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How Much Can You Earn With 1 Million Followers On Twitter?

In today’s digital age, social media platforms have become powerful tools for connecting people and generating income. With over 450 million monthly active users, Twitter has emerged as a significant player in social networking.

Whether you’re a casual user or an aspiring influencer, you might have wondered, “How much is my Twitter worth?” This article explores the fascinating world of making money on Twitter and delves into the intriguing question: “How much does Twitter pay for 1 million followers?”

We will uncover the factors that determine the value of your Twitter empire and examine the top Twitter accounts and their astonishing earnings. So, if you’re curious to unlock the potential of your Twitter presence and discover the possibilities that lie within, read on!

How Much Is My Twitter Worth?

How Much Is My Twitter Worth

The economic market value of any hashtag or Twitter account can be determined. You can put a dollar amount on anything you see on Twitter, and that’s a proven truth. Do you get paid to tweet about a company? We doubt it, but how much would you ask for if you did get paid?

What would the value of a trending hashtag be on Twitter’s advertising market, say, if it were to be launched and quickly become popular? People’s use of the hashtag creates economic market value because it affects our brand.

It’s common knowledge that individuals can monetize their Twitter accounts on a variety of services. Furthermore, businesses can use Twitter’s paid ad platform, Twitter Ads, to promote their hashtags. However, you can take comfort in the fact that every action you take on Twitter, from the tweets you send to the hashtags you use, has an economic worth.

We will discuss two values:

  • Market Value: What your market value would be.
  • Engagement Value:  How much money the market will give you for the work you put into your account.

Market Value

Market Value can be likened to a Klout or Kred score, which measures one’s level of influence. This score can be determined by thinking about the following factors:

  • The total number of people who follow
  • The number of people You follow
  • Ratio followers/following
  • The account’s authenticity

Economic Engagement Value

We need to know the expected engagement from a user before we can say whether or not he has high engagement. A perfect day for a Twitter user with only ten followers would be if they received 100 retweets.

It’s important to realize, then, that a user’s retweets and likes will fluctuate in response to the size of their following. Millions of Twitter users’ data, including the number of retweets, likes, and followers, can be evaluated in this way.

You then have access to two interesting generic metrics on Twitter: the expected retweets and likes for each follower and tweet. But what do you need to know before getting Twitter followers?

5 Methods To Make Money On Twitter

5 Methods To Make Money On Twitter

In this post, we’ll share some of the tried-and-true marketing strategies we’ve used to generate revenue using Twitter.

Let’s get started looking at them right away.

1. Post Sponsored Tweets

Using sponsored tweets is a simple method to earn money on Twitter.
If you can build up a sizable following on Twitter, you can locate companies willing to pay you to spread the word about their wares.

There are also internet channels you may use to contact companies that could be interested in sponsored tweets. Through Sponsored Tweets, you can easily locate businesses on the lookout for Twitter users with a sizable number of followers.

You can attract a sizable following with many individuals checking out your site. This will allow you to maximize the potential of your future sponsored tweets.

2. Using Affiliate Marketing

Profiting from your Twitter account can be as simple as advertising affiliate products. It’s a breeze to do everything involved. You can earn a commission on sales made by users who click through your tweet and buy an affiliate product.

Even if you have yet to gain experience with marketing on Twitter, you can jump right into affiliate marketing because of how easy it is to get started. You only need a few people to follow you on Twitter.

Simply join an affiliate marketing network, such as:

  • Amazon Associates
  • ShareASale
  • Awin
  • LeadDyno
  • FlexOffers

3. Promote Your Brand’s Products

An intriguing fact is that users who follow local businesses on Twitter are likelier to purchase from such firms. If your company sells anything, Twitter is a great place to tell your followers about it.

Promoting your products to those who have already demonstrated an interest in your material will be much simpler.

4. Grow Your Email List

Did you know that sending automated emails can increase your earnings by up to 320%?

