Media posts and save time
When you schedule social media posts in bulk, you can spend your time on more important things, such as researching customers, implementing engagement strategies, and creating new memes to post on your office Slack channel. It’s not that difficult to keep up with your content calendar through the use of a bulk scheduling tool. There is no question about the number of posts going out every day and when. You can schedule across a wide
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Instagram‌ ‌Followers‌ ‌Hack‌
Have you ever wondered what does it take to get thousands of followers? I can bet you have tried but were defeated.  Instagram is one the biggest social media platforms to exist. Throughout the years, Instagram has grown its users.  Remember how Instagram used to be an app on your phone where you would post random stuff? Well, that is not the case these days. Instagram has outgrown its image of being just ‘an app
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5 amazing social wall examples
Social networking is an essential part of our lives, a huge source of traffic, and a critical component of any company’s growth. Social feeds refresh your website on a regular basis and keep it relevant and up to date with new content. Displaying social feeds on your website will also provide visitors with a more comprehensive view of your brand. It will also engage and invite feedback.  It enables marketers to transform a static display
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Instagram has become a trendsetter for many products among the masses, especially the young generation.  It is found out that most of the time people get encouraged to buy a product after seeing it on Instagram. In this success of Instagram, stories play a crucial part.  The story on Instagram is like a post that is visible for a day only. You can only record up to 15 seconds in one go.  Therefore, there are
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How to Make Money on YouTube: 7 Effective Strategies
Youtube has billions of users who watch videos on the platform daily.  Due to the sheer number of visitors, youtube provides a platform for people to showcase their talent. By showcasing their talent and fulfilling their dream, people also get a chance to earn a living in the process.  On the contrary, it is not as easy as it is said. There are thousands of content creators who struggle every day to earn from Youtube.
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Sow and Grow social media wall
Today, how a company communicates with its customers can determine whether it gains or loses a customer. A typical user spends about two hours every day looking through graphics and engaging textual content on social media. Along with engagement, brands must offer the client happiness that their marketing tricks promise. For new users, the social wall serves both functions. A social wall is a collection of user-generated information sourced from various social media platforms such
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How to use Pinterest for business 8 strategies you need to know
Are you someone who loves using Pinterest for its aesthetically pleasing vibes or to get new ideas for your home? Similarly, you can now use Pinterest for your business as well. It is quite interesting to find great recipes and unique inspiration to try new things on Pinterest. However, it also gives different businesses a platform to market themselves. If you are wondering how Pinterest can be used for marketing, then, to simply put your
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Metrics to Track if You’re Using Social Messaging for Customer Care
In our lives, social media has grown increasingly vital. When individuals get up, the first thing they do is check their Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter apps to see what has happened over the night. That is why, to provide an amazing client experience, a company’s customer service is critical.  Identifying and assessing the right customer service metrics can help your company keep track of its customer service efforts and results. Still, the question stands: What
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Instagram Influencer Pricing: How to Determine Influencer Rates in 2021
Influence marketing business has become a billion dollars industry in this era of social media. The platform that enabled this industry the most is Instagram. It is observed that every other social media influencer starts their journey from Instagram and then expands to other platforms. This might be because people see social media as a lifestyle guide. According to studies, Instagram plays a large part in people’s buying decisions.  Therefore, Instagram has become the go-to
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