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Buy TikTok views for your content to skyrocket your followers, engagement, and revenue. We offer organic views on TikTok, such as views on videos and live streams. Get organic views and watch your content go viral!

Boost Social Media sells views from real people (not bots). Since these are real, there is no harm to your TikTok account.


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Best Site to Buy TikTok Views

Boost-social-media.com is well-known for providing premium TikTok views that help you skyrocket your account.

Because these are real TikTok views, there is a chance of an overall boost in your account.

You can increase TikTok likes, comments, shares, or followers.

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Boost Social Media ensures you receive authentic, high-quality likes without worrying about fake engagements. We deliver orders promptly, making smaller packages more powerful.

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You get the best ROI while working with us. While other platforms pricing start from $$, we provide a real value for money by starting at $0.59. This allow anyone to test our services.

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You don't have to keep checking on the progress repeatedly. Getting started with Boost Social Media is easy. You just have to place an order and our team starts delivering the results within a day.

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We have been around for a long time! There are over 50k+ TikTok content creators who used our services. We have proven-track record of delivering genuinue views on TikTok.

Customer service

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We offer dedicated customer support via email and WhatsApp to address any queries or issues you may have, ensuring a seamless and gratifying experience.

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Data Privacy

The protection of your information, privacy, and security are our top priorities. We have stringent data protection measures in place to ensure your data remains safe and confidential by 256-bit SSL encryption.

Why Should you Buy TikTok Views?

Making your TikTok videos viral is essential for content creators, celebrities, the ecommerce brands & small businesses, or other stakeholders that want to see how many people watch their videos. Each view means that someone watched a video, showing that people are interested in it. A high number of views on a video typically indicates that it is intriguing.

Purchasing views on TikTok are also essential since they influence how the platform’s algorithm shows and recommends content. More views on a video will probably make it to the “For You” tab, where a larger audience will see it.

Getting more views is critical for those who create videos and want them to be seen and liked on TikTok.

Buy TikTok Views


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We've Delivered over 4,105,967,469 Views

I can't thank Boost Social Media enough for their incredible service! As an aspiring dancer, I was struggling to get my TikTok videos noticed despite putting in hours of effort into creating unique dance challenges. I decided to try Boost Social Media and purchased real TikTok views for one of my videos. My dance challenge started gaining traction within a few days, and views skyrocketed. The increased visibility helped my video go viral, and I gained thousands of new followers and likes. Boost Social Media has truly helped me kickstart my TikTok career!
Manisha D.
Aspiring Dancer & Content Creator
I was skeptical about buying TikTok views at first, but Boost Social Media proved me wrong. As a fitness trainer, I wanted to share my workout routines and tips with a wider audience. Despite my best efforts, my videos weren't getting their deserved attention. After purchasing real TikTok views from Boost Social Media, I noticed a significant increase in engagement almost immediately. My videos started appearing on more For You pages, and I received many positive comments and new followers. Thanks to Boost Social Media, I've been able to inspire and help more people on their fitness journeys.
Jake R.
Jake R.
Online Personal Trainer

How to Buy Real TikTok Views?

how to buy services in 3 steps

Select TikTok Views Plan

We provide the different range of packages in cheap rates tailored to your pocket friendly budget and desired view count. Each package includes around-the-clock dedicated customer support and swift delivery service. Simply select the package that aligns with your goals.

Provide TikTok Video URL

 Just share the URL of your TikTok video, and we’ll boost it with authentic views. Witness your video rise to prominence and connect with a broader audience. Together, let’s elevate your content to the next level. Share the URL and watch the enchantment unfold.

Complete Your Purchase

Finalizing your order entails picking your desired items, double-checking your cart’s contents, and furnishing essential shipping and payment information. Following order confirmation and the smooth processing of your payment.

Benefits of Buying TikTok Views

Brand Collaboration: Brands and businesses are often on the lookout for popular TikTok creators to collaborate with for influencer marketing campaigns. High view counts can make your profile more attractive to potential collaborators. By showcasing your popularity and reach, you can increase your chances of securing lucrative brand deals and partnerships.

