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How to Find your Comment on Instagram?

How to Find Your Comment on Instagram? It’s something many of us wonder while scrolling through Instagram. With so many posts, stories, and reels, it can be tough to remember where you left a comment. Maybe you want to jump back into a fun chat, see if someone replied, or you are just curious about what you said on a friend’s post.

Finding your comment can feel a bit like solving a puzzle in this huge digital world. This guide is here to help. We will show you some simple, easy-to-miss tricks to find your comments quickly. Ready to go on a little adventure to find those comments you left behind? Let’s give it a start.

How to Find my Comments on Instagram?

Instagram doesn’t have a specific feature that allows users to easily locate and access all of their comments in one place. However, you can find your comments on Instagram by manually scrolling through the posts you’ve commented on. Here’s how:

  • Open the Instagram app on your mobile device.
  • Tap the heart icon (Activity) in the bottom navigation bar. This is where you can see your notifications and activity.
  • In the Activity tab, you’ll see two tabs at the top: “Following” and “You.” Tap on “You.”
  • Under the “You” tab, you will see your activity, including likes, comments, and mentions. You can scroll through this list to find your comments.
  • To find a specific comment, you may need to keep scrolling and load more activity until you reach the desired comment.

Please note that Instagram’s interface and features may change over time, so they may have introduced new features or improvements related to finding your comments since my last update. You can always check the latest Instagram Help Center or explore the app’s settings for any new features that might assist in locating your comments more efficiently.

Why can’t I See my Comments on Instagram?

If you are having trouble seeing your comments on Instagram, there could be several reasons:

Comment deletion

Sometimes, your Instagram comments may disappear because the account owner or Instagram itself deleted them. This typically happens if your comment violates Instagram’s community guidelines or if the post owner decides to remove it.

Internet connection issues

Weak or unstable internet connections can prevent comments from loading properly. Ensure you have a stable internet connection when using the Instagram app.

Buried comments

If a post has numerous comments, yours might be buried deep in the thread. Instagram often prioritizes displaying the most popular comments first, which may push yours down.

Blocked by the user

When an Instagram user blocks you, your comments on their posts become invisible to you. This is a privacy measure that allows users to control who interacts with their content.

App glitches

Temporary glitches in the Instagram app can occasionally cause comments not to appear. Try resolving this issue by restarting the app or your device.

Delayed comment visibility

If you have recently posted a comment, especially on popular accounts with high engagement, there might be a delay before it becomes visible to others.


If you have been posting repetitive comments or violating Instagram’s guidelines, you may be shadowbanned, limiting the visibility of your comments to others.

Account privacy settings

If you have commented on a private account’s post and later unfollowed them, you won’t see your comments unless you follow them again.


To address these issues, consider refreshing the page, checking your internet connection, or logging out and back into your Instagram account. If problems persist, contacting Instagram’s support team may be necessary.

To troubleshoot, try refreshing the page, checking your internet connection, or logging out and back into your Instagram account. If the problem persists, consider reaching out to Instagram’s support team.


How can I find my comments on Instagram quickly?

To locate your comments on Instagram, navigate to your profile and tap on the clock icon or three horizontal lines, depending on your device. Select “Settings” and go to “Account,” then tap on “Comments.” Here, you will find a list of all your comments, making it easy to track and manage your interactions.

Is there a way to search for specific comments I have made on Instagram?

Yes, you can search for specific comments you have made on Instagram. Visit the profile of the user or post where you left the comment. Scroll through the post’s comments, or use the search bar to find your comment efficiently. Instagram allows you to revisit and engage with your comments conveniently.

Can I see a history of comments I have made across different Instagram posts?

Instagram provides a feature that allows you to review a history of comments you have made. Head to your profile, tap the clock icon or three lines, go to “Settings,” and select “Account.” From there, choose “Comments” to access a comprehensive list of your comment history across various posts, helping you keep track of your interactions on the platform.

What kind of reports are most likely to get an Instagram account deleted?

Reports of severe violations, such as hate speech, harassment, explicit content, or threats of violence, are more likely to lead to account deletion.


You can easily find your comment on Instagram if you know the right places to look. Revisit the posts you commented on, check your recent activity log, or sift through the comments on a popular post. These methods offer various ways to find what you’ve written. Remember, actively participating in Instagram conversations adds to the platform’s fun and social charm.

By knowing how to locate your comments, you can seamlessly re-engage with past discussions, respond to interactions, or reflect on your previous comments. With these tips in hand, you can dive back into your Instagram experience and keep the conversations going actively.