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Are you looking to boost your YouTube channel’s popularity and engagement? With our high-quality likes, your content will gain more credibility and trust. With BSM, you can buy 100% real, organic, no drip, and fast YouTube views in just 24 hours. Purchase YouTube likes today! 



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Youtube Likes


Real High Quality Likes 

Start Time: up to 2 Hours

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Youtube Likes


Real High Quality Likes 

Start Time: up to 2 Hours

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Real High Quality Likes 

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Real High Quality Likes

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Real High Quality Likes 

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Buy YouTube Views Cheap

Unlock the potential of your YouTube channel with our unbeatable offers. Buy YouTube likes at an incredibly affordable prices. Buying YT views with BSM is simple, legit, and 100% safe. If you got any question, suggestion, or a particular goal to achieve. Just send us a message on WhatsApp.

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How to Buy Youtube Likes


Select the package that is right for you

Choose from the packages above.


Provide necessary information

Provide profile Link so that we can deliver your real likes to your account.


Checkout securely

Now sit back and relax while your likes are delivered to your account.

Best Place to Buy Youtube Likes

Real, Authentic Likes

We only give our customers real likes from authentic customers. This will help you improve your visibility, improve your ranking in the YouTube search engine, improve your organic growth and appear more frequently in the suggested videos section.

Safe and Verified

Our process is 100% secure, and our payment method is 100% verified. How do we know this is the case? Because we will give you only 100% real likes from 100% authentic users. No ghost accounts, spam or bots. In addition, we protect your payment data with Recaptcha, SSL and PCI technology.


We offer you the most affordable YouTube Likes feed. BSM is the only company that allows you to buy the right number of YouTube likes. No packages. You will only pay for what you really need.

24/7 Support

The BSM support team is always at your disposal. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Get in touch via the page chat, or by email. We will answer you super fast.

Buy Youtube Likes

Why Should I Buy YouTube Likes

Go Viral

Securely buying YouTube Likes is the cheapest, safest and easiest way to make your YouTube videos viral. When you buy likes, you can rank better on the YouTube search engine, which will help you get new organic views and new likes. This process helps you to appear more regularly in the best positions and suggested videos section of your followers’ feeds.

Beat Your Competitors

This highlights the competition that gets all the social recognition and credibility by buying a permanent chain of likes. Do you know one thing Chances are, most of your competitors are already buying YouTube likes and other survices such as buy youtube views, buy youtube comments, buy youtube subscribers, buy youtube shorts views so it’s up to you to play with weapons like these and beat them on their own field, or not.

Make Your Followers Watch Your Videos Longer

Internet users usually do not focus on one thing for long. It’s hard to get someone to watch your entire videos, or browse your channel. But when people see that your videos already have a lot of likes, things change. The trend is reversed and they continue to enjoy your content. And, as you know, the longer your fans stay with you, the better!

Snowball Effect

YouTube, like many other social networks, works according to the popular snowball effect. When a user sees a video garnering a lot of likes, they think it’s worth watching, so there’s another addition to your imagination. And that’s part of the ‘other’ snowball, which is getting bigger and bigger. Until a few likes become a few thousands of likes!

Things To Consider Before Buying YouTube Likes

Is It Risky For My Videos To Buy Likes?

Not at all! This is the best thing about our service. There is no risk to your channel, and it is impossible to have your account suspended because by buying your likes for YouTube safely on BSM, you make sure that all those likes come from 100% real users. Our likes are 100% legal and authentic, so your account will always be safe.

How Do I Buy Likes For YouTube on BSM?

The process is so simple you just have to do the following: To get started, make sure the videos you want to like are public. If not, our real customers will not be able to see you. Then, copy the video’s URL and paste it into our box. Now we know where we want to send you favorites. Then choose the right number of likes you are going to buy and pay using our secure and verified method. Bus! Now you just have to wait.

Is The Service Guaranteed?

100%! In fact, we are so sure that everything will be fine, that if any problem arises and for any reason you do not get the likes you purchased, we will refund your money. So not only is your account safe and secure, but you don’t run the risk of losing your money.

What Quality Do BSM Services Offer Me, and What Are The Benefits Of Buying Likes For YouTube?

This is our favorite question. Why? Because that means we are on the same wavelength and you have a special interest in quality. By safely buying likes for YouTube on social media, what you are buying are 100% authentic likes from 100% real users. The accounts from which these likes come are real. So what you get is real interactions and results. They will come to you from all over the world, and you will see that the positive effects on your account will not take long.

When Will I See The Likes Once Purchased?

The likes will start coming to you the moment you make the payment, but the process is not completed in an instant. You will have all, until the last of the likes, between 24 and 48 hours after confirming the payment. If not, please contact us and we will refund your money.

How Many YouTube Likes Should I Buy?

Great question! And it’s easier said than done. We can think of as much as we like, right? The truth is that the number of likes you get varies from day to day. Trends change, and YouTube is responsive. But everything will be fine if you stay between 2% and 5% of the actual average visits that are typically on your sites. That is, if your videos have an average of 100 views, buy between 2 and 5 likes.

Buy Real Youtube Likes

How do I increase Likes on YouTube?

Alongside buying real YouTube video views, try these strategies and put the maximum effort behind attracting more users to your channel.

  • Post quality videos that appeal to your target audience:

    • Identify your target audience and understand their wants and needs.
    • Pay attention to news, trends, and debates in your community to generate video ideas.
    • Create content that directly addresses the current topics and interests of your target audience.
  • Promote your YouTube content on social media:


    • Be proactive and share your videos on popular social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.
    • Engage with your audience on these platforms and encourage them to watch and like your YouTube videos.
  • Use SEO strategies to make your videos more discoverable:


    • Implement search engine optimization techniques to improve your video’s visibility on YouTube.
    • Include relevant keywords or key phrases in the video title, transcript, caption, and thumbnail.
    • Optimize your video description by providing a clear and concise summary of the content.

Remember, increasing likes on YouTube requires consistent effort and engagement with your audience. Interact with your viewers through comments, encourage them to like and share your videos, and provide valuable content that resonates with them.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it possible to buy likes on YouTube?

    Absolutely! Purchasing YouTube likes is a prevalent practice within the industry, regularly employed by prosperous YouTube channels. Boost Social Media stands out as a reliable and esteemed provider of this service.

    Will my channel get banned if I buy YouTube likes?

    If you acquire genuine YouTube likes from authentic users, such as the service offered by Boost Social Media, it does not violate YouTube’s Terms and Conditions. The act of purchasing YouTube likes is only considered a breach if they originate from bot accounts.

    Will my YouTube likes drop off after a while?

    The probability of the YouTube likes you purchase from BSM decreasing is extremely low, as they originate from genuine users. Nonetheless, in the rare event that you encounter any decreases, we guarantee to replenish them within six months of your acquisition.

    Will purchasing YouTube video likes help grow my channel?

    When employed in conjunction with other social media marketing tactics, such as producing high-quality content, buying YouTube video likes can undoubtedly contribute to the growth of your channel, both in the short-term and the long-term.

    What is the limit for the number of YouTube likes I can buy?

    There is no limit to the quantity of YouTube likes you can purchase. If you desire a quantity beyond what our largest plan offers, kindly send us a message and make a custom order request.

    Do successful YouTube creators buy video likes?

    Indeed! It is an undisclosed strategy within the industry that accomplished YouTubers, including influencers, brands, and celebrities, procure YouTube likes and other engagement metrics to enhance their channels.

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