Email marketing is a simple and effective method for reaching new customers and increasing revenue. You can send people private messages to promote your deals, new products, blog pieces, and other content.

You’ll need an email list to launch an email marketing campaign. Simply put, it’s a collection of email addresses from people who opted in to receive your messages.

5. Monetize Your Twitter Content

Similar to how you may monetize your YouTube channel with advertisements and sponsorships, you can do the same thing on Twitter. Simply use the Twitter Media Studio to earn money from your tweets and videos.

Here, you may earn money from your Twitter videos in two ways:

  • Select a few tags to have targeted advertisements appear alongside your video content when you use the Amplify Pre-roll feature.
  • Amplify Sponsorships by Collaborating with Preferred Brands whose Ads You Want to Display on Your Videos.

How Much Does Twitter Pay for 1 Million Followers?

The crux of your inquiry is this. Your Twitter account has tremendous financial potential. All you need is a dedicated following. You’re already anticipating how much money you’ll make, right?

Indeed, it’s less than you hoped for, but you should know that Twitter isn’t paying you like YouTube right now. If you have a million followers, you can make a minimum between $1,000 and $3,000 monthly.

There is no set amount on Twitter because you can only get paid indirectly through methods like the Twitter Monetization option, sponsoring brands, etc. However, you can get them with consistent effort.

What do you Need to Do to Earn Money on Twitter?

Twitter is a versatile social media platform that needs a specialized approach, unlike Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to achieve better results.

Here is what you can do to earn money on Twitter.

  • Specialize in a Niche: Brands are only interested in sponsoring creators who build dominance in a particular interest group that matches the brand’s goods and services. So, focus on a specific niche and engage with a dedicated audience.
  • Provide Value to Your Audience: People need some reason to follow you. Something engaging and exciting. So, whatever you create, give people a reason to follow you.
  • Engage with Your Followers: Actively engage with your followers. You don’t have to like and respond to every comment. Ask questions, retweet valuable content, and treat your followers as a community.

Top Twitter Accounts And Their Estimated Economic Value And Engagement Value

You may check out the following list of the most followed accounts on Twitter. We will also display their estimated economic value and engagement value in addition to their handles.


Twitter Handle Followers* Economic value Engagement value
Elon Musk


146.6M $185,816.74 $705,519.39
Barack Obama @BarackObama 132.2M $184,872.11 $192,089.65
Justin Bieber @justinbieber 112M $184,872.11 $182,988.07
Cristiano Ronaldo @Cristiano 108.8M $153,344.75 $1,013,565.39
Rihanna @rihanna 108.2M $153,443.66 $1,106,207.96
Katy Perry @katyperry 107.4M $153,501.82 $47,935.62

Source:, Info updated on the 05th of July 2023


How many followers do I need to get paid on Twitter?

As such, a verified Stripe account is required. Keep a minimum of 10,000 followers engaged at all times. In the previous 30 days, with at least 25 Tweets.

Do Twitter followers get paid?

Twitter users with as few as 50 followers and as many as 100,000 followers can all benefit from employing monetization tactics. There is no magic number of Twitter followers that can ensure financial success. As little as 50 or as many as 100,000 people can become your followers.

What are the maximum followers on Twitter?

You can only follow 5,000 people with your Twitter account. You may be able to follow any more accounts once your account reaches a certain amount of followers.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the value of Twitter followers can vary significantly depending on various factors.

“How Much Does Twitter Pay for 1 Million Followers?”

There is no\ fixed price tag for 1 million followers. Understanding the potential earnings from Twitter can open up exciting possibilities.

From sponsored tweets and brand endorsements to affiliate marketing and selling products, numerous methods exist to monetize your Twitter presence. Remember, engagement and audience quality play a crucial role in determining the economic value of your Twitter account.

Examine the top Twitter accounts and their estimated economic and engagement values to emphasize the potential for significant earnings further. Jumpstart your journey and buy Twitter followers to quickly leverage Twitter’s potential, explore different revenue streams, and create engaging content to unlock the true value of your Twitter presence.