Instagram has emerged as one a highly successful application ever since it introduced its reels. In this article, I will tell you how to get views on reels so you can improve your overall Instagram engagement and make your feed instafamous

You can either buy some cheap Instagram likes or apart from this you can  follow the tips and tricks we have elaborated below.

“Content on Instagram Reels gets 22% more engagement compared to regular videos on Instagram”

So, let’s get started with the Instagram reels views hacks!

1 Upload Valuable content:

The reason behind successful reels is ensuring that the content of your video is highly valuable

Content plays an important role in helping to make your Instagram feed viral-worthy even if you don’t have thousands of followers

It is highly suggested to upload reals that provide value to the viewers. This could be done by uploading educational niche reels or simple “How-to” guides as they are easier to get eyes on and help increase engagement

Apart from this you also purchase cheap Instagram followers and boost your engagements.

You may as well do some research work and create trendy videos, for instance, makeup or dress up videos, and well maintain your performance in the industry

2 Be consistent in your reels:

Consistency is the key behind success of Instagram reel views!

Before anything else, make sure your Instagram account is not dull. If it is, you need to water your dead account

Being regular or consistent will help your reels gain a lot more exposure than you’d expect. This is because repeated uploads will make your feed highly visible to the Instagram users and help you get more views on your reels

In addition to this, the active usage of Instagram gets you noticed by the famous social media platform and reduces the chances of your account being unrecognized by the potentially interested viewers. If you do not know how to regularly post your reels then you can simply schedule it through the schedular software on Instagram

Note: Make sure you post reels at a time when your users are actively scrolling their feeds for the best results! The more the views, the more the chances of your reel getting viral!

3 Insert trending songs and effects to make your reel look entertaining:

 Not much into songs? No worries! Instagram has its own library with the best, latest, and highly trendy songs that it would suggest before you post your reel

When a person sees multiple reels from the same track, the Instagram algorithm ensures that their feeds are filled with more of the same videos. As a result, the song is extremely popular and added to the list. Hence, no chances of your song being ‘too cringe’

In addition to this, adding these songs will help you gain thousands of views on reels as it will become a lot popular

Another option to make your reels entertaining is the usage of visual effects for the best exposure and maximum views Lastly, if still you are not getting enough views we would rather suggest you to spend some amount and buy Instagram story views.


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4 Optimize your reels:

Wondering how to get millions of views on Instagram reels without making any effort to optimize it? Then you’re making a huge mistake. It is extremely vital to make your reels reach the explore page on Instagram to get maximum views

To do so, we would suggest you use the optimization tools; hashtags and keywords in your captions so you may appear among the first few search results of the users looking for reels like yours

However, you need to ensure that the hashtags and keywords you use are relevant!

5 Make an interesting thumbnail

 There are high chances that Instagram users view your reels if the thumbnail is appealing enough. It gives them a reason to click on your video which gives you another view. Remember, every single view is critical for you!

It is suggested to create thumbnails that build curiosity amongst the viewers and entice them to watch it. Make sure its relevant and engaging!


As there are roughly one billion monthly active users on Instagram, you can imagine the competition! Nonetheless, the reels are the best way to gain the attention of the viewers despite the number of followers you have or the number of users who use the application. If you make interesting and engaging reels and follow our guide on how to get views on reels carefully, then we assure you that you will see a significant impact on the number of views on your reels!

Good luck!