Beats the Competition: TikTok is a highly competitive platform with millions of creators vying for attention. Buying views can help you stand out from the crowd and gain a competitive edge. By increasing your view counts, you can attract more attention to your profile and content, making it easier to grow your following.

Increases Sales & Business: If you run an eCommerce brand or a small local shop, you can benefit from a hybrid branding approach that combines business and personal elements. When your content becomes viral, it significantly increases the likelihood of your business expanding.

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Buy Real TikTok Views

Steps to Buy TikTok Views at BSM

  1. Choose the Suitable Package and Click “Buy Now.”
  2. Enter Your TikTok Username into the Designated Field and Click “Continue.”
  3. Select the video you want to send the views
  4. Now Enter the Order Details
  5. Select the Payment Method. You can use Credit Card, PayPal ApplePay, GooglePay.
  6. Now click “Complete Order.”
  7. Make Transaction for Your Package.


Congratulations! You have successfully purchased Views on your TikTok Video.

Your TikTok video views will increase as soon as we receive your payment via any proposed payment gateway.

If you have any questions or face any issues at any step of your purchase, contact our customer support team. We will immediately resolve the issue and help you grow your social media presence. Boost Social Media is your trusted partner in making your social profiles Grow.

How can I Increase my Views on TikTok?

Leverage Best SEO Practices: Use relevant hashtags in your niche while posting your content. Figure out your demographic goals and try to geo-locate your videos, allowing them to populate automatically in the local region.

Figure out the Best Time to Post: Find out the best time when your audience is usually active on TikTok. While this may also depend on your marketing strategy, posting your videos at the right time effectively boosts the stats. Research showed that Tuesdays and Fridays from 4 to 6 PM, Wednesdays and Thursday mornings from 9 to 11 AM, and Thursdays from 2 to 6 PM are effective when the engagements are usually high on TikTok.

Show the Real YOU: You must ensure you’re the best at your job! Find out your niche of expertise so people can trust your information. Show real faces involved with your business; this creates a sense of authenticity and develops interest within your customers.

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Happy Customers!

The increase in TikTok views has transformed my food blogging journey. More views mean more people are trying my recipes, leading to a significant boost in follower engagement and collaborations with food brands.
Liam K.
Food Blogger
Seeing my TikTok views skyrocket has been pivotal for my career as a fashion influencer. It's not just about the numbers; it's about reaching an audience that values my fashion insights, leading to more brand deals.
Harper L.
Fashion Influencer
More views on my DIY TikTok videos have brought my art to a wider audience. This visibility has sparked an increase in commissions and fostered a community of craft enthusiasts eager to learn.
Ethan M.
DIY Crafts Artist
The surge in views on my TikTok fitness tutorials has allowed me to inspire a larger crowd to get active. It's rewarding to see the positive impact on people's lives, with more reaching out for personal training.
Olivia N.
Personal Trainer
Increased TikTok views have been crucial for getting my music heard by a broader audience. It's led to more streams, downloads, and interest from music labels.
Noah O.
Boosting my TikTok views has made my travel content more visible, attracting fellow travel lovers and opening opportunities for sponsorships with travel agencies and brands.
Ava P.
Travel Enthusiast

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Boost Social Media never asks for account passwords. Your personal and professional information is 100% safe from external security breaches.

The number of views you should buy depends on your goals and current engagement levels. Consider purchasing views in increments that align with your target audience size and competition for a noticeable impact. Our support team can help you determine the best package for your needs.

At boost-social-media.com, we provide views from real and active TikTok users. We do not use bots or fake accounts, ensuring that your views come from genuine users interested in your content.
Yes, you can select the specific video you want to boost. You will be asked to provide the video URL you wish to promote when you place your order. This ensures that the views are directed to the content of your choice.
While buying views can increase your video’s visibility, it does not guarantee additional likes and followers. However, higher visibility can lead to more organic engagement, which may result in more likes and followers over time.

Yes, we offer a 30-days refund policy. If you are unhappy with the results, please contact our customer support team within the specified period, and we will work with you to resolve the issue or provide a refund according to our refund policy.

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