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Ready to make your music shine? Buy authentic Shazam plays to increase your track’s recognition. With just a few clicks, enhance your credibility and attract more enthusiasts. Our plays come from real users, ensuring authenticity and fostering organic growth. Order now and see your music soar!



Shazam Plays



Shazam Plays



Shazam Plays



Shazam Plays



Shazam Plays



Shazam Plays



Shazam Plays



Shazam Plays


Why Buy Shazam Plays from Boost Social Media?

High quality users

Secure and Safe

Your safety is our priority. We use secure methods that comply with Shazam's guidelines to ensure a risk-free experience.

Cheap rates

Customer Centric Approach

We are dedicated to our customers' satisfaction. Our support team is available to address any concerns and provide assistance whenever needed.

Fast Delivery

Organic Growth

While we offer the option to buy plays, we also emphasize organic growth, ensuring your tracks continue to gain traction naturally over time.

Permanent results

Industry Experience

With years of experience in the social media marketing industry, we understand the dynamics of online music promotion and can provide tailored solutions to meet your goals.

Customer service

Customizable Packages

We offer a range of customizable packages to suit your specific needs, whether you're a new artist or a seasoned professional.

Secure payment

Privacy Assurance

We respect your privacy. Your personal information and music data are kept confidential and never shared with third parties.

What are Shazam Plays?

Shazam Plays refers to the number of times a music track is identified and played through the Shazam app. When users “Shazam” a song, the app detects the audio and provides information about the track. Shazam Plays are a crucial metric for artists and musicians as they signify the popularity and recognition of their music.

Buying Shazam Plays

Why Social Media Privacy Matters?

At BSM, we provide a privacy guarantee for every service you purchase, ensuring full confidentiality of your data.
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Choose Your Plan

Explore our range of Shazam plays packages designed to suit your budget and play count preferences. Each package guarantees 24/7 support and swift delivery, ensuring your music receives the attention it deserves.

Share Shazam Track Link

Ready to amplify your musical journey! Simply share the URL of your Shazam track, and we’ll enhance it with authentic plays. Witness your music gaining more visibility and connecting with a broader audience. Let’s elevate your musical presence together.

Complete Your Purchase

Boost your music’s Shazam visibility effortlessly. Choose the plays package, confirm your selection, and complete the seamless transaction. Anticipate the joy as your music resonates with audiences through increased Shazam plays. Elevate your musical journey now!

What is Buy Shazam Plays Service?

The “Buy Shazam Plays” service is a digital marketing solution that offers musicians and artists the opportunity to purchase a specific number of Shazam Plays for their music tracks. With our service, you can purchase genuine Shazam Plays to increase your track’s credibility and visibility. We prioritize organic growth and ensure that your music gains the attention it deserves.

Take the Lead on Shazam with Quality Plays on Your Tracks!

So, ready to lead the way on Shazam? It starts with quality plays on your tracks! Buy your music a well-deserved recognition and captivate a wider audience. These plays act as the spotlight that attracts a wider, more enthusiastic audience to your music. It’s not just about boosting numbers; it’s about igniting a ripple effect of interest and appreciation. Start making an impact today!

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How To Buy Shazam Plays From Us

How To Buy Shazam Plays From Boost Social Media?

Boosting your music on Shazam is a breeze with Boost Social Media. Follow these simple steps to enhance the visibility of your tracks:

1. Purchasing Shazam Plays from us is an easy step-by-step process.
2. Choose a Shazam Plays package that fits your goals and budget.
3. Enter the URL or relevant information for the track you want to boost.
4. Indicate the number of Shazam Plays you’d like to purchase.
5. Securely enter your payment and contact information for your order.
6. You’ll receive a confirmation email, and we’ll start delivering Shazam Plays to your track shortly.

Is It Safe to Buy Shazam Plays?

Absolutely, purchasing Shazam Plays is a completely secure and legitimate practice. By opting for a service provider with a proven track record and a commitment to adhering to the platform’s policies, you’re not only ensuring the safety of your engagement strategy but also enhancing the visibility and reach of your music. It’s a reliable method to garner the attention your music deserves from a wider audience, helping you establish a stronger presence in the digital music landscape.

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What Are the Benefits of Buying Shazam Plays?

Improve Track's Visibility

Increased Shazam Plays significantly improve your track’s visibility, ensuring it stands out among the sea of music on the platform. This increased visibility makes it more likely for your music to be discovered by a broader audience, increasing your chances of success.

Credibility Boost

A higher play count lends instant credibility to your music. When potential listeners see that your track has a substantial number of plays, they’re more likely to view it as a worthwhile and reputable choice. This credibility can attract more listeners and attention from the music industry.

Attract Fans

A larger play count attracts casual listeners and genuine fans who resonate with your music. These dedicated fans are more likely to follow your music journey and support your future releases.

Wider Reach

Increased Shazam Plays help your music reach listeners who might not have found it otherwise. As your track gains popularity, it can appear in more search results and playlists, reaching a broader and more diverse audience.

Improved Algorithm Ranking

Shazam’s algorithms take into account the play count of a track. Higher play counts can improve your track’s ranking, making it more likely to be recommended to users and featured in playlists.

Networking Opportunities

Having a track with a substantial number of plays can open doors to collaborations and networking opportunities within the music industry. Other artists and industry professionals may be more inclined to collaborate with you when they see your growing popularity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, purchased Shazam Views can improve your music’s ranking on the platform, making it more visible to users searching for similar tracks.

We strive to provide swift delivery, and you can typically expect to see an increase in your Shazam Plays within a short timeframe of 30 minutes. Please refer to the package details on our website for exact delivery estimates.

You do not need to provide your Shazam password to purchase Shazam Plays from us. We respect your privacy and prioritize the security of your account. Our service operates without requiring any sensitive login information.

Our service is versatile and allows you to support fellow artists or friends in boosting their Shazam presence. Simply provide the necessary track details during the ordering process, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Yes, we offer customizable packages to match your specific needs and goals, whether you’re a new artist or an established musician.

The timeframe can vary depending on the number of views purchased, but you can generally expect to see results within a few days of your purchase.

Yes, our service complies with Shazam’s terms of service. We prioritize the security of your music and account while providing quality views.

Yes, our Shazam Views are sourced from real users, ensuring authenticity and genuine engagement with your music.

Happy Customers!

As an up-and-coming artist, getting noticed is tough. Buying Shazam plays gave my tracks the exposure they needed, leading to more organic listens and a growing fan base. It's a game-changer for new musicians.
Sophia V.
Emerging Artists
In music production, success is about getting your artists heard. Investing in Shazam plays boosted our tracks' visibility, leading to increased interest from record labels and promoters.
Ethan W.
Music Producers
Promoting music events means promoting the artists. Buying Shazam plays helped spotlight our lineup, attracting more attendees and making our events a hit in the competitive scene.
Olivia X.
Event Promoters
For a record label, every tool in the arsenal counts. Shazam plays increased our artists' discoverability, which directly translated to better chart positions and sales.
Aiden Y.
Record Labels
Helping artists break through the noise is my job. Shazam plays are a crucial part of our strategy, driving discovery and engagement on one of the most influential music platforms.
Isabella Z.
Music Marketing Consultants
As a DJ, remixes are my signature. Buying Shazam plays not only got my remixes noticed but also led to gigs and collaborations. It's an essential strategy for DJs looking to make their mark.
Liam A.
DJ and Remixers