Just like Facebook, Instagram keeps a history of all the posts you have liked, which users may browse inside the Instagram app.

However, because it is hidden in the settings, not many people are aware of this useful function. If you wish to review the images and videos you have liked in the past, Instagram’s feature that allows you to examine your liked posts might be useful.

Additionally, it saves you from having to remember and manually search for a certain article by allowing you to quickly unlike specific posts that you have previously loved.

Hence, in order to learn the process of how to see your liked videos on Instagram, read the following blog below.

Step by Step Guide

Step#1: Tap the menu button in the top-right corner of the profile tab.

Step#2: Then, click “Your activity.”

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Step#3: Tap “Interactions” on the “Your activities” screen.

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Step#4: Select “Likes”

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Step#5: The Instagram Likes page will display all of the posts, videos, and reels that you have liked.

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The liked posts are typically shown from most recent to oldest, but you may now organize and filter your favorite material. 

Additionally, it is now possible on Instagram to dislike many liked posts at once. Hence this is how to see your liked videos on Instagram by following the simple step-by-step guide above.

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How to look at liked posts on Instagram.

Step#1: In the Instagram app, tap the profile symbol in the bottom right.

Step#2: Select Settings from the menu (hamburger icon) on the upper right.

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Step#3: Select “Posts you have liked” under “Account”

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That is all for the process of how to see your liked videos on Instagram. Here, all of the pictures and videos you recently liked are arranged in a grid. On an iPhone, you may also see the material in full layout to see it just as it appears in your Instagram feed.

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Note that the above-stated steps are applicable for iPhones and should be similar for Android phones.

How to dislike Instagram pictures that you have liked

You may quickly unlike any of the 300 most recent images, films, or videos, but not all of your liked postings. To do so,

Navigate to the “Likes” area on your iPhone. After that, long-press on the post you wish to dislike and select “Unlike” from the menu. To dislike a specific Instagram post, you may also open it and hit the love icon.

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On an Android device, you may dislike a photo or video by gently dragging your finger over the heart button while tapping and holding it on the Likes screen. 

Additionally, you may open a specific post in the feed view and dislike it there.

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Conclusion: How to see your liked videos on Instagram

According to Instagram, users can only view the 300 most recent posts they have liked. However, owing to privacy concerns, you cannot view another person’s liked posts on Instagram.

Moreover, have a look at how you may use Instagram 2021 for iPhone and Android to identify posts that you liked in the above-mentioned step-by-step guide.

As per the upgrade (12 February 2022), there are entirely new procedures for finding liked posts on Instagram. Here is how to see your liked videos on Instagram. If you have the newest version of Instagram and have received the new update.